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  1. Week 2 Recap The week went pretty well. Water, MFP and FitBit are all going well. Friday I had a dentist appointment. I am high sensitive to things that throw off my routine, so Friday was an off day for me. I also have a hard time drinking as much water when I am at home. MFP and FitBit also do not get synced when I am home because I don't have internet or cell service, hence, the red X's in my sig. Other than that, things have been going well. Saturday was my grams 80th birthday and we had a huge party for her. I ate wayyyy too much cake. Any other challenge, that would have been a problem. Luckily, I am only tracking, not counting. Fingers crossed, but it looks like we got the place. The lady said it is definitely ours, but we have been burnt so many times, nothing is official to me until we are moved in,. I am supposed to sign the lease and pay on Wednesday. Fingers Crossed!!!
  2. Nice!!! My aunt lives in Hiouchi and I know a ton of people in Klamath/CC.
  3. Oh yeah? Small world! Where are you from? For the longest time I tested INTJ on several online tests. Although a lot of it fit, a lot did not and I felt it was too rigid for me. I finally took the Meyers-Briggs and tested INTP, which describes me very well. I recently read a book called something like "Nurturing by nature" or something that talks about how to parent your children according to their type. I feel like we all change as we grow and go through different expiriences, but typing my children was right on the money. I became intrigued and read through what the INTP child is like and it wasn't me at all. Funny enough, INFP is exactly me. I figure that I was an INFP child, but because of my traumatic childhood, am now an INTP adult. I can honestly say I have seen how much damage Feelings can cause and would much rather Logic my way through things because F%&#^ feelings. Not even going to lie, though, I still have that INFP child somewhere inside. (my daughters are INFP and ENTJ, fwiw. DH is ESTP) Thanks!! Hope you have an amazing day as well.
  4. Thanks! I'll start doing those so I can get ahead. Mine is a 1-2, but I do notice when I am doing more activity, it gets extra crunchy. That's what lead to me getting it checked out in the first place. I had an exceptionally loud crunch during lunges (who woulda thunk it) and was in pain for days.
  5. Reflecting a lot on my mission, where things have gone wrong in the past, as well as working on some personal unpacking and personal discovery. In college, I was a Soc major with Psych minor. I absolutely love(d) Carl Jung. I recently have gone back to that and have been restudying MBTI. It has brought up a lot, especially from childhood, which I did not see coming. Rediscovering myself helps me identify weaknesses, which I can turn into strengths. I am going to use these weaknesses for my next challenge. Also, just randomly throwing it out there so I don't forget: One of my goals next challenge will be to cut down my sugar intake to 30g/day. I know this is still over guidelines, but baby steps. I also want to eat at least one serving of veggies with each meal and 2 servings for at least one snack. If you are reading this... please take a moment to send a prayer, good thought/vibes, or whatever it may be. DH and I are meeting with a lady about her house. TLDR: we're homeless/doubled up and need a place to live. This sounds like the perfect place, and we're hoping it isn't too good to be true.
  6. Thanks! I'll try the wall sits and leg extensions. I am thinking of getting a spin bike. Might just be a good investment.
  7. Following!!! your eating actually inspires me and kicks me in the ass to get my sh** together lol.
  8. random thought: I just realized my daughters are assassins, DH is a monk, and I, a ranger. Very interesting.... Anyone else have a mixed family? It kind of explains why I can't get any of us to do the same thing lol
  9. So far, so good. In a way, I feel like my goals are too easy, but in another, I know it is critical that I get these basics down and the habits formed. I am really starting to get antsy. The weather has been really nice and I have been waking up extra early just because. Normally, I would workout when I wake up, but because my knee situation, I haven't. I feel like I am at a loss with what I can and cannot do. My doctor only told me NOT this and NOT that. All my go to DVD's are heavy on squats and lunges. At times I feel discouraged and I think, "My knee isn't THAT bad... I can do *some of the things*" but then I know I don't want to further injure myself and NOT have PT as an option. Also, I am thinking that for the next challenge, I might go visit the adventurers or the scouts. I am thinking of getting a spin bike (with peloton app) because that and elliptical are two things that I know are okay. So yeah, just my rambling thoughts....
  10. Anyone have experience with chrondomalacia? Looking for things I actually CAN do until I get my PT referral.
  11. Anyone else? No? ...Just me then, huh? Well, damn....
  12. Welcome!! I am really hoping to NOT have to have surgery. It sounds painful lol. They'd have to go in and "loosen" (ie cut) one of my tendons on the right side of my knee. Added you back
  13. Sounds like week one was a success! Great job!!!
  14. LOL thanks. It was a lot of fun. *just keep swimming, just keep swimming*
  15. Week One Recap: So far, so good. I've been drinking a ton of water. This has made a lot of difference in how I've been feeling. Logging my food has been eye opening, as I imagined it would be. Initially, I was eating crap, like I have been, but actually seeing the calories add up was more than enough for me. After two days of that, I have cut back drastically. I believe it's because of that, and esp the water, I have lost 2lbs. Yay!!! I have been syncing my fitbit and have decided to use one of my breaks during the day to go for a walk. I really need to work back up to at least 10,000 a day. If there is anything I can say about week one, its "eye opening". I feel like I am coming out of a junk food induced fog. I totally let myself go and I didn't realize it. I am also working on cutting out excess sugars. Another thing logging brought to my attention is the fact I was basically consuming nothing BUT sugar. Last week was a bit rough in that regard, as sugar come downs are SO SO real. I also received some extra motivation yesterday. My cousin's (the one like my brother) fiance asked me to be one of her bridesmaids and we went dress shopping yesterday. She about died laughing when I told her I need to lose weight so I can wear something cute that I can feel confident in as opposed to feeling like an apple wearing a sheet. In other news, anyone watch Finding Bigfoot? I live where the Patterson Film was made and they are here filming a special. The sponsored a weekend full of activities. It was super odd and surreal to be at a parade with a bunch of camera crews and a drone flying around filming. It was fun, nonetheless. It should air in October.
  16. Checking in. So far, so good. The logging has been eye opening, which I knew it would be, but DAMN. Water going well. I need to start drinking that 20oz in the morning though, because trying to cram all that water in otherwise is difficult. I used to have a nice little routine, so it's just a matter of getting back into it. My fitbit has been interesting. I never have stopped wearing it. I just check my steps at night, but I did stop syncing it. I have found myself competitive again since I started syncing. Let's see how long that lasts. Still waiting on the Physical Therapist, impatiently. Contemplating calling them and seeing what the hold up is. Over here twiddling my thumbs when I really want to get back into running and lifting. LOL two things that DON'T go together, but I love them pretty much the same.
  17. Following!!! I remember when you were struggling to decide if you were going to take all these on or not and NOW IT'S HERE!!!!
  18. Thanks!! It's been rough, but in a weird kind of way. I feel like it's superficial, if that makes sense. I think what 2017 is trying to teach me is it is more about my eating than it is my physical activity. Thanks!! I did a "dirty 30 cake smash" photo shoot. It was crazy amounts of fun. Happy to see that you're still here!!!
  19. Same. I'm on the CA/Ore border. More rain today. The good news is I think we are finally going to dry out by Thursday.
  20. THISSSSSS is exactly what I was going to say. #EndUnicornShaming lmao anyways, someone pass me some water... have a shit ton of it to drink this challenge.
  21. Annnnnd I'm back! I've been gone since then end of last year. I totally meant to post week zero, but our family came down with an awful crud that lasted a week with a finisher of gastroenteritis... sooo yeah. It's been fun. As a refresher, I re-injured my knee during my last challenge in December, and had decided to finally go to the doctor and get it checked out. In February, I had an MRI. I got my results back the beginning of March. It showed minor patellar sublexation as well as chrondomalacia. Doctor said NO running and NO lifting/squats. Basically, cut out all the things I love. This totally bummed me out, and actually made me depressed. So, I quit doing everything, and started eating my feelings. Pretty sure I gained back a good portion of the 20lbs I had lost. I had my appointment with Sports Medicine two weeks ago, and I have several issues going on. I potentially need surgery, but we're going with physical therapy, and orthotics for my shoes first. Now, I am just waiting on insurance to approve PT and then a call from them. During my hiatus from here, I tried my hand at Rising Heroes (#RhenoRising). With my knee being outta commission, however, I had to drop out. Also, my girls turned three... And I turned 30 (shits getting real)... Anyways, I'm really excited to be back. I missed following along with you guys and the shenanigans of the Guildhall. My goals are: Drink water. Lots of it. - going for 20oz before work, 60oz at work, 20oz after work. Weekends are my real challenge. At least attempt to track (MFP) what I'm shoving in my face. - I want to build a habit and see how much damage I'm actually doing. (Spoiler alert: its a lot.) Set up and go to physical therapy. - I'd really like to avoid surgery and I miss working out SO much. Really want to figure out what activities I can do. Sync my Fitbit 5/7 days. - Not going for steps yet. Building habits... I do have a side goal/mission of losing a lb/week. My cousin (more like little brother. We're both only children, but grew up together) is getting married in August and I'd really love to be able to fit into my goal clothes by then.
  22. *comes walking in like it ISN'T the end of the challenge* Hey guys! what's I miss? lol
  23. i can't get enough eye bleach... i mean... kittehs... THIS one won't post, but I generally have it open in an extra tab at work to look at when I'm about to lose my shit...
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