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  1. I have the book. I haven't had the time to start reading it. I was thinking about starting it tonight. Any ideas on how we should go about this, or prioritize? lol
  2. Haha yes! I'm super pumped right now! I'll throw my DeviantArt up here for fun. I don't have much up, and it's all mostly a few years old, but like I said, I'm trying to get back into it. lol
  3. I've been wanting to get myself back into drawing and writing for a while. This seems like a good motivator! Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  4. I'm personally okay with my story for now. I don't really have a clear character though, and taking care of that could help me refine my story a bit better. Developing and planning quests also seems like a good place to focus some energy. I know every time I glance at my list I know there should be more, I just always draw a blank as to what else would be good to add.
  5. *UPDATE* Day 3 So as it stands things have been a bit shaky but I have had some success. Quest 1: 3/30 days complete Quest 2: 1/12 days complete Quest 3: Yoga starts tomorrow and the boyfriend decided that he wants to join me for this Quest 4: Library adventures also start tomorrow Quest 5: 2/30 days complete I love that my boyfriend has realized that I'm serious about this now, and is becoming motivated to join me on this journey. I'll keep updating as the days go on.
  6. Welcome to my challenge, guys! Thanks! I always wanted to be a nurse. I've had an affinity for it since I was a kid. I let myself get talked out of it in high school though. So after two failed attempts at different degrees, I found myself back where I started. I've found a great little college, I'm loving my clinicals, and I'm finally doing well academically again. Thank you! I love all of the academy stuff. I like that there's all the different quests. Such a huge variety. I'm loving the new adventure section too. I'll let you know how my mission to do the diamond p
  7. That's really pretty! It's supposed to be spring here. Today it decided to heavily snow though. Hopefully, the snow doesn't stick around too much longer.
  8. Hey guys! I've got the end of my first semester of nursing school looming up on me. I have finals scattered all throughout the mid-April and early May.
  9. Good luck suzyQlou! I'm using my FitBit too! I'm always looking for new friends if you want to join up to do challenges on the FitBit.
  10. Neeko's Adventure! Main Quest My main quest is to get my weight into a healthy range. I want to be overall healthy and strong. I also want to do well in and complete nursing school. Personal Quests Walk at least a mile once a day for 30 days STA 3.26 Workout 3 times a week STR 1.30 Do yoga at least 2 times a week CON 0.87 Go to the library at least 3 times a week WIS 1.30 Study for at least an hour once a day for 30 days WIS 3.26 Nerd Fitness Academy Quests F
  11. Just stopping by to say that I'm going to use this. I think it's a great way to help through character creation.
  12. I think I tried to post on here already, but I'm definitely down to reach Titanium. I'll be using my Fitbit to track my steps and miles.
  13. I don't plan on letting it go. haha Right now, I'm taking baby steps getting back into things, and trying to form some habits. So, right now I'm doing a lot of walking and yoga. I'm also looking to get back into karate too.
  14. Hello, everyone! I've been in and out of the NerdFitness arena for a few months now. I'm a nursing student and have had a lot of trouble keeping motivated, finding time, and just keeping my sanity in general. I just recently have found my inspiration and motivation to forge ahead. I was excited to come across this forum so I could connect, support, and compete with my fellow rebels. I look forward to getting to know and working with you guys! -Neeko
  15. Hey guys! This is my first challenge on the forums! I'm going to go for the titanium level. I'll be walking, and tracking my distances with my Fitbit. Good luck
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