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  1. Rinna vs Shadow Rhynna

    Yeah I like rap and this fits much better for me being a Christian. He is part of a much bigger group knows as 11Six (Romans 1:16). Also if you like his sound NF is another christian artist you might like.
  2. Wild Wolf Outruns the Evil Demon Monkeys

    Wow second page already. Following for running madness. Don't let them creepy creeps get you.
  3. Rinna vs Shadow Rhynna

    Following along for kicking Shadows butt. Not sure if you like Hip-hop/rap but there is an artist Andy Mineo he has a song that fits with this theme "you Can't Stop me" Youtube under Spoiler
  4. Myrik trains with the Monkii Society

    Well I already do... My co-worker, the one I workout with, hooked me up with his spare copy of Destiny 2. So I have 3 characters already raid ready on the PS4. It has been great fun. Now i will have 6 Characters to level and do the weekly guild Xp on to help my guild level faster.
  5. Kamar-Taj Gonna Ranger: The Doctor Strange Themed Mini Challenge

    Sounds intriguing I'm game.
  6. Myrik trains with the Monkii Society

    Time to close out this month. Sorry I have been missing for the last 10ish days. Goal I: Monkii Tactical Training 2, 3 days a week. Had to modify this one because the Tactical Training proved to be above my current ability. Kept up on doing some sort of training with the monkii bars 3 times a week unless I was lifting that week with my co-worker. I would say I'm at an A for the modified goal. Goal II: Track calories again without a limit or goal in mind I didnt do as good at tracking as i would have liked but I did it more than a 3rd of the month so Ill give myself a C. Over all this month was a great month for me. Learning my limits with the Monkii Bars. Now to figure out next months goals and challenges. Destiny 2 comes out on the PC in a week so i will tie that in some way shape or form...
  7. I got my Monkii Bar this week and will be using them for this challenge. The tactical kit came with a tactical training manual which is a 4 week training with a 5 part challenge at the end. I plan on doing the 4 week training and attempting the Challenge during next months zero week. Goal I: Monkii Tactical Training 2, 3 days a week. Goal II: Track calories again without a limit or goal in mind Goal III: TBD(I don't have anything in mind for this currently but I will have something here before Sunday) Not following last months narrative for this month but the next 2 months October and November will be continuations of the story with some major changes coming in November to correlate with my vacation.