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  1. I didn't get to post here about my accomplishment. omgosh you guiseeeee I food prepped, for like, the first time ever. This is a huge accomplishment for me because I have an unhealthy relationship with food. I always have the best of intentions when it comes to eating right, but then donuts happen and I'm like, hey, it's some dairy and stuff. That's good, right? And if one is good, then two is better... because logic. I can justify just about anything. Batch cooking and food prepping gets rid of all of that. I can put my food for the day in my bag, and I'm good. I also did this in a way where I could eat as close to my goals as possible (clean eating, high protein) and still enjoy a normal dinner with my DH. This is so huge for me. I am really excited.
  2. Also, PREP ALL THE FOOD!!!!! (why it's upside down, I have no idea.) +2 Good Habit points.
  3. Recap of Week One - So, sleep on Apply Health isn't accurate at all. This says on that night I got 4 hours, but no. I went to bed early that night and my daughter ended up having a bad dream so I used my phone as a light and went to get her. It counted my sleep AFTER that. I'll just have to keep track myself. As long as I am in bed before 10, then I know I get my full sleep. Hopefully DH will be working locally again and I can sleep in an extra hour. I got 7 hours every night except the first one. 5/6 = 83% Water started out kind of rough, as it always does, but now it's no problem. I am constantly thirsty and having my water with me makes all the difference. I even got my oz in on Sunday without trying. Yay good habits. I drank my 90oz every day except day one. I used "good habit" points to fix that, though. 6/6 = 100% Language!!! Using Duolingo, I did my Spanish lesson every day. It helps that I love language. Side note: you can now take Klingon. I did all 6 days. 6/6 = 100% Meditate... I was unsure about it at first, but I am sooo loving it now. I love starting my morning with this and some quick yoga. It is also giving me new strategies for dealing with anxiety. I did all 6 days. 6/6 = 100% Reading and Stretching I don't quite know how to use Kindle to show my progress other than how many pages, but I have gotten pretty far in A Game of Thrones. I am just as addicted to the book as I am the show, if not more so. I love all the details I didn't get in the show. I am super excited because season 6 comes out next Tuesday and I haven't seen it yet. yayyy GOT!!! I read all six days. 6/6 = 100% Stretching is something that I always need to do. My body gets really tight and sore if I don't, and it makes life so much less fun. I have slight scoliosis as well as hip issues from when I was pregnant, so when I don't stretch, moving is excruciating. I got my stretching in every day. 6/6 - 100%
  4. Had an epiphany, either late last night or early this morning, that working out ISN'T my issue. I actually love it. My problem is my diet. I really need to gain control in a sustainable way. Even though it isn't part of my challenge, that is definitely something I am working on. Hope everyone has a great weekend! .....also....
  5. And you just had to share and trigger us all..... LOL
  6. This is everything. It is also why I won't let DH try it with me, no matter how much he asks. LOL And I hate them.
  7. I just realized I stumbled upon your blog before when I was googling Whole 30 a while back. Also, your food looks delish.
  8. How's the challenge going?
  9. Cookies save lives.... Although I would kill for some choc chip snickerdoodles right about now... Congrats!!!! How exciting!!! This made me giggle. My closest OCR is a 5 hour drive. None of them come any closer than that.
  10. Somehow I didn't click "follow" last time I checked in, sooo I am catching up
  11. I have updated again. I forgot to add yesterday that I am going to add a "get out of jail free" card of sorts. Should I do anything from my older challenges, it will wipe out one red X of my choice (✓). For example, last night I batch cooked a bunch of meals to get me through the weekend. Batch cooking/meal planning is from last months challenge. I have a horrible problem obsessing with perfection and I think this might be a healthy way to keep up on habits that are good for me while taking away pressure to be perfect. week one is almost over and I find that my easiest tasks are language, reading, and meditating. I am constantly telling myself that I have to stretch but I am still thinking about it as an option, when it isn't. I am getting back in the swing of things as far as hydration goes. It usually takes me a little while to get back in the grove but I think I have it figured out. Sleeping. Oh, sleeping. I have hoping that with the time change this weekend, I'll be able to fit in more sleep. I have been allowing the girls to go to bed an hour later than normal so it won't be a shock when the time goes back. That fun task has messed up my sleeping schedule, and has made it hard for me to go to bed on time. I almost didn't get my 7 hours last night but Still Asleep me turned the alarm off and I slept another 15 minutes before I woke up and flew out of bed.
  12. ^^^Yessssssssss. oh gosh, I'm dying LOL. "no abs were scratched in the making of this video" I was seriously thinking "I wonder if they got scratched...." Totally made my day...... meow.
  13. ^^Updated. I'm finding that I really enjoy my mornings and DON'T need coffee when I meditate and stretch/yoga before I head to work. I am still trying to find an app to track my sleeping. I was going to use my Polar A360, but it has mysteriously disappeared and I hate trying to use my fitbit for that. For now, I am just going to loosely base it off Apple Health.
  14. I have 5 minutes before I reach my goal finish time for 60 oz of water and I'm over here like... -ETA- DOOOOONE!!!
  15. Following along. LOVE the challenge. Although.... I *think* I am upset about the lack of abs.... lol no, no never mind. I'm over it.
  16. This speaks to me. Seriously LOL. That sounds like my thinking constantly. Deductive reasoning is my language.
  17. Had a good weekend. Nothing too crazy. Yesterday was my day one week one. Halloween is an odd day for that, but I did my best. Meditate W1 [] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Stretch W1 [] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Read W1 [] [] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Sleep W1 [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Language W1 [] [] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] Hydrate W1 [X] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] [ ] I did everything I was supposed to EXCEPT get 7 hours of sleep and drink 90oz. So what happened? I ended up super busy. The girls went trick or treating with their class and I chaperoned. Totally had my hands full, so I didn't take my water with me. Then we had to drive to the coast and I didn't refill my water when I drank it all. I did get a little over 60oz, though. Sleep? We got home pretty late. By the time I had relaxed and was ready to go to bed it was 11:30pm and I wake up at 5:10am. This morning I woke up to no electricity. The storm took out the power, but *luckily* my job still had power. Since I went to bed wayyy too late and still had to work, this means I OD'd on coffee (frowned upon) and since, due to unforeseen circumstances, haven't drank all my water yet. That is in progress. sooooo there is my update
  18. Confession: I have been eating like a complete and total asshole this week. Donuts, pastries, nachos, chili dogs, potatoes on potatoes on potatoes, and ALL the bacon. This HAS to stop. Pretty sure I am eating my feelings, as it has been a stressful week. I refuse to have this dictate my whole challenge, and it's ending today. (right after I finish off the box of krispy kremes DH brought home last night... jk jk jk) Thanks!! Happy to have you along for the craziness.
  19. my first time at a climbing gym was at an all bouldering place. I was terrified, but it ended up being amazing. I'm totally in love with it now. That's absolutely hilarious.
  20. Why, thank you. And probably because I *JUST* (like right before I posted about learning dothraki) updated my signature. I'm having serious lifting withdrawals today. Stalking IG and such lol.
  21. There's a GoT cookbook!?! Looking into that NOW. ETA anyone looking to learn Dothraki?
  22. This.... looks awesome. also, Guaifenesin kicks ass. Seriously love that stuff this time of year lol.
  23. This challenge is really going to be harder than I thought. Feeling sleepy today, and all I can think about is lifting. It's been 9, NINE, days since I last got a workout in. I may have to add some lifting days to this challenge just for my sanity.
  24. This is killing me. How does one properly pronounce "keto"? Anyways, I am super curious about the rocket fuel coffee. SIL and her SO are doing keto and have had amazing success. We're trying to convince DH to do it with me to make things easier meal wise.
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