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  1. I woke up early and ate a good breakfast today. I'm trying my hand at WW again and actually found myself struggling to use enough points today. That felt like a win to me. I am still caught up at work today. I did not do anything extra for studying though. I got to talk to some friends today. I also found myself really looking forward to spending time with my sister, niece, and nephew today. My sister and the kids came over and we worked on wedding planning together. I feel like I finally have a set theme and ideas to run with. It's nice to have my sister help rounding out my ideas. No house stuff was done by me today. I'm looking forward to tomorrow. We're having family over for my brother-in-law's birthday. We're having a cookout and I'm super excited. I'm finding that I like to host events at my house.
  2. Today I woke up early. I was able to take my time getting ready for work. I ate a good breakfast and I found a document I was looking for last night. At work today I was able to finally get caught up with everything. I have been so behind for weeks and it just feels like a weight has been lifted off me for me to be caught up. I did not work on any classwork though. I reached out to some friends that I haven't talked to in a while. It was nice getting in touch with them. My husband, brother-in-law and I, spent the evening together. We've started watching The Umbrella Academy and it is giving me mixed emotions. I did no house stuff today.
  3. Background: I feel like I'm in a constant state of being overwhelmed. At work, at home, with most aspects of my life really. My husband and I were trying to become foster parents, and after months of going through trainings, paperwork, background checks, fingerprints..., they told us that they think it would be best for us to hold off for another year or so. I'm trying to remain positive about it. A year does give us more time to prepare and focus our efforts on other aspects of our lives. The whole process also showed me that disaster planning is an important thing we should take into consideration as well. Finally, it also inspired me to renew my efforts for my own health. I have a surgery coming up in the next couple months and I would like to start a family of my own. My husband and I cannot conceive naturally so the only way to move forward with starting a family is through artificial insemination. My weight is too high for the doctors to let me do that though. They won't move forward with that until my BMI is in a certain range, which comes out to roughly 200lbs. I currently have 66lbs to lose to get to that goal. So I have some broad areas that I want to focus on/journal about for accountability: My Health (Mental and Physical) My Career (Associates RN and Learning Spanish) My Family (Wedding Planning and Spending Time with Family/Friends) My Home (House Projects and Foster Parenting Changes Disaster Planning)
  4. So yesterday I finally had my reproductive endo/fertility appointment. It was a bit nerve wracking and overwhelming. So while we try to regulate my cycle, I need to lose ~100lbs so that I'm in the healthy weight range to have children. I've been slowly but surely working on losing weight. I was feeling pretty confident and then I was informed that to regulate my cycle we'll use hormones. I'm not sure why that surprised me... but it'll make it more difficult to lose weight. I'm concerned about this but it's not like its impossible. I can do this. I know I can. It's just overwhelming. I did discover, thanks to Facebook, that Nerd Fitness has an app now! I downloaded it and started it. It feels like starting the academy fresh. I'm really enjoying it so far! It was a great, inspirational find!
  5. I like To-Do lists. I frequently make them, and forget to ever look at them again. But I'm trying to get a bit better about it. I'm also working on getting myself up a little earlier so I have time to sit down and organize my day. I have also spent time detailing every minute of my day. I try not to do that so much anymore since wrenches are frequently thrown my way. I prefer a more loose plan of the day. Of course the main points of the day are work, family time, sleep, and school stuff when class is in session. Maybe I should start micromanaging again. Hmm. I'll think about this a little. I am very rambly right now. o.o sorry. :D Yay! Thank you! I'll have to look into that book! I added it to my sample list in my kindle. :)
  6. A little recap. So I forgot we were starting this up again before Saturday. But I am busy as always. It's overwhelming as always. The challenge could be going better but it also could be going worse. Does anyone have any advice for managing your time while working a lot? I keep saying I'm going to fall into a routine but I am really struggling. I'm afraid I may have to turn to coffee soon lol
  7. Good morning Rebellion! Previously known as Neeko, I'm rising as Tamesis. Neeko really held some unpleasant memories for me so it was time for a change. Tamesis was and is my boss healer in WoW. The name comes from the River Thames and means the Dark One. This challenge is similar to my last challenge but I've backed off a lot on my goals. An unwritten (written) goal that has cause this is the need to spend more time with my family, especially with my soon to be sister-in-law. She is 17, soon to be 18, and not in the best of situations at home. She has been staying with us for the last couple weeks and her parents are still not treating her great and upsetting her. There's nothing I can do about them, but I want to make sure she understands she has me and her brother's support, make sure she has everything she needs (so her parents' can't hold it over her head and make her feel like she owes them), and get her through her senior year of high school so she can go to college. So needless to say, I need to have a little more free time to work with her which is hard when I'm working so much. Current Challenge
  8. Another day almost finished. I finally got a hold of the fertility/endocrine specialist that was supposed to contact me, yesterday. It's only be like 2 months since the referral and I had to initiate the contact. If I had known that would be the case I would have, you know, contacted them a couple months ago, but I hadn't received any information. Oh well. I have an appointment with them in 3 weeks. My anxiety has seemed to amp up a little since making the appointment and I'm not sure why. I felt a sense of relief for a couple hours and then things changed. I don't know. I may need to make a focused list on things that are bothering me tonight and what or if I can do anything about them. Anyway, good luck to everyone on the last few days of the challenge!
  9. I have been struggling so much! I think I'm overall just struggling to the schedule change. So I anticipate everything kind of working itself out soon. So on the positive side, I'm really enjoying listening to the LinkedIn Learning videos and I've been reading a lot more which is nice. Plus I got my new computer which is nice. I like actually having a reliable place to work on school work and to actually get to play WoW again! Playing WoW has also made it easier to be more social, which was one of my goals this challenge. So yay for positives.
  10. So my day off yesterday turned into hanging out at my sister's house. Her kitchen and basement flooded so my fiance and I went over and he helped her boyfriend tear down a couple walls that turned out to be completely rotted. It was an all day affair. Work today was a bit overwhelming. I had a lot of work to do and I feel like I did nothing. It has been okay but now that my doc's schedule is kind of normalizing, it's making it difficult to keep up with my computer work/phone calls. My schedule is all wonky right now so I can pick up at the nursing home, I'm still working 40 hours with my doc but its staggered weird. I'm doing three 12s and two 3s. So that's effectively two days where I'm not in the office and that really backs up my computer/phone work. The other nurses are supposed to take a look at my inbox and address urgent messages and do quick things like send medications. More often then not, they don't even look at my stuff. Okay /end rant. Challenge related, it does not appear to be going great. My physical attributes are not getting done and I really slacked off on food tracking. So I really need to get the food tracking back on track. Physically, I'm not super concerned at this point. Just surviving my crazy schedule for the next couple months will be an accomplishment for me so think I'm going to not worry on that.
  11. Working at the home, hasn't been crazy this weekend. It feels like the calm before the storm. I can only imagine what next weekend will be like. Everything will be fine. I'm looking forward to my day off tomorrow though. We may go to a state park for a day trip or we may stay home and play video games all day. Either will be acceptable.
  12. Yeah, so I'm an LPN already, which means I can do most things a RN can do. There's only a couple things I can't do at my nursing home job. But working the nursing home gives me the hours I need for school where the doctors office does not. You need 200 for a year. I slacked off once covid started because my full time job is in a doctors office and I didn't want to risk bringing sickness to the residents in the nursing home. But its all good. We'll rock this out and get a little savings going and get this schooling done.
  13. Ours aren't rapid and I'm honestly not sure how long the wait is. I haven't gotten any results, I was tested on Tuesday, and I'll be working today and tomorrow. This was my first time being tested though. I still have a lot of hours left: 135 hours to be exact or 17 shifts. I'm hoping I become more tolerant of the test though, it really sucks. I do wonder what company they are going through though. I work at a doctors office full time and when we send people to be tested for COVID the results take anywhere from 2-10 days depending on which testing center they go to. You would think for employees being tested so they can work you would use the more efficient lab so you know your staff is good to work.
  14. Man oh man. This is my first week starting back to get my hours I need working at a nursing home for school. I think my body has become preemptively tired because of it. Plus the need to be tested for COVID once a week, kinda sucks. But this is overall good, and I need to keep reminding myself of this. Working a couple extra shifts a week, gives us extra money to pay for my classes, save for our wedding, honeymoon, family vacation, fertility treatment and anything in between. I just need to keep reminding myself of the positive things. Everything is just getting a little overwhelming again. And now, my fiance's dad has asked us to take his sister for a little bit. Now she's 17, so I feel like it shouldn't be that big of a deal, but I also feel a little bad that I won't be able to be very present while she's over. I also don't know for how long they want us to have her for. There also isn't a whole lot to do with her right now either with the pandemic. We also need to get the guest room finished so she will have a place to sleep and probably exist the entire time she's over. She's not very different from her brothers in that she basically exists on playing video games all day. Oh gosh, we'll probably need to get her a fan for the room too. We have central air but the bedrooms are still stuffy and hot. This is all good. Everything will be fine. We'll probably end up with her for the rest of the summer but everything will be fine. Gah, thank you for reading my rant if you made it this far...
  15. I agree! I tend to feel guilty afterwards though. And, then there are my 12 hour work days where I day dream about my bed all day. lol
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