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  1. Got a good workout in today. but due to a wound in a rather uncomfortable place i won't be running this week while i wait for it to heal.
  2. Week 1 Update: Goal I: Didn't do Monkii Bar training but did do training, Jumping world on Wednesday and Cutting down my Stonefruit tree on Friday, didn't have a chainsaw or axe so I used a Brush Axe Luckily(unlucky) the tree was so far gone that most of the branches snapped off by pulling them. Goal II: I am at 16.6 miles (25.5%) complete. Plan on getting a good run in Wednesday afternoon Goal III: Got my office squared away a little more and got my bathroom shower scrubbed clean. Plan on doing a little more in my office tonight and make a trip to Ikea to buy another bookshelf and cabinet. Goal IV: got the tree mostly hacked down for the Outdoors feat for the mini. Tonight I will be doing a full exercise with a lower body / Core HIIT thrown in.
  3. Tree is hacked down. Most of the branches I could just snap off with my hands. Dug up the roots to expose them to the cold in hopes of killing them off so i dont have to dig up my whole back yard. Gross bug under spoiler
  4. Like a true Viking!
  5. is there any free sites that show movements that i can start with??
  6. I can see what you are trying to say but i would worry about smashing my face with my current sldge hammer.
  7. I'm following, you guys hi-jacking Wolfies thread made me interested. I don't have any heavy toys yet, I do have a normal sledge hammer I could train with.
  8. So here is a picture of the stone fruit tree that will be removed tomorrow. As you can see sticks are falling off super easy. All I did was kick the base and the impact caused them all to snap off.
  9. I have 3 within 20 minutes of my house and 1 of them also has Single track courses, and a public Archery range.
  10. * No trail yet be we are working at it (Check out the Ranger challenge for this month
  11. After watching the news tonight I hope all my US East Coast Rangers stay safe and warm.
  12. They are awesome. I bought a pair of the Tactical ones last year got them in November and have been using them ever since.
  13. Also forgot to mention this. I won a free pair of Monkii Bars. Got the email this morning. So now i can set up a pair in the gargage and leave them there and have a set to take back and forth from work.
  14. I love the sound of this. I am so down. I'm sure our packs would get along great as well. I'll find out where some Disk golf parks are in the area and hit you up.
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