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  1. Oh my gosh, that's hilarious! Why I didn't google for myself is beyond me.
  2. Oh, this one is rough..... In for team Iron Man Strength Feat: Do at least three NORMAL push ups. Agility Feat: Master a new yoga pose. Shavasana does NOT count. Stamina Feat: Complete a Stadium HIIT session without dying Ranger Class Feat: Take the kids up in the mountains for a hike. Bonus points for bringing them back
  3. Thanks!! I'm really trying to not over do things and get discouraged by "easy" tasks, because I think I have learned (learnt?) that if I pile up too much, it won't get done. hahahaha My laundry is proof of that! Oh, and I love Pavel! That's awesome you caught that. I work at a school, so I am off all summer. I am doing the little super repetitive things until I can lift heavy when I'm not working. Side note: I am looking for several different body weight exercises that I can do in a bathroom. lol I will take any and all ideas.
  4. Mines a safe bet lol. I update MAYBE twice a week, mostly because I only can from work.
  5. Following along. I have the same issues with falling off towards the end.
  6. Pretty sure strep is gone. Yay antibiotics! Still have 8 days left of meds. I'll still take a hot toddy (or four) though lol.
  7. Thanks. I've been slacking on the domestic rangering. I figure if I make it one of my goals, hopefully I will get it done more often than not. Kinda tired of having a laundry pile the size of Mt Everest
  8. This time around.... I will lose 3lbs (Scale) I will go for a 5 min walk daily, be it down the road and back or chasing my own tail in the living room. (Fitbit) I will forgive myself when I inevitably mess up. If I must snack in the evening, I will limit it to veggies, or a veggie smoothie (NutriNinja) (Logging on MyFitnessPal) I will get a minimum of 30 minutes of activity 3x/week. (MyFitnessPal/Fitbit) Level Up My Life: I will do (Wash, Fold, Put Away) the laundry at least once/week Weekday Mini Challenge - Every bathroom break I will do a 10 reps of a body weight exercise. (Wall push-ups one day, lunges the next, etc)
  9. Do they serve Hot Toddy's here? Strep is a &%$&*%
  10. Ended the challenge as strong as I could, even though I had/have strep (yuck). I will be taking this week to let my body rest and heal. I lost 4lbs I got close to my step goal 2/4 weeks I drank all my water 95% of the time My food logging was less than mediocre, but I am being honest about that, so that in itself is a win. I did save $30 last month. I am on the fence on whether I will be buying that Polar A360. I am sure I would love it, but it doesn't seem like a necessity at this point. However, if it goes on sale, it will be mine.
  11. TIIIIIIIIIMMMMMEEEEE OOOUUUUTTTTT There's a facebook group!?!? Also, cant see/hear this weeks speech.... I feel like I am missing so much
  12. Yeah, I go into eff it mode and decide eating my feelings trumps all. Mitigation is definitely not one of my strong points, but one that I am working on. Thanks for reminding me to keep looking forward. This really resonates with me. I tend to focus too much on perfection, or what I think perfection should look like. I think I am going to start celebrating little victories, instead of beating myself up when I don't make it to those big goals.
  13. Last week was pretty good, but I fell off the end of the week. Stress eating is a killer.
  14. I actually thrive when I am logging. I am definitely one to control every little aspect. When one thing is out of line, I freak and just say why do I even bother. Maybe that will be a personal goal next time around.
  15. In other news, I finished watching Parasyte -the maxim- over the weekend, and I'm seriously sad. lol
  16. that speech was amazing. also, @mr_willes... hoping your enthusiasm is contagious.
  17. Week two was mostly a success. Still working on adjustments. Weight - down 2lbs Steps - 31, 283 this past week. This is my focus this week. Water intake - perfect. Food logging - struggled the end of week 2, but back on board now.
  18. So far so good this week! Needing to get a grip on evening snacking like I said before but other than that I've been pretty active.
  19. As I was reading that I was thinking "the latter is definitely true," and then I read "The first option seems more likely" Oh, yeah.. logic and stuff
  20. Definitely. I've been dying to upgrade my trusty ol FT4. Forgot to add to my update that I've been doing 10 sink push ups every time I go in the bathroom. Sort of like my own mini challenge, preparing for better things to kill myself with.
  21. So far, so good. I am having problems with over eating in the evening. I recognize that issue and really need to get it under control. I know that when I eat a bigger breakfast and lunch, my evening snacking isn't an issue. Just have to start doing what I know I need to.
  22. I used to track my water on the Fitbit App, but I had seen Plant Nanny mentioned on another forum so I checked it out. It's cutesy, and I really would feel guilty if I killed my (digital) plant, so I guess it works for me.
  23. Oh and should I kick ass and totally dominate, I shall reward myself with a new activity tracker (Polar A300 or A360)
  24. So, definitely needing this. Challenge – Achieve 30% BF, sometime within the next 6 months SMART goals I will lose 4lbs (Scale) I will take 56,000 steps per week (Fitbit) I will drink 85oz of water/day (PlantNanny App) I will log every thing I consume (MyFitnessPal) Level Up my Life – Put at least $1 in a savings jar DAILY
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