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  1. Myrik settles into a routine

    Got a good arms workout in yesterday. Dumbbell curls, Tricep presses, Overhand Ez bar curls(my forearms hate me), tried incline hammer curls and liked them a lot. Finished with some crusher grip squats, didn't write down my reps so not able to write anything down. Been good with brushing and flossing. No mileage to record this week 110 degree heat index is keeping me from going out side for very long. Should be able to add quite a few reps for Security today and tomorrow.
  2. Starfleet Gonna Ranger: The Star Trek Themed Ranger Mini Challenge

    My grandfather in law is a HF HAM and he as almost completed talking to every country in the world, or may have recently.
  3. Starfleet Gonna Ranger: The Star Trek Themed Ranger Mini Challenge

    Coast Guard so Pro. 12 years and counting. Currently sitting in a command center listening to VHF-FM Channel 16 (156.8)
  4. Mr_Willes: "4 Leaf Clover"

    I was thinking the same thing, to bad I won't be able to get that kind of time off or have the extra funds to afford that kinda trip. If you make it you better throw back a few for the other Texans(I might be a transplant but still)
  5. Starfleet Gonna Ranger: The Star Trek Themed Ranger Mini Challenge

    Being a radio operator in RL this made me cringe so bad.
  6. Myrik settles into a routine

    Did Chest and Shoulders last night along with a 2 mile run. Feeling good today hungry but good. Today will be Arms and Legs then a 2 day break with some running or biking thrown in if the heat cuts back a little.
  7. Myrik settles into a routine

    Goal I Continue Weightlifting routine I set up adding in some of Athlean-X's Finishers once a week. Goal II Better Oral hygiene, I need to get in the habit of brushing and flossing twice a day, I'm good about brushing daily just need to improve the habit and start flossing more regularly. Goal III (hold over from last month) 15 miles worth of cardio. Run/Swim/Bike Goal IV Own the mini this month.