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  1. This challenge has not been perfect, but we have three more days left and I'm still present. I'm feeling pretty proud about that fact. I'm excited to regroup and get started on the next challenge. I have two more weeks of this class left and then I'm off of classes for 8 weeks so I think it's time for some changes to happen. >:)
  2. After all of the nonsense we've been through the last couple years with my biological family, I wholeheartedly believe and support this. Just because they're blood doesn't mean they have your back or your best interests in mind. In case you haven't heard it today, Flea, you're awesome!
  3. @juliebarkley, well of course. But even a simple wedding takes a good amount of planning and preparation. In the past two years I've been to several weddings spanning from seemed-like-it-wasn't-planned-at-all to more than anything I would want. I have some pretty solid ideas as to what I want and some areas where I have no clue. As a character flaw, I get stuck on tiny details that may or may not be insignificant and can find it hard to move forward. Thankfully I should have plenty of time to work out any kinks in my planning. Shouldn't be too hard. We want a pretty simple wedding. I want to g
  4. @Bean Sidhe, yes! The amount of reading for this class is crazy too. I'm actually finding that doing NCLEX questions on the topics that we are being tested on and reading the pages that correlate to our written assignment for the week seems to be helping me. @fleaball, thank you! I'm so excited and a bit overwhelmed with the amount of planning that will need to happen. But, we got this. I've been working on some spreadsheets, pinterest boards, and we just decided to start a onenote today to keep organized. It was nice today too. I finally sat down with my mom and we talked about w
  5. Today was a better day. Not so productive on the class work front, but I did do a ton of practice questions. I got caught up at work for the most part. Tensions are appearing a little higher in the office though. Oh well. One more full day with the lot for the week. I'm looking forward to a relaxing Friday morning after tomorrow.
  6. Well that sounds like one less local business you need to support. That's totally their fault and it was unprofessional for them to treat you that way. I hope the rest of your night gets better!
  7. Another day down! I dragged a bit today. It was my first day back to my wonky schedule and my doc was not in a great mood. We made it through though. Albeit, not as efficiently as we could have. Its okay, though. Time for sleep, so we can do it again tomorrow but hopefully better.
  8. You're back Flea! I second Red's notion. Frequently in my house, we all have headphones on focusing on our own thing. I think it can be helpful to put yourself in your own world. Sorry your holiday weekend was stressful! What are you ordering for dinner? We've been partial to all things asian lately, now that all the chinese/japanese restaurants are starting to open up again. It's nice to be able to support your local business too. Especially during this time.
  9. @Bean Sidhe and @Rookie, thank you! I've been a little absent but the weekend was a tad bit busy. Yesterday we took the dogs to the state park and walked around a bit. We looked at some wedding "venues" there as well. It was an awesome day. I didn't work on any classwork though. After dinner I was laying on the couch with my laptop and I woke up to my fiance poking me and telling me I should go to bed. I was very done. So I called it a night and went to sleep since my eyes wouldn't stay open. I made up for it though today. I did some reading, plus 115 practice questions!
  10. Today was a bit of a Rollercoaster but overall a great day. My soon to be brother in law decided it would be fun to tell me that he and my fiancé are only capable of cleaning the house when I'm home and making them. Now mind you, I work 40+ hours a week plus I have school work. Neither of them work or have any other responsibly than the house. I may be wrong, but I feel like, especially my BIL can contribute to the household by helping to keep it tidy, since he is literally contributing nothing. But I'm the bad guy when I ask for anything to be done or am upset when nothing is ever done. But
  11. This feels like it was a long week. I'm just drained. Thank goodness we have a three day weekend! See everyone tomorrow!
  12. I had a decent day today. Work was good. It was steady but it was more balanced. Before work though, I had a watermelon debacle. I cut into the watermelon and it just exploded, water just gushed out of it and went everywhere! It was crazy! I've never seen something like that happen before. It was horrifying. Lol.
  13. Not a bad day. Dailies completed! In bed early. Goodnight, everyone!
  14. Another day nearing completion. Work wasn't terrible. I was actually a pretty busy day. I'm grateful the after hours a starting up again next week if we're going to be busy like this at work again. Working 12 hour days gives me more time to get things done. It'll also be easier to justify picking up hours at my per diem job. It just a delicate balance right now between my full time job and trying to excel in my classwork. Plus, now I need to be COVID tested at least once a week to work my per diem job. Such a hassle. Ah well. Some new loot came in the mail today. I got a new bag/w
  15. Mine is actually going pretty well. My dailies are getting done. Which shows a huge improvement to my mental health. Do you like the discord? I joined it, but I'm in a couple Ark groups that are annoying so the app is muted so I forget about it.
  16. You're making such awesome progress!
  17. Just checking in on your challenge. I hope all is well. 😁
  18. Another day down! I achieved all daily goals. I also added doing 40 NCLEX questions a day to my dailies. So we'll see how this goes. But I need new ideas for making this class work. I'm so concerned I won't pass it. But, I digress, I got this! On to the next!
  19. Today was okay. It was my fiancé's brother's birthday today. I knew we were going to have a high calorie dinner so I ate mostly fruit today. We ended up ordering Japanese food. It was fantastic. I still managed to stay in my point goal for today and got my blue dot! We spent a lot of time in the car this evening. We had to pick my fiancé's mother up from the train station to take to his grandmother's home. I worked on class work while in the car. And now it's beyond time for sleep. See you guys tomorrow!
  20. Guys, guys, guys!!! I got engaged yesterday! I'm still surprised. We've been discussing getting engaged for a while. We even looked at rings together. I was under the impression that he was making smaller payments that we could afford on a ring. He even seemed so disappointed when our jeweler closed for the pandemic because he wouldn't be able to continue payments! He has apparently had the ring for months now! Our camping plans were ruined at the beginning of the pandemic, which is when he was going to originally propose. Last night, he made a huge fire for us and proposed to me by the fire!
  21. Another day down. It was not very productive and while I've spent a lot more time than I have been on classwork this week than I have been, I still did not get a good grade on my quiz. This upsets me... but I guess I just need to work harder. I've stayed within my dietary goals though. On the plus side.... I got engaged yesterday!!! 🥰
  22. That's awesome! I'm glad week one went well!
  23. Welcome to NF challenges!I'm also respawning so I get needing to start over. I hope your first week went well.
  24. Welcome, Mudd! I love your challenge set up with your goal and your plan. I'm a procrastinator at heart and creating/adhering the "plan" is difficult for me. You've made such great progress too!
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