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  1. I would love to see these when done. Sounds really cool. What do you use for a heartreate monitor and time tracking on your runs if you don't mind me asking? I had wanted to do this when we splurged on our gym, but my wife ended up convincing me to just get the bigger rack with plate racks built in. Love the look of a nice wall mounted system though, even for just the little stuff.
  2. Definitely something I've been super impressed by with my wife. The amount of deliciousness you can generate from taking a vegetable, chopping it up, putting it on a baking sheet, lightly sprinkling olive oil and salt on it, then baking it for 20 minutes... it's just unreal. How did my parents not know this when I was kid? I would have eaten so many more vegetables. And yeah... the internet and all that, but it's crazy how simple delicious cooking can be.
  3. I hear you on last week. It was a tough one for me as well. Not even sure why, but goals just sort of went out the window.
  4. That's a pretty advanced chicken tender move. Going to have to file that away in the "Something to try some day when I'm responsible for cooking".
  5. For folks wondering, he is posting on Facebook so he's fine. Might just be on a NF break.
  6. This is a good reminder for me. I tend to just want to check the box of "fitness" when I finally get the motivation up to do something. Need remember that sometimes it's probably good to gather up the family and go for a nice walk together.
  7. I personally scored a set of Powerblock's that went from 5-90lbs many many years ago off Craigslist. Seems like there a load of adjustable sets targeted at home gyms these days. Any reason you aren't leaning that way? I do realize now is not the best time for finding home gym in the secondary market since it's all still probably absurdly overpriced, but new prices on a lot of sets aren't terrible when you compare true DBs per lb. Some reading if you are so inclined. https://www.garagegymreviews.com/best-adjustable-dumbbells
  8. Week of May 2nd: 4/7 days without alcohol. 6/7 days with a cold showers. 3/7 days with home projects progression. 5/7 days with fitness. 5/7 days with reading. Wow. That was a week. First and foremost, I got in 5 workouts which is quite the record for recent memory. 2 days were just walking on a treadmill with my weight vest, and 3 days were weights. Very happy with that, and hoping I can keep that momentum going for at least a little while. On the work front, I had finally settle on the idea of moving on from my current job, and had sent out at least 4 applications, when my boss's boss (Director of our department) reached out to me asking if I'd like to start running a large meeting that involves our entire Engineering organization. Very good opportunity for getting my face more visibility, but I couldn't really think of how to decline without telling him the scenario. So I did. I've had a good relationship with this gentleman so I knew he'd be understanding about it. Sure enough, he was, and we had a long chat on Friday afternoon about options for me. Needless to say, the most appealing option seems to be staying with my current company for the time being, as I'll end up working under him directly, with him pushing to have me in a management role in 3-4 months. So the pendulum about where my career is headed has swung back drastically. It feels like a no-lose situation at this point. He's going to come work directly with our team in the next few weeks to start setting much clearer expectations of work, and announcing that I'm getting put into a "Lead" role where I'll be his under study while he sorts things out. Then once he feels better about the team, and assuming I've sufficiently meant his standards, I'll be put in as the team manager and he'll go back to his Director role to tackle his next problem. It's going to be a really tough first management gig, but I honestly want to at least try. Another random event that happened was that the widow of the machinist I told you about called me, and said she'd honor her husband's agreement with me. We got to talking a bit, and she actually asked me if I'd do her a favor. Felt a little strange given this was the first time I'd even talked with this lady, but turns out she had bullet cases engraved with her late husband military information, but was struggling to find someone who would drill a hole through them to be able to make them into keychains. I said I was pretty sure I could do that, and so now I'm working on a project to honor the man who I only met once. Feels good being honest. Once I get the bullets done, I'm going to have to figure out how to move this very large heavy machinery over to my shop and start having fun with it. Oh, and my wife wanted sushi for Mother's Day. So we went out to a local joint that actually just re-opened their dining in option (they had been take out only during all of the pandemic). It was amazing, and we ordered too much (per the norm with our family and sushi), but I managed to not overstuff myself and feel miserable for the rest of the evening. Was a complete win. Sushi is amazing. For folks that haven't tried it, please please do. Even a simple Philly Roll will change your life.
  9. As a barbell junkie myself, I both approve of this, but also want to warn you of the slippery slope. One minute you're buying a barbell and 200lbs of weight. Next minute you're eyeballing the Rogue Monster Cave.
  10. A co-worker shares this video every Friday morning in our company Slack, and I can't lie. It's never disappointing.
  11. Good theme! We'll be getting out this coming weekend to finally get started on the garden as well. So darn late, but the stupid freezing temps at night kept getting forecasted. -
  12. You originally from Wisconsin? Or just like the Packers despite not being the local team? I grew up in Wisconsin, but have basically given up the NFL the last few years with the exception of watching the playoffs. Do you find you are extra irritable at all during these cuts? I know most of time when I look to cut calories by that much, I'm super cranky with both my wife and kid. Hangry is very much a thing with me. That said, I also haven't done much in the way of cutting over the years, so perhaps I just need more practice.
  13. If it's still taking great photos, who cares, right? Agreed. Maintain muscle and staying moving for as long as possible at this point.
  14. Week of April 25th: 7/7 days without alcohol. 6/7 days with a cold showers. 4/7 days with home projects progression. 2/7 days with fitness. 5/7 days with reading. Starting the week out great with 2 workouts (light overhead day, and a heavy squat day), and then just puttered out mainly because of work business and depression. I won't rant about because it doesn't help. I have started looking for other jobs (applied to 3 or 4 so far, but haven't heard back on anything yet). I've been annihilating The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I'm 400 pages in. 300 pages in a week is pretty great for me. And I've been spending a decent amount of time working on stuff at home. Nothing mind blowing, but I'm at least keeping up with some basic spring tasks. Oddly enough, that's about all I have to report this week.
  15. Sad but true. Sad how political power drives so many things and skews view points drastically to fit their narratives. Glad to hear you are staying safe and at least have Skyrim to keep you entertained.
  16. Glad Ghostess got home. I can imagine a 2 week quarantine would be brutal to deal with, just from a child care perspective. Curious on that myself. I know last time I did any sort deep dive into (which was probably 3-4 months ago, it seemed like a few folks I follow online were trying to call the Omicron strand as a strand that was more endemic since it was less severe. Granted, I don't even know if there are new strands at this point.
  17. Something I meant to add, but forgot. I had a really weird experience this past week that's one of those random experiences that really gets you thinking about life and death, and all the goodies in between. Back in the fall, I had been connected to a gentleman who was a former master machinist. He had all sorts of crazy tools, and was looking to sell some of them since he was using them less than he used to. He seemed in great health, and definitely still fully cognitive. I chatted with him for probably 2+ hours, listening to him talk about tools and things he'd built, etc. I really enjoyed it. That said, as the weather was going to turning soon, we agreed we'd touch base in the spring and see about how to get some of these very large pieces of machinery moved to my place (with a transfer of funds of course). I even remember him saying when I was leaving "No need to rush. We have plenty of time to figure it out." Well, I just tried to reach out, and found out that he had passed away just after Thanksgiving. Superficially, I'm a little bummed as it means odds of me buying these tools is lower, but also because I had honestly hoped I could make friends with this guy and hear more about his story and his learnings through years of machining. He was only 70 years old. Life is so fickle and fragile.
  18. That sounds like a really amazing restaurant and a really delicious burger. Man, I love a great burger.
  19. I like how this thread is now growing even without Sloth.
  20. Week of April 18th: 5/7 days without alcohol. 6/7 days with a cold showers. 2/7 days with home projects progression. 1/7 days with fitness. 5/7 days with reading. Overall, a better week than some of the previous, but still not prioritizing workouts. That said, the last few weeks have felt extra heavy with the work situation being what it is. The day after my previous post I ended up having a pretty heated discussion in Slack with my co-workers, and sadly I was very much in the minority. The co-worker that doesn't really do anything team related was spouting off about how we were completely blocked because Dev teams refuse to work with us, etc. I pushed back hard saying that it's just not true at all, and he responded by basically saying that Dev teams we work with our inept and can't do anything. I told him that was unacceptable to talk about our co-workers that way even in a private channel. After some back and forth, my other two teammates piped up with responses that essentially just didn't take any sides. I then had my 1:1 with my manager and he didn't say anything about whether I was right or wrong. That said, he did tell me that's he being moved out of his manager role to go back to more engineering focused position. Overall, that's a win in my book, and the person coming in as interim manager I think knows his stuff. That said, I don't think that transition is happening for a few months still, so nothing is changing any time soon. I've started looking for other job openings. So far, it seems like most of the skills I've gotten in this role aren't that transferrable, which is unfortunate. Means I might have to go back to a QA job if I want out of this current role, which I don't like either. In other words, do I pick a career I don't like to get away from a toxic work situation. I think so, but man I don't want to as I really like the role I've been doing. In positives, I've been really enjoying the book I just finished. I had heard about Masanobu Fukuoka and his One Straw Revolution book on some podcast awhile back. His work centers around natural farming, and how we can farm without much work, and still have it be good for the environment. For Christmas, I got a book named "One Straw Revolutionary" which was written by one the guy that helped him write the original book. Being honest, I had wanted the original book, so this was a mistake, but at the same time, it was a reasonable intro. The book talked more about Masanobu Fukuoka's life and how he influenced people, but didn't have much talking about his actual farming method. And it definitely makes me want to read the original more. Next book I started was The Name of the Wind, the first book of the Kingkiller Chronicles. I've heard from multiple people that the 2 books in the series are great, and the first 100 pages seems solid. I also was drawn in a bit, because Patrick was great in his time on Critical Role during Campaign 1. That said, I can't help but feel that Mr. Rothfuss is going down the George R.R. Martin route, and the final book of the series will never be released. I really hope not. That said, I've started so I'm at least going to read the first book. You are a fortune teller. Thanks Tank. Something either needs to change or I'm not going to work here anymore. I've basically told anyone who asked about it over the past 18 months, and every time I've said something, the people I have told have said "Yep. We are aware of the issues and we are working on it." So I don't think this is something that people aren't aware of. More when you hear "we are working on it" for 18 months, and nothing changes, I can't help but feel it's not being worked on. This is good to hear. I likely will be following suit soon.
  21. First, you have some awesome pictures sprinkled throughout this thread. Are you using a cell phone camera or do you actually use a real camera? Second, I'm curious what your background is. Has fitness always been a part of your life? For a mid-40s person, you seem to have a pretty regular habit of getting to the gym which is awesome. Just curious how that came to be. For reference I'm an approaching 40 (next year) mediocre athlete who picked up a habit for the gym in his late 20s to mid 30s, but I've struggled to get in regular workouts in the last few years.
  22. Former OCR's here as well. Well, I guess I never did enough to actually call me that, but done somewhere in the 5-10 range over the years. Subbing on your journey to follow along with another fellow Battle Logger. I find my biggest hurdle with my home gym is it's so easy to let lethargy kick in. There's no social aspect of it which I guess is true of most gyms outside of Crossfit. I guess that's partially where NF comes into play.
  23. Ugh. My wife came down with my one my daughter shared just last week. No fun. No fun. Here's hoping it's a short lived one and you are breathing free in only a day or two.
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