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  1. Awesome goals!!! I can't resist a GOT theme... even if it is Lannister based. LOL jk. following along
  2. tishnicden

    Me vs. Me

    Awesome goals!!! We have a lot of the same things going on this challenge. Following along. What are you reading?
  3. Sounds like some solid goals. Keep in mind that perfection just does not exist. Not at all. This has been a hard concept for me to accept. Just reminded me of me when I read:
  4. The recipes are super easy to mess with if you aren't interested in vegan. They all look delicious, as well. I mean to take some pictures of the intro because it's absolutely hilarious. I also bought "Thug Kitchen" the same time as this, just for the laughs. Yeah, I'm sure he will give me hell when I get that package of trays from Amazon. And when we're shopping. "Why so much chicken? Oh, you know what i can make with it!?" lol. Bless his heart. I just love him, but sometimes he does an amazing job of derailing me. DH is reeeeeaaallllyyyy picky and most meals are extremely carb heavy with a side of fried protein. Luckily, he doesn't mind meat (or other) subs as long as he doesn't know about them. I've been looking into recipes and I think I am going to start utilizing my crockpot a lot more. Make my healthy yummy stuff there and then when I get home i can cook him dinner. Hopefully, he'll try a couple things and he'll catch on.
  5. Thanks! I'm really bad at being a control freak, so I'm sure I will have everything planned out wayyyy in advanced. I haven't even had my consult yet with the ENT to see if he want to proceed with surgery lol. My new challenge is up!!! (psssst it's in my sig)
  6. Thanks! If I totally screw up this challenge I'll be asking for TRX for Christmas myself. It's something I have been REALLY wanting to do. There's a place here that does TRX classes but I can't ever seem to get away from work or the girls lol. So, why not buy my own straps? Logic. I don't have much of it, but when it pops up, it always makes my day.
  7. Ahhhhh!!!!! I think I figured out my rewards/tracking!!!!
  8. LOL that's what I was thinking too but the recipes look legit.
  9. No no no. Every day is #MomoaMonday, except for #FroningFriday. LOL (ETA #FoucherFriday is also acceptable) Right?! ^^^ that.
  10. Thanks! Sounds easy enough. No clue why I haven't done that. Mac and cheese, though. And Tacos. mmmmm. Completely random, but has anyone heard of the taco cleanse? Totally just remembered I have that book. I may need to make it part of a challenge......
  11. I just love when I'm lurking and find a fellow ranger! Following along, even though there's no beer.
  12. Thanks. DH is mostly supportive, but if it impacts him at all, he's like "why are you doing that?" I will be buying these and a bunch of chicken and veggies when I get my next check. Dinner is where things generally fall apart for me. Thank you. I think I need to stop focusing on perfection. I was raised with the saying "if it isn't done right, why try?" and I swear it's the family curse.
  13. Anyone have advice for eating a certain way (paleo, keto, etc) when you're the ONLY one in the family doing it? I'm seeing all these new challenges with Whole 30 and Paleo and Keto and I'm over here like...
  14. OOOOOHHHH My kinda dragons!!!! (The cheese one.... gosh) Following along for fun and shenanigans
  15. I have edited with some reward ideas. Thanks!! Glad to have you along again!! We are all feeling soooo much better. Day two of my antibiotics and my head cold was absolutely gone. Psh, and they said it was viral. lol. My throat is wayyyy better, but it's looking like I got a touch of Scarlet Fever. My kinda luck. Hubs was complaining this morning he was coming down with something and my first though was AHHHHH NOOOOO!!!! NOT THE DREADED MAN COLD!!!
  16. I am going to try to schedule it for a Monday while the girls are at school. Then I'll at least have T-F where I'll just have to find them a ride and then have someone pick them up and I'll have them 5-bed time. I'm sure once I get past the first three days I'll be okay. Hell, I had the girls without medication.
  17. My EXACT thoughts. I actually laughed when I saw someone said it before me.
  18. Yeah I've heard its no less than 2 weeks. Trying to figure out how to make that happen without it being over thanksgiving or winter break is the hard part. I was also told I'll need a lot of rest and with the girls I am failing to see how I will make that happen. Oh well. I hear even with it being super rough, the quality of life after is so worth it.
  19. I had this big long welcome back speech in my head and after scrolling through comments, all I can think is "can every day be #MomoaMonday? hahaha Seriously, welcome back. Hope you enjoyed your time with the warriors!
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