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  1. Rooks - Tracking the Daily Grind...

    Well, I finally got a workout in. I mean I guess I kind of got one in yesterday, but I'm not totally counting it. So I took Wednesday - Monday off work due to my wife going on a road trip and me not wanting to deal with drop off and pick up of kiddo with work schedule. So now I get some nice easy relaxing days at home. Anyway, yesterday I did nothing real fun. Found and replaced a broken fuse in my car. Paid a bunch of bills. Wrote my weekly "picks" column for my fantasy football league (side note on that later), and then got a call that my truck was back together and ready for pickup. Well, with my wife off on the road trip, I was left with two options. Either call around to find a friend to drive me the 4.5 miles to the shop or just walk. I opted for the later even if was 35℉ and windy. I bundled up and headed out. I tried to jog every 4th block to make it a bit more of a workout and make it go a bit quicker. Location history has it at 1 hour 7 minutes. I was shocked to find it was only around 10k steps. I thought sure it'd be up near 15k. But whatever. So yeah... I was pleased with that and pretty happy that my truck is fully fixed now (with a few minor issues that I can take care). Sadly, the problem with the transmission was made worse by my lack of knowledge (I installed an improper transmission filter when I attempted a repair and then driving it made it much worse). Anyway, such is life. Today, kiddo slept pretty rough last night insisting that she was wide awake at 3:30am. I finally relented and let her get up at 4:15am so I could at least get some sleep. Then at about 4:45 she came back in crying and sad and saying she was super tired, but couldn't possibly go to sleep. I think we both finally passed out again around 5:15am. I had to force her out of bed at 7:30am and she was a SUPER GRUMP. I'd be lying if I said I didn't take a bit of pleasure out of forcing her to get up. Got her to school and back to my place around 9am. Made a nice big breakfast while listening to the podcast I posted above and then got sucked into Family Guy Youtube clips. 45 minutes later I forced myself to close the laptop and clean up the house a bit. That lead to finally getting around to doing some body measurements ( @Laghail convinced me do some tracking over the Holidays with him and a few other fellas). The measurements convinced to get downstairs and hammer out SOMETHING as my stomach measurement was right around the same as my chest measurement. No bueno. Front Squats - 45/5, 95/5, 135/1, 185/1, 135/5 x 3 Squat Shoes, No Sleeves. Before the working sets, I did a back rack hold and a front rack hold with 275 just for giggles. Fat Bar Deadlifts - 135/10 x 3 DOH Grip. More for grip training then deadlift work. Worked nicely. Good to finally be using my homemade bar for something. Thought about throwing in some KB swings, but felt this was good enough for today. I really need to rope myself in and keep workouts WAY light for a few weeks. Just get back into something then start upping the intensity. Tomorrow, maybe I'll try and get some KB work and a GB stretch routine in. Anyway, off to go clean the garage now. The blood is flowing. Might as well keep the juices going for now. Stay productive with my free time. SIDE NOTE: Realized after posting that I wanted to write up a completely stupid side note about Fantasy Football. The gist of it is that man, I'm realizing how much time I waste on that stuff and I really don't care about it. I've been in this league for going on 10 years now and the guys are good guys, but I'm finding that I don't know if I want to do it anymore with the NFL and it's absurd amount of bad PR (concussions, treating players like poo, constant bad PR with tons of abuse and scandals) and with the fact that I think I have more important things to do. Anyway, no idea if anyway will find my ramblings relevant, but I'll be walking away from Fantasy Football after this year.
  2. Rooks - Tracking the Daily Grind...

    This is a fantastic podcast for people curious about overall health. Touches on subjects like IBS and sleeping. Dr. Gominak seems fantastic. Some simple take aways I took from it. Get outside. It makes you healthier. If you are taking supplements, make sure you are getting regular blood work to find what that supplement is doing (Vitamin D in particular). Sleep is very important, but if you aren't healthy, sleep can be negatively impacted and be sort of a circular failure (bad sleep leads to worse health).
  3. Sloth Don't Need No Stinkin' Challenge

    Up Down? Or a different one I don't know about? I'd be up for a meet up at an arcade bar. And who doesn't like fanny packs?
  4. Rooks - Tracking the Daily Grind...

    So starting this one off with a question. Is wrong to partake in fitness to satisfy someone else? I'm realizing more and more that a lot of what I do in my life is to satisfy others. Whether it's my job (my boss), chores around the house (my wife), being silly and fun (my kid), or posting stuff to the internet (random internet likes), a lot of what I do is focused on trying to please others. I did my free training session at the nearby gym and it seemed ok, but not really sure it's what I'd want out of a gym. Anyway, I thought about doing a some 1:1 coaching with someone, but I'm wondering why. I honestly think I'd do great in the system, but the reasoning would be to not let my coach down and I'm not sure if I like that reasoning. Hence, my question. Is that a decent reason to do something? Or do I need to figure out what the hell is going on with myself and try and find my why? Try and correct the "system". I'm honestly beginning to feel more and more like this clearly must have something to do with my daughter and the treatments. And, that honestly wouldn't shock me. It's a frickin' brain tumor to my only kid. Of course, it's going to have some sort of affect on me. And I know so far, I've seen that I've had vastly different perspectives on things. The trivial shit really feels really trivial these days. But maybe it's sapped my motivation to do things in other aspects of my life. Anyway... it's been quite awhile since I posted anything in my own thread, so figured I'd write up something (especially because I'm on my 4th beer of the night and why the hell not). Since the Hammer Race, I don't believe I've worked out. Desire has been nonexistent and for now, I think I'm finally coming to peace with that. I've been focusing on getting some things done around the house, like working on my truck again. I finally got the fuel pump installed that's been sitting on my workbench for a good 6 months. Was a fun project that I'm happy to report was a complete success. Almost thought I ruined a fuel line, but only required a new o-ring, so huzzah! I spent a few hours in the garage ripping apart some pallets I got recently as I've seen some pretty cool projects made out of pallet wood. Figured I'd give them a go since they are good hand tool projects (nails in wood aren't great for planers, jointers, and table saws). Anyway, this isn't a woodworking forum, so I won't digress. All that said, life has been good. Kiddo just had her 4th birthday party yesterday (actual birthday is tomorrow). Work is easy and fun. Last MRI showed that my daughter's tumor was stable which is good news, although I'd honestly still like to hear it's shrinking. So yeah. I've got nothing to complain about. Now I just gotta figure out how to get myself back in the gym on the regular.
  5. [The Most Loathed] thinks for himself

    Sounds like a fun game. Just a case of you figuring out the min/max rules or just getting good at one particular thing? It's always fun dominating something in a game. Completely random side thought that just popped into my head. You ever played Munchkin or any of it's add-ons? I loved that game in college. "We" is not you and Laura in this case then? Awesome work sir. Your log gets me thinking about getting back under that barbell every time I read it.
  6. Profile picture

    I use Preview on Mac OS X. There's a "Adjust Size" option under Tools that lets you shrink a picture down as well as crop out only the part you want. Otherwise, as other have said, there are plenty of online photo resizers. Finally, and just as a friendly note should you stick around NF, this probably should have gone under the Help Sub-Forum instead of under Introductions, as Machete alluded at already.
  7. Profile picture

    Max file size is 0.05MB for profile pics. Needs to be below 50kB. Most photos are way over that in size.
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  9. Starting this thread to start tracking my information instead of the Challenges. Just feel like I'm getting the point where I don't need the challenges to motivate me anymore. Just want a place to come write down my workouts so I can come back later and check them out. Simple as that.