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  1. Came across this snippet in a book I recently read, and really made me think about Nerd Fitness. It's a conversation between Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus, from their book All That Remains. I know I'm not part of NF much these days, but NF has brought me relationships much the same way this conversation discusses. I post it because their is so much negative stigma around meeting people on the internet. Don't be ashamed. It's better than propinquity.
  2. Heyo NF. I have no idea if people still are subbed to my thread, but I'm back and trying to do some fundraising for St. Baldrick's again. If you want to donate to a good cause, and see my head get shaved (I'll post the video afterwards), here's a link to my fundraiser. Realize I haven't been active at all lately, and I'm not sure if that'll change, but I have been getting in some workouts (usually 2 per week) for awhile. It's at least keeping me relatively stable. Anyway, I appreciate any donation. Thanks. https://www.stbaldricks.org/participants/mattypshaveshishead
  3. Sadly, the file that had all the numbers got deleted by the original owner. At this point, I don't think it's coming back as there's just not enough activity to make a new one.
  4. She should have included "@The Most Loathed is going to destroy you at the race." I really haven't seen enough banter between you two to be satisfied. Get to it.
  5. Perhaps belt squats assuming you can get a dip belt (or again, borrow mine which is collecting dust since I don't have a dip station anymore). Or even without that, just come up with a way to strap something to your waist / body. Maybe even weights in a backpack and just do a load of squats. I was debating about buying tickets to FFDP myself, but realized I'll be out of state when they are here. And thank you again for the ticket. I'm looking forward to that. I go to so few concerts that it should be a good time for sure. Resonating with this someth
  6. Are KB swings considered cardio though? What about BJJ rolling? Where's the line?
  7. 10 days down. No workouts missed so far. I'm able to function so much better when I stop drinking so much. Everything becomes easier. Getting up in the morning. Finding the motivation to swing a kettlebell around. It's one of those basic concepts that seems so "DUH!" and yet it's not until you lay off the sauce a bit that you fully realize it. So yeah... this morning's workout was as follows: 100 Swings in sets of 10 EMOM. 20kg x 6 / 24kg x 2 / 20kg x 2 10 Turkish Get-ups. 20kg x 10. Just those 2 sets of 24kg swings definitely fried my grip a lot more than normal.
  8. Good to see the updates, Jitters! Seems like you are getting back in the groove. Keep it up, sir.
  9. I like the concept of starting right away in the morning. Getting something done right away does honestly seem to work for me. That old mantra of making your bed right away starting your day getting something done has truth to it.
  10. Ok... so update time. Nothing stands out as relevant looking back for the week of 17th. I think it was just a normal week. Friday, I loaded up the kiddo and drove out to my folks house. I spent Friday night out there, then spent 4 hours using my dad's tools to accomplish some projects that would have taken much longer back at my place. I cut up some metal stands I had made in welding class a few years back. They never got used, and they were big so I wanted that space back. Plus more scrap metal is always good for coming up with other project ideas. Then, I used the table saw, ban
  11. Indeed. Upon reflection, I'm more and more glad I went. Thanks. Indeed. It's always pleasant to cross some stuff off the to-do list. Thank you. Yeah. It's not a fun journey, but it's at the very least enlightening. It's made me a better person. Ha! Maybe if I can cross a few more things off my own list. And since you asked... The KB Rack was pretty simple. Basically, my Mother in Law had this (not exactly that but close enough): I basically cut out the shelves, flipped them ov
  12. So... I still haven't started the Simple 100 yet. I'm debating about starting tomorrow. We shall see. Friday, we finally went in to discuss options with the doctor. She had talked with a whole slew of doctors to come up with all options and then try and sift through all the opinions to figure out which was the best option. I was pretty impressed with how thorough she was. The option she came to (and convinced us on) was to try another chemo drug, which is a mTOR inhibitor. Oddly enough, I had just saw Peter Attia talking about mTOR on Twitter. A quick search found that he's got at
  13. Great update and the fact it's ends this way makes it pretty damn awesome. Great to hear TML.
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