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  1. Howdy Rooks! I appreciate your encouraging words! I do hope we both stick around and learn more I'll catch ya around!
  2. So, where do I begin? I've never been fit in all of my 29 years of living. I can barely do ONE pushup (well, that's a lie, I've recently been able to do 3). BUT, I have been working out more just recently (five days a week for almost 2 hours doing an hour on the elliptical and SOME weight machines at my apt. complex's gym), simply because I had reached 205 lbs. More than ever, I want to LOOK and FEEL great. I've been bumping into all sorts of athletes, and each one tells me about the joys and awesomeness of weight training. I want to learn more about about it, I want the muscles. I want this m
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