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  1. [Sylvaa] From Dud to Spud

    You know I honestly don't have goals anymore and I think that's been part of my struggle recently. For a long while, it was that powerlifting was fun. Then I did a competition and I really wanted to hit bigger and badder totals. And now, I'm trying to figure out where I am. Hence my current challenge's name. Without a why, it's tough to get up and do something. Much like Tank, I do want to be still moving and doing stuff when I'm 70, 80, god willing 90 or maybe even 100, but it just hasn't proofed to be enough to get me working out. Props on smashing your race Sylvaa. Well done.
  2. Rooks: The Search for a Mission

    Thanks much for the input @raptron. I think a lot of my concerns just stem from not feeling super comfortable in a bridge anymore (used to be great at doing them back in the wrestling days). I feel like I overuse my lower back and don't use my thoracic spine at all which is what they do talk about in the GB materials. But I think I probably just need to spend some time playing around with options before diving into the program again rather than just griping about it when it shows up next time in my programming. The table top option seems pretty solid. I'll play around with this stuff today and see what I can do.
  3. Rooks: The Search for a Mission

    Appreciate any input. So the last 10 minute break down is as follows. Handstand Shoulder Flexion - Basically, get into a handstand and rotate your shoulders. Stall bars definitely not required, but I really need to setup an area where I won't kill myself if I fall out of a handstand. Too many weights and concrete right now. Elevated Bridge for 2 minute hold - They show it with Stall bars as they suggest allowing the feet to migrate up the ladder if the lower back is too taxed. Also, they show pushing off the wall a bit to force the shoulders to be in line with the hands. I've tried using my bench, but with my feet planted on the bench, it doesn't quite work right as I can't really drive my shoulders out. Elevated Bridge Push-ups - Pushing in and out of elevated bridge. Same deal. Elevated Bridge Hip Taps - Elevated bridge, but you alternate taking one hand off the ground and tapping your hip. Bridge Walks - Put your back to stall bars and then walk your hands down the stall bars until you are in a bridge. I have no idea how to this without bars. Maybe I could pull it off just pressing on the wall, but again, back to the first point, I'd want a padded area on the floor in case of hand slipping Pike - Just finishes out the program.
  4. [The Most Loathed] thinks for himself

    That sounds a lot better than Coach Somner from the GB stuff. He's kind of annoying in some of his videos where in one minute he's talking about making sure to listen to your body and take it easy and in the next minute he's telling his students to go harder and don't be so weak.
  5. therealkat :: Welcome to Riverdale

    Happy belated birthday Kat. Seeing on FB that I missed it yesterday. Did you get to go out somewhere fun I hope?
  6. Sloth Hammers in the Morning

    Sorry to hear about the tighter restriction on eating, but hopefully it will truly help the gut fairies and keep them at bay.
  7. Rooks: The Search for a Mission

    Yeah. I feel like that's the one thing you need to follow if you want to have any hope of your kid listening to what you say. Indeed. I definitely am as get compliments on her behavior a lot, but also gotta keep that ego in check. That's some great insight and whole new perspective. Thank you for sharing that. I'm exciting to see you do probably double my weight and laugh at my weak lifts. ✦ Thursday ✦ Update Log ✅ ✦ Workout ✅ ✦ No Drinks ✅ ✦ 5 Minutes ✅ ✦ Finally got to work reasonably early and got a load of stuff done. Before I knew it was 4:30 and time to head home. The company normally does a beer o'clock office happy hour on Thursdays from 3:30 to 5 that includes some sort of food. Today was ice cream and cookies. I avoided the beer, but goobled up a good amount of ice cream and 3 cookies. It was a moment of weakness. Danika ended having to work a bit late (it's a crazy week) and was planning on heading off to a friend's charity event at a local brewery. Hence, it was me and the kiddo all night. And it was awesome. She was in full sweet heart mode and had a great attitude all night. I took her to the park and we played for a solid 30 minutes before heading home to eat some shredded beef tacos. She gobbled down close to more than I did. Then, I let her watch an episode of Puffin Rock, while I took out the trash and did the dishes (TV is reserved for pretty specific times normally, but my wife and I have agreed that solo parent nights are probably a solid time for it). Then, we played a bit more. I taught her how to dribble and she was so happy when she did it the first time. It's not something you really think about, but the idea that dropping a ball and catching it after it bounces only once can be SO exciting to someone is truly awesome. It took her a few tries and then suddenly she was doing it all every time. She was jazzed. I was jazzed. She was insisting we "fiesta" after every one, which is basically just yelling with excitement and waving our hands wildly. It was awesome. Then, it was bed time so got that all squared away. Finally, went downstairs, hammered out 30 minutes of GB's Thoracic Bridge. I still can't do anything with the last 10 minutes of that workout. I really need to look up on the GB forums for ideas. All the exercises seem to use Stall Bars for elevated bridge work. I don't have that and need to find a substitution or get off my butt and just build some stall bars. Came upstairs just in time for my wife to get home. We chatted for a bit, then I finished out my book for my 5 minutes task. I read through "How Did You Do It, Truett" by S. Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A. I found this at my wife's office and it was 90 pages. Figured what the hell since I've been on a business kick lately. It was simple but had some solid points. Nothing mind blowing. Puts me at 12 books for the year. 8 to go with less than 4 months. Going to be tough. Up next I think I'm going to either go with fiction (maybe start the Lord of the Rings) or a Rob Bell book. Not sure yet.
  8. Jonesy’s as strong as the seas are stormy

    I catch myself doing that to my daughter pretty much every night. "No we can't have dessert AGAIN tonight. You've had too much sugar." as I'm sneaking out to the kitchen to throw a few more graham bunnies in my pie hole.
  9. The Legend of the Mad Monk

    Cause if he ain't going to post it here I will. Well done sir.
  10. Rooks: The Search for a Mission

    Yeah. She keeps using the exact phrase "I really like it... for now." It's like she's already a teenager. Not sure why I'm a superhero. Ikea furniture isn't that hard. But for whatever the reason, thanks for the compliment. ✦ Monday ✦ Update Log ❌ ✦ Workout ✅ ✦ No Drinks ✅ ✦ 5 Minutes ✅ ✦ Monday, I got up early and did a Ruck with my 50lb Weight Vest. Got in 3.81km in 34:53 (2.36 miles). That's the fastest I've been able to do with the weight vest by far. I feel like I should be down nearing a 10min / mile pace for a 5k now, but we shall see later this week. Got to work and eight hours went by like nothing. I've been digging into so much crap to learn as much as I can for the last month. It's great to truly be getting challenged again where I need to learn so much. At the same time though, the company is very disorganized and there's not really a whole lot of structure to things. I seem to have gotten in well with some of the more important engineers (apparently they have been impressed with something I did, not sure what). So yeah... work is fully taxing my brain every day. Got home, and immediately went to our small group (group through our church). Basically, its just dinner with another family at the moment, but they have 3 kids all below 5 and meals are crazy town. They are very lax with their rules and they never seem to follow through with their commands. "2 minutes and the tablet has to go off!" 10 minutes later they are still watching. Also, their kids refuse to sit down for meals. Our kid just sits there until her food is done and then politely asks to leave. There's are running around and demanding dessert without every touching their actual meal. It's definitely an exercise in my patience as I just want to start laying down the law on those kids, but that's not my job. Also, it's an ego check as I constantly sit there proud of my kid for being somewhat behaved, but need to constantly check myself as I'm just as big of a failure at parenting in other aspects. Guess it's just part of being a parent. Anyway, got around 9pm and didn't do much of anything. I got in a few minutes of reading so got the 5 minutes done. ✦ Tuesday ✦ Update Log ❌ ✦ Workout ❌ ✦ No Drinks ✅ ✦ 5 Minutes ❌ ✦ My wife had to work a long day so I was in charge of both drop off and pick up. Kiddo was SLOW this morning so I didn't end up getting to work until almost 9. Day again went fast. Got home and was scrounging to get dinner ready as well as keeping the kid wrangled and dealing with a situation with our contractor. I was getting quite pissed at our contractor as he did something really stupid. Luckily, he was able to fix the situation himself and apologized so that calmed my nerves a bit and then my wife got home 2 hours earlier then expected so yeah. Got dinner done, put the kid to bed. Had planned on going downstairs to workout but scrapped that idea because I felt exhausted from work. Well, that back-fired a bit as my wife started talking to me and before I knew it, she had gone from talking about an upcoming vacation she's going on to crying about our daughter. She's having a very hard time with the fact that kiddo is learning how to use a cain (the types blind people use). It's really hard on her and she's feeling very self concsiouc about it. Honestly, I was struggling to stay involved in the conversation which made me feel terrible. But I did my best to comfort her and just listen. She knows it doesn't bother me at all, because frankly, ever since Sloan was diagnosed, I've stopped caring about what other think people completely. So yeah, didn't get anything done. ✦ Wednesday ✦ Update Log ✅ ✦ Workout ✅ ✦ No Drinks ✅ ✦ 5 Minutes ✅ ✦ Another day where the wife had a long day so again, got to work at 9 (which I didn't point out previously, but stresses me out because I just like to be at work by like 7:30 to get a solid hour of work in before other people arrive in the office). Spent 95% of my day working on testing 1 thing, Google Home. Might think that sounds like fun, but given I was stuck on the simply getting it to work right the whole time, it wasn't. And the worst part, it was because of something I did. I mean, it was sort of unavoidable since no one knew how to do what I was trying to do (get a Google Home to interface with our Staging environment), but still frustrating. But anyway, it was well worth the work as I found a pretty big bug so hopefully people aren't too grumpy I burned a whole day. Got home and found out the Danika got home plenty early from her day and did a total casual meal of brats, mac & cheese, and roasted carrots. It was quite tasty. I even got in 5 sets of Snatch Grip Deadlifts just because I needed to burn off some steam from the last few days (135/5, 185/5 x 2, 225/6, 225/10). 225 sets were strapped. Not sure if that's really enough "work" to constitute a workout, but I'll count it for now given it's better than nothing. Currently, reading through a chapter of my book, finishing up this log entry, and probably heading to bed soon. I did really want a drink today, but I did stay strong. I've been eating a lot of snack food at work (new gig has loads of free snack food all over and I haven't trained myself to refrain yet), but I have to imagine I'm still in a bit of a caloric deficit over my normal routines. Should be interesting to see where I'm at weight-wise next Monday.
  11. [Sylvaa] From Dud to Spud

    Holy crap! Something I'm better than Machete at! Finally! WOO!
  12. How Far I'll Go -Elastigirl

    Shiny was far and away my nephew's favorite song from that movie. I hadn't seen it when he was singing it and afterwards I was surprised he was singing a "bad guys" song. Now I'm skeptical of him.
  13. [The Most Loathed] thinks for himself

    Finally get back to you on this. It's not going to work sadly. Life is just crazy hectic this week. I forgot about 4 different events that are going on and it's just chaos. Sorry man. I'll be curious to hear your overall take on GMB. Seems like it has a lot of the same intent as Gymnastics Bodies so I'm curious which one is the better approach to overall movement goals / routine.
  14. Taddea Zhaan Hikes to the Battlefield

    I thought I already subbed here, but apparently not. Well I mean NOW I have.. but yeah... you get it...
  15. Jonesy’s as strong as the seas are stormy

    That's back when I was trying to hit 150g+ per day.