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  1. I have the same issue. Specifically, chondromalacia and patellar subluxation. PT helps tremendously. I actually need to get back to my PT exercises now that I think about it.
  2. When I had my girls, I had some blood loss issues but was released within 24 hours of their birth. They, however, needed NICU so they were transported to another hospital. I have really good insurance, so they didn't have to fly them out, they got to stay at one of the local NICUs. After a couple of days, Hubs and I were convinced we should be going home but for whatever reason (*cough*money*cough*) the NICU refused to release them and kept saying oh this issue that issue. It wasn't until near 2 weeks later when my personal nurse through my insurance called me to check on me that my insurance was like hey wait and started harassing the hospital for the medical back up as to why they were keeping my girls there that we were released. Not even joking, my insurance called and within a day and a half, both girls were released. Amazing.
  3. Ohhhh now I remember. I did some reading up on it and can't decide if I am a 6 who has gone healthy 9 or a 9 who has gone unhealthy 6.
  4. I am way late, but here for the rest of it. These goals are similar to what I have down for my next challenge! How's the knee stuff going? What kind of injury?
  5. I can't edit my post but if I could.... I was going to put that on this test, I am equally a 9 and a 6. Makes sense.
  6. According to this test, I am a 9, then a 6, then a 1. I need to read up on 9 and 1, but I believe they are polar opposites. On another test I took, I was a 6 wing 5. With MBTI I am an INTP. Good stuff! Food looks scrumdiddlyumptious!! Also, the Mrs. is absolutely adorable with that belly omgosh.
  7. Forgot to add that Zumba will be tonight instead of my normal Wednesday. Our instructor is going to some kind of retread/conference in Florida for about a week so if I don't go today, then I'll miss this whole week. That being said, I can more than catch up with my watch intake. I swear with how hot it is and dancing.... I could drink a gallon just in class.
  8. The weekend went well. Hubs and I got out of town and had a good time. Played some mini golf, did some shopping, went to a movie (Stuber)... and a little bit of eating like an asshole occurred in the form of Popeyes Chicken, In-N-Out, and Olive Garden. Also, there may have been a pint or so of Ben and Jerry's involved. I also didn't drink as much water as I should have, which is becoming a reoccurring theme for me. I love how these challenges point out what you need to work on. Before, I thought I was doing ok with my water but knew I could increase it some. I had no idea it was this bad. It explains my headaches and general feeling of "meh". So far I have 34 oz. A far cry from my goal, but I am still putting a dent in it. So Hubs and I were supposed to start Keto today. Not exactly happening. Because of our trip out of town and absolute lack of desire to do anything that we normally do, we didn't go grocery shopping. Talking with Hubs, he said he still wants to do Keto, but is going to start off by cutting carbs where he can, specifically, cutting out breads and soda. I am completely following his lead on this and going to be as supportive as possible, so I am also cutting out breads and sodas. This morning I had a breakfast shake, lunch was beef merlot with broccoli I took out some carne asada for dinner, so hopefully, Hubs grills that up while I am at Zumba.
  9. So far, pretty good. I can't believe it's been over a week since my last check-in. Last Saturday was my mama's birthday. I could have gone a bit easier on the sugar, but at this point, I am happy just acknowledging things I need to work on. Hubs and I both came down with a stomach bug Sunday evening. That was a good time.... Our anniversary is tomorrow, so we are going out of town after work today and going to just enjoy having no specific plans. We have both decided to change our diets and are going Keto come Monday. This is huge for us because while I have tried every damn diet ever and actually enjoyed and thrived on keto, Hubs has never ever changed his way of eating - EVER - and this was his idea. I am really proud of him and excited and just focusing on being supportive of him. We are both the heaviest we have been, weightwise. We need a healthy change. Plus it makes it easier on me not having to make him and the kids one meal and then something separate for myself. I have been going to Zumba and NOT eating like an asshole, so those are wins. I am noticing I need to up my hydration. especially in this heat. I am working on my goals for the next challenge and hoping I can just stay on track for this one.
  10. Soooo, I'm having difficulty drinking all my water. I made the mistake of drinking a 7up earlier and that threw a wrench in things. Currently playing catch up....
  11. Thanks!! Yeah I think my next challenge will be based around "stop making excuses". I am sensing a theme already with this challenge. Funny how things work out like that but thats what I missed about being here. It helps me hold myself accountable.
  12. Yesterday went well. I went to Zumba for my physical activity. It might not be what I really WANT to be doing, but until I'm able to strengthen my knee I can't be running or hiking or lifting the way I want. Do what you gotta do until you can do what you wanna do, right? My water intake was low yesterday, so all night I had leg cramps. I am so thankful for pickle juice. I am off to an okay start this morning as far as water goes. I ate pretty well yesterday. I did have a dark chocolate walnut bar, but hey, I only had one and not several, so that's an improvement. This morning I had scrambled eggs with sausage, onion, bell peppers and cheese. Lunch will be a spinach wrap from Subway. Not too sure of dinner, but I do have popcorn for a snack. Is popcorn a carb? Yes, BUUUUUUUT, it's not a candy bar or ice cream or a donut, so baby steps are cool with me.
  13. Thanks!!! I figured I could go on with the same excuse "oh they already started... maybe next time" but I'd rather just get started and make myself accountable.
  14. Loving the no goals. Going to follow along
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