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  1. I might have to try this just to see what I can do. I don't think I'll go anywhere near a 1RM in Deads since that how I screwed myself the last couple times, but I think I could still hit a 275 without too much trouble.
  2. I always liked doing Super Totals, but I always felt like it was inappropriate to call mine "Super". #SoSoWeak #WeakAtHashtagsAsWell Interesting. We were just chatting about this in TML's thread. The iPhone and Mac OS X have something called Night Shift now which dims blue light. I have looked for anything for my Android phone yet, but mainly because I try and turn my phone off at around 9pm and try to head to bed around 10 so it hasn't really been an issue.
  3. I was going to suggest f.lux, but that might be only for Mac OS X. I know the OS X came out with Night Shift not to long ago (props to @Sloth the Enduring for mentioning it already) so I'd go with that route if it's on the iPhone. Sorry I'm late. I was on vacation all last week and stayed clear of the phone for the most part. Happy Belated Birthday. This is fantastic. I love it. I feel like I would have a very hard time reaching 4 in my job currently as I feel like I end up doing a lot of the trivial junk that no one else wants to do, just to make sure stuff moves forward. But for the most part I'm fine with that as it seems to make other people happy. Makes me feel a bit lazy, but if other people find it useful, I guess I'm doing something right. Otherwise, props on the move. Sorry again about not getting down to help. I really wanted to come, but it just wasn't in the cards just getting from vacation. That messed with kiddo's sleep schedule so we were all zonked on Saturday and Sunday and then I got bit sick on Monday. Based on that video of your apartment, I'm curious where you work if it's a 20 minute walk. I'm switching gigs in the next month (just accepted their offer last Monday) and will be working right across the street from Surdyks. We could maybe do lunch some day if it's close enough.