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  1. Robotic Awkwardness

    @shy Yup! I do have a horse. It’s hard to find fellow equestrians on NF. I have Appendix QH mare who will be 14 this Spring and insists she needs to be retired because it’s hard work standing in a field all day and bossing other horses around! She is getting the winter off due to the bad weather and my body being a mess. I did a few weeks back and she did great, so I’m not worried about her training. love the giraffe hello! My injuries are due to bad genetics and overdoing some exercises AND poor sleep posture. It’s bilateral ulnar nerve entrapment, but way worse on the left. its already better, but I really need to build back slow.
  2. Nax battles the Alcohol Demon

    How’s it going Nax? Did you survive the weekend?
  3. Robotic Awkwardness

    Hi Owlet!!! Yay! Okay, here's my first week update. (I got all stressed earlier this week after starting to post an update - that was Thursday...so 3 stressed out days - boooooo) I did get the second splint for night time, so I now wear two proper elbow immobilizers to bed - this results in me falling asleep for about 3 hours before waking up multiple times because I'm fighting with the braces. I slept in this morning to make up for that! I'm so used to sleeping with my arms completely bent in half and smooshed up under me, which puts a ton of pressure on the area where the ulnar nerve sits - this is one the reasons my arm is so bad. So now my arms feel much, much better during the day but I'm still struggling to find a comfy way to sleep. Goal 1 - 100% I did one day of no hands Yoga and one day of gentle yoga as previously reported - I also did our "mostly-gentle" yoga on Thursday evening - turns out my arm probably wasn't quite ready for that, even though I skipped all the postures that included any type of elbow bend, I did some high planks. Arm was pretty sore on Friday and still doesn't feel back to where it was before the class. Goals 2 & 4 100% Drank all my water - well, it was close one day. Probably less than I should have drank in total. Goal 3 86% Saw the horse once - the morning I interrupted her breakfast. Could not get my butt to leave the house Fri (work at home day) or Sat. It was the stress of course, but the reason I made it a goal for the challenge, is because this is what I do when I get stressed, tired, etc. I hole up at home and justify - meh, I saw her 2 days ago she's fine, it's not like I can do anything with her anyway because of how bad my arm is, what if I injure myself worse, I'm soooo comfy right now - don't I deserve to just relax - and on and on. Goal 5 50% So onto Grad school. I have a new job, it is a requirement that I get another degree (a doctorate) in order to keep the job. After much back and forth, it looks like I am starting classes Feb 26th. I will know more Tuesday when I officially get signed up, but it looks like I'm starting down that road. Grad school while working FT - frankly it's scaring me a little (maybe a lot). I know I did it before (got my Master's while working FT as a department director) but I was almost 20 years younger! I'm trying not to freak out and wait until Tuesday when I think everything will be official to see what I'm up against.
  4. Nax battles the Alcohol Demon

    Keep going strong! Glad you slept well once at least - if you have any funny dreams I think you are now kinda obligated to share!
  5. Robotic Awkwardness

    So I haven't posted a challenge in a long time. I've kept up on almost all of my goals but had life things get in the way of internet time. I'm finding myself in need of some motivation, so here I am. This challenge is taking into account my bilateral elbow injuries (I look a bit robotic walking now keeping my elbows straight all the time!) My co-workers found my re-creation of me on a treadmill hilarious. Here are my basic goals: Wear bilateral elbow splints every night for the next four weeks no matter how good I feel or don't want to Start no-hand Yoga/very gentle yoga (Yoga has been my main exercise for several years now - being unable to bear weight or bend my elbows has given me almost 3 weeks off) Drink that water every day (helps prevent my migraines) Exercise 3x/week (have been off-ish because of injury) See the horse 2 times a week (literally just show up - you can do it!) Make final decision on Graduate program by the end of the challenge Do one kind thing for myself a day That's my start - it addresses my stress, my lack of exercise/injury, prevention, and life. Looking for any exercises/activities that don't involve arms (making me more robotic) and general "you can do-it-ness" if you'd to comment.