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  1. Today has been crazy and oddly disappointing. I was well aware of the house work that needed doing. My mom was well aware of it too. An overwhelming amount of housework stresses me out as it is. Then we stopped what we were doing to go and help my mom move stuff from the place she was storing it because she "needed to do it now." I'm feeling a bit selfish, but she was supposed to come over to my house and hang out with me while I finished everything up. I dropped all my responsibilities to come help her today but it's now almost 11:30pm and she still isn't here because she's waiting for some deadbeat asshole to come give her money. My mom is a complicated story and I really try to be patient with her but honestly it gets hard when you play second to scumbags all the time. Sorry... thank you to anyone who made it through my rant... it's been quite a ride today.
  2. It is almost the end of my work week! I'm ridiculously excited to go home and sit down after I finish all the stuff the boys didn't do while I was at work today. Today wasn't even a long week and I just feel drained. I don't really know/understand what's going on but we'll get through it. Especially since I need to appreciate this light week since for the next few months I'll be working 48-56 hour work weeks. It's all worth it though. We got this, plus I'm doing alright on this challenge so far so that's good.
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    Neurology is fun. I'm actually working on that subject at the moment for one of my RN classes!
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    Here to follow your progress!
  5. I'm glad I could be a bit of an inspiration. I'm currently working on my associate RN degree. All of my classes are online and there is a lot of content. Doing NCLEX questions related to the readings has been helping me with my quizzes and tests.
  6. Just another day in paradise here. Plans for the day were derailed to help my mom move a lot of heavy stuff out of the place she is storing it. So that was exciting. Work was work like. I'm all caught up on my homework. It's now 1 am so later today I'll need to take my final for my class but today will also involve moving more heavy stuff. I'm also finding, that wedding planning is a bit stressful. I'm also a couple hours late on taking my meds so that may be why I'm having the increased stress response. That and the lack of sleep. Ah well. We shall remedy both of those things shortly. Have a great night, everyone!
  7. Hey everyone! I had a pretty good challenge last month and I'm ready to make it happen again this time. I got a little lost, time frame wise, so I'm starting a couple days late. No big deal. My challenge this go is as follows: Challenge Tracker Charisma Post on the forums daily. Text or call a person for social reasons once a day. Take some time to work on wedding planning daily. Constitution Track all the food and drink that I have consumed daily. Stay within my point range most days. Check one thing off of my household to do list. Dexterity Work on my paint by number painting. Stamina Take the dogs for a walk a couple times a week. Strength Practice yoga for a half an hour daily. Wisdom Work 32 hours at the nursing home. Read a book for at least 15 minutes daily. Complete 50 practice NCLEX questions. Work on classwork/prepping for my next class. Do a half an hour of LinkedIn Learning a day.