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  1. Odd question that popped into my head, but do you have any knowledge around keto and how that affects leptin? Just a question that popped into my head reading this and wondering how that worked when burning properly ketones. Based on what you're saying I would assume it would stay low, but I'd be curious about cases where people are doing diets with like 75% fat (so they are basically staying in ketosis with low amounts of carbs) and they are still at caloric maintenance or surplus. Probably mostly irrelevant, but it popped into my head. So your recommendations during your breaks are make sure to consume extra carbs per day, but keep calories within 1k of maintenance?
  2. This is a constant battle in our house. We all just set stuff on the kitchen island and it builds and builds until my wife loses it. I try and periodically move stuff, but yeah. There's been a lot of coaching of kiddo to deal with your own stuff, it doesn't get to live in the public areas of the house. It's slowly gotten better, but it doesn't help that both my wife and I are part of the problem as well. That whole behavior modeling stuff.
  3. Week of July 11th: 1/7 days without alcohol. 5/7 days with a cold showers. 0/7 days with home projects progression. 5/7 days with fitness. 5/7 days with reading. Week of July 18th: 3/7 days without alcohol. 6/7 days with a cold showers. 4/7 days with home projects progression. 2/7 days with fitness. 4/7 days with reading. So overall, I left for vacation on Tuesday the 12th, and got back on Wednesday the 20th. I ended deciding it wasn't worth giving a shit about alcohol consumption on the trip hence why both of those are pretty low, but it wasn't really a bad thing since we weren't really loading up a beer with all the driving around we were doing. It was usually 2 beers which I know isn't great to average, but not something I'm going to stress about. The trip had it's ups and downs. More ups than downs, but after our first hike of the trip (which was about a 3 mile hike), kiddo was super grumpy and basically talking about how she didn't want to do any more hikes the rest of the trip. She then proceeded to eat 2 carrots in her lunch and hurl in some nearby bushes. Luckily, after getting her back in the AC of the car, and her sleeping the 45 minutes back to our hotel, she was in much better spirits and was able to hold food down. Perhaps a bit too much of a hike straight out the gate. Otherwise, it was lovely. Probably average 2.5 miles of hiking per day, mostly easy trails since that works out better with a visually impaired child, but we always end up on a few that prove quite challenging (navigating rock obstacles is usually very tough). We get through them, it just takes WAY more time than fully sighted folks would take. So yeah... 3 more National Parks checked off the list. 49 more to go. My wife and I did have a discussion at some point on the trip, and we both agreed we probably need to have a focus on losing weight so we agreed to support each other for the next few months. She's going to commit to Monday and Friday morning workouts, and trying to clean up the diet a bit (since she does 95% of the cooking). I just need to trim back on alcohol (like I've been trying to do) and get in a few more cardio sessions. But after reading Waldo's insights around his own journey, I'm going to try and make some commitments and stick with them over the coming weeks. So I introduce you to: Operation Against the Dying of the Light Been a fan of this poem for quite some time. Couldn't say exactly when I heard it, but it's a good refresher that the "night" will be here some day. So it's time to do some raging and actually commit to some shit. I'm setting Goals despite my normal lack of an ability to commit to them with the hope that this time will be different. I don't know if it will, but I've got half a year of a tracking habits to prove that's not really working besides making me understand where some of my shortcomings are. Timeline are these will be in 2022. Basically giving myself 5 months to knock these out. Goal #1: Drop 30 lbs. Weighed in at 237.4lbs this morning. I plan to do this with an aim for 3 cardio sessions a week (at least 30 minutes) and 2 strength workouts, a push day and a pull day, but really, I don't care how it happens. Much like Waldo's thoughts indicated, when I'm working out, I'm more prone to eat better, which makes me prone to sleep better, and the cycle seems to continue. So overall, I think I just need to really make sure to try and get something in most days. Goal #2: Complete 3 major projects. I'm not going to lock these in quite yet, but here's what I'm thinking so far. First, I'd like restore my dad's toy. Long story short, I found one of my dad's childhood toys and I want to restore it and give it back as a gift for either his birthday or Christmas. I've had it torn apart for 5 years now. I need to get this project done. Second, I'd like to make a set of Super 123 Blocks on my mill. Not a major project in itself, but it will mean my mill is up and operational, which is a large task, and making something will be proof that it's working and I'm learning. Third, finally build the dining room table I've been talking about for 3 years. I've got plans. I just need to buy the wood and get to work. I think that's it. I'm going to keep this simple and focused. I was going to say something about reading, but honestly, that's been going pretty well and I don't see that changing.
  4. Dude. That's a super insightful post. I wish I had been that diligent about things over the last 10 years. Loved reading it as odd at that may sound. I have found this to be mostly true, but for me, there also has to be some sort of accountability with the goal too. That's where I struggle. I can say it, or write it down, but it's not enough for me to just say I want something. I don't know. Not sure if I just lack the ability to commit to something or what. I always struggle and wonder if that means I actually don't want that goal.
  5. Week of July 4th: 1/7 days without alcohol. 6/7 days with a cold showers. 4/7 days with home projects progression. 2/7 days with fitness. 2/7 days with reading. Bit of an improvement on last week's debacle, but still reached for the booze too much this past week. It really is beginning to feel a bit like addiction, as I find myself really asking myself why I'm even drinking sometimes. But when I get on a roll without it, I don't crave it. Overall, the week felt packed. Partly pre-vacation work (house cleaning, organizing, and packing) and partly because I've been taking a lot more odd jobs lately from mother-in-law to try and earn some extra cash. It's working but definitely feels like it's taking its toll on my free time. The 2 workouts I got in were 20 minute KB swing workouts. But, now vacation is here so here's hoping I can get some relaxation. Heading to northern California to hit up Lassen Volcanic, Crater Lake, and the Redwoods. Should be plenty of hiking and beautiful views.
  6. That's the truth. Summer used to feel so long when you were a kid. Now, those 3 months just sort of blend with everything else and before you know it, it's fall again. This could be because I'm just about to get on a plane, but as someone with bigger shoulders (at least I think so), it makes publicly seating a bit scrunched. 😂 But wouldn't give it up regardless... now the 30 extra pounds of body fat I carry... need to steal some of your diet resolve. Although I'm slowly making progress this year. Anyway, good updates. Sorry I haven't been keeping up regularly, but I'm struggling to make NF part of my daily habits.
  7. That sounds like a load of delicious food, especially that Wisconsin burger. 🤤 How was the Thor movie? Trailer has me super jacked to see it (and being honest I'm gonna watch it no matter what people say), but curious what you thought of it.
  8. Week of June 27th: 1/7 days without alcohol. 4/7 days with a cold showers. 3/7 days with home projects progression. 0/7 days with fitness. 3/7 days with reading. Well... things took a massive shift into Lazy Man Town this past week. I don't know if it was the travel or what, but I was able to muster absolutely no motivation besides struggling my way through my job, and then I kept going back to beer and whisky at night. I hate that I like drinking so much. Its even more funny because the book I'm reading right now is called "Why We Sleep" and it's got a whole chapter about how much alcohol screws with your sleep patterns which impacts about 50 different things. I know I've said it before, but I can't help but feel like alcohol is literally my measuring stick. If I'm not drinking, I'm super productive and just a better human. I start drinking, and everything grinds to a fucking halt. Makes me glad I didn't really start drinking on a regular occurence until my late 20s. I have felt exceptional busy lately too. It's pretty much all my own fault, but doesn't make it less true. Between my normal job, and the part-time gig at the homeless shelter, my mother-in-law is now asking if I'll do some work around her place for some cash. Additionally, I've agreed to 3 "extra-curricular activities" for work which have literally just been sitting idle for 2 months now and people are starting to ask questions. I know the way forward is to just buckle down and get some shit done, but like I said, lately, I'm struggling to care. I mean the extra money is super nice, but it just means more of what I claim I want to do (working out, building stuff) gets pushed out of the day-to-day. Oh well... And then next week, we go on a 2 week vacation to northern California. It'll be fun, but part of me feels like I'll just be annoyed I didn't get shit done before I left. Well, I suppose I still got most of a week to square things away, and actually enjoy my vacation. Just got to get it done. Here's hoping... one day at a time and all that other cliche bullshit.
  9. First, I feel like I was following along on the 'gram and still didn't realize you moved. Granted, I'm pretty bad at social media in general. Second, I like the goals. Simple and and moving forward. Get after it.
  10. Couple thoughts. This didn't really read like a "bad news dump". Sounds like you reflected on things and realized you have a lot of support and are better handling things today than in previous years. That's good news! COVID and tragedy resulting in a death is never fun, but there's some good in there. I love the concept of the Happy Hour with co-workers. Good on you for doing that. IMHO people are just getting worse at actually planning meet-ups and doing socialization. Whether it's caused by social media, or introverted-ness or just because we can all so easily fill our time with whatever garbage we want, I don't know, but I'm learning more and more that if I want to see people, I'm the one that needs to make it happen because my circle of friends just sucks at scheduling anything. Regarding the tragedy, I'm sorry my friend. My condolences (assuming since you said a wake and a funeral). Super bummer on the COVID again. Hopefully you have a quick recovery. I'm both dumbfounded and sort of glad I've never been called for jury duty of any kind in my 21 years of being an adult. That said, did the judge make any mention that if you have COVID, you shouldn't be part of a jury? Or are juries fully remote these days.
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