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  1. Admins of NF, is any development being done on the forums themselves? Seems like since the forum upgrade last March, things have falling pretty silent from the powers that be at NF. I understand that things like The Academy and Rising Heroes are the the focuses now and this thread is not meant to be a slight in anyway. If the answer is yes, and I'm just not paying enough attention, awesome. Thanks for the clarification! However, if the answer to the above question is no, I would like to propose is that NF open up some non-paid positions for people to be able to do work on the forums. Make improvements where needed. Looking back through the Forum Updates thread, there was a large amount of issues left unaddressed from what I can tell. I know I've done what I can on the Leaderboards as I enjoy NF and like to make it better, and I'd be happy to dive in deeper with maybe a few hours per week to help improvements and fixes get implemented. That said, I've never done forum work or website work, so maybe I'm not the proper candidate, but others on the board might be and it would be nice to see work being done to the forums.