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  1. Got a good workout in today. but due to a wound in a rather uncomfortable place i won't be running this week while i wait for it to heal.
  2. Week 1 Update: Goal I: Didn't do Monkii Bar training but did do training, Jumping world on Wednesday and Cutting down my Stonefruit tree on Friday, didn't have a chainsaw or axe so I used a Brush Axe Luckily(unlucky) the tree was so far gone that most of the branches snapped off by pulling them. Goal II: I am at 16.6 miles (25.5%) complete. Plan on getting a good run in Wednesday afternoon Goal III: Got my office squared away a little more and got my bathroom shower scrubbed clean. Plan on doing a little more in my office tonight and make a trip to Ikea to buy another bookshelf and cabinet. Goal IV: got the tree mostly hacked down for the Outdoors feat for the mini. Tonight I will be doing a full exercise with a lower body / Core HIIT thrown in.
  3. Tree is hacked down. Most of the branches I could just snap off with my hands. Dug up the roots to expose them to the cold in hopes of killing them off so i dont have to dig up my whole back yard. Gross bug under spoiler
  4. Like a true Viking!
  5. is there any free sites that show movements that i can start with??
  6. I can see what you are trying to say but i would worry about smashing my face with my current sldge hammer.
  7. I'm following, you guys hi-jacking Wolfies thread made me interested. I don't have any heavy toys yet, I do have a normal sledge hammer I could train with.
  8. So here is a picture of the stone fruit tree that will be removed tomorrow. As you can see sticks are falling off super easy. All I did was kick the base and the impact caused them all to snap off.
  9. I have 3 within 20 minutes of my house and 1 of them also has Single track courses, and a public Archery range.
  10. * No trail yet be we are working at it (Check out the Ranger challenge for this month
  11. After watching the news tonight I hope all my US East Coast Rangers stay safe and warm.
  12. They are awesome. I bought a pair of the Tactical ones last year got them in November and have been using them ever since.
  13. Also forgot to mention this. I won a free pair of Monkii Bars. Got the email this morning. So now i can set up a pair in the gargage and leave them there and have a set to take back and forth from work.
  14. I love the sound of this. I am so down. I'm sure our packs would get along great as well. I'll find out where some Disk golf parks are in the area and hit you up.
  15. Wow that is really nice looking. Best of luck on your challenge.
  16. Hmm disk Golf you say, Might have to look into this, might be something good for the family.
  17. Hello new friend, Like the setup of your challenge best of luck completing it.
  18. Haven't taken down the tree yet, went out yesterday to investigate if I might be able to save it before cutting it down and digging it out. No such luck the borer beetles have done to much damage to the tree. I kicked the base of the tree to check the root depth and see if it is something I could pull it out without to much digging and several branches snapped off from the force. Plan is to dig it out Friday or Saturday afternoon.
  19. *Don't have much time to relax we got a thief to find Myrik pulls on his snow gear grabs a cup of hot tea and hits the trail
  20. So didn't get a workout in yesterday per se but went with the Fam to Jumping World and woke up this morning hurting in places I didn't think could hurt after jumping on trampolines for an hour. My Calves, Quads and Gluts hurt which is to be expected but add my Lats, Traps, and Obliques. As of this morning I am at 15.2% of my Viking Conquest. Hoping to get a nice run in Friday or Saturday. Got some cleaning done in my office space its starting to look much better, I need to pick up another bookshelf and possibly a floating shelf for above my desk.
  21. Added my NPC to the spreadsheet. Tas Goulding "Fortuneteller" Known for her distinct Black and White face paint. Rumors say that the paint is really her skin and a "gift" Female of indeterminable age Appears to be a human but some people swear they have seen horns under her jet black hair and hood.
  22. Thanks Xena I will do my best He may or may not be a fellow wolf from another pack...
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