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  1. Welcome to NF! I hope your first week went well! I really like your challenges that you chose. Good luck.
  2. I'm reading your post while procrastinating my classwork currently. So this spoke deeply to me. lol I hope your week went well!
  3. That does sound pretty awesome! Beekeeping would be neat here. We have like a meadow/marshy land behind our home that I bet bees would love.
  4. Yay! Welcome back! I too, recently started back up on the forums with this challenge. I enjoy your goals. Also you made me think about toilet paper since I think we are about to be running low. It looks like Amazon has some brands in stock again.
  5. Checking in to see how your challenge is going! 😁
  6. I felt tired just thinking about all that phone time! What are SCA classes? That sounds interesting!
  7. Yesterday was uneventful yet exhausting. I came home, we ordered Applebee's for dinner. I discovered I really like their salmon. We finished watching our nightly episode of Master Chef and I could not keep myself awake. Tapatalk is not working for this forum on my phone anymore so I didn't check in here like I had planned to last night. I much prefer typing on the computer anyway. I hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday today! It's finally supposed to be nicer weather here so I'm excited.
  8. So yesterday was a bit of a bust. I didn't really accomplish anything. It was another day of feeling drained when I came home from work. We had dinner and then I basically crashed. I was sitting there with my man just nodding off. I couldn't convince myself to work on my class work at all. I was going to jump on the forums while I laid down but its not working on Tapatalk so I lost interest and just fell asleep super early. Consequently I've woken up early today. I was up at 5:30am. I have to assume the forever sleepy feeling is a result of the medications I'm on but I feel a lot better than I
  9. I was more so proud of the fact that I didn't feel the need to eat all of the veggies. Since we started doing WW and actually being mindful of what we're eating, I found that I snack a lot during the day, especially at work. When I wasn't able to snack on carbs at work anymore I was struggling and still wanting to eat all the things but my metabolism is finally adjusting and I'm not as hungry at work now. Which is an awesome feeling. Definitely an adjustment and a good one. Thank you! Welcome to my challenge.
  10. Busy, busy day at work today. Overall not a bad day. I've got all my work turned in for the moment. Only real bad thing that happened today was that my Fitbit just fell apart. I didn't damage it or anything, my SO just looked funny at my wrist and when I looked I saw my screen hanging off the watch. So I'm Fitbitless for a few days until my new one gets here... My SO knows I don't function well without it... I've grown so accustomed to having it on me, I just don't feel right without it. I mentioned I was going to be a bit anxious until I could buy one again and he said "I know. Do you have a
  11. Another day down! Pretty sure my weight is up, I've felt pretty bloated all day, but it's fine. Work was busy, I didn't eat nearly as many veggies or my other snacks. Which is good! I'm still hungry once I get home from work but it's nice to have more points to work with for dinner. I got my blue dots, tracked everything, checked in here, and worked on some classwork. I didn't accomplish as much as I would like with the classwork but my assignment is turned in and I'm going to be able to go to bed on time so those are good plusses. No extracurriculars for today.
  12. It's a little quiet here, but I'm joining up.
  13. Belly dancing weight away sounds like a lot of fun! Yoga is part of my challenge this go because my flexibility has been appalling. Good luck with your challenge!
  14. Welcome, welcome! I love your goals!
  15. Everyone needs a good venting! Those seem like completely reasonable purchases though.
  16. Today was a bit of a struggle. I tracked my foods, got my blue dots, checked in here but that was about it. Once I got home from work it was like the life was drained out of me. So the only classwork I got done is what I got done at work. That was not much. But, I guess something is better than nothing, right?
  17. Well of course! Granted, that is, if I can convince myself to paint. lol
  18. We got extra phones at work! Yay! I've never been so excited. lol This is awesome and so much better for my mental health. Now I can be away from the extra negativity and focus on my work. I'm super happy for this. I also had some time to work on our 'Walk to Mordor' spreadsheet. That aside, today has been a rollercoastery day. Ups and downs. I think I may just be tired. I've felt drained since I got home today.
  19. Today was a betterish day. My one coworker is still trying to drain the life out of us with her terrible attitude but everyone has started distancing from her at this point. I'm looking forward to some further social distancing from her when we get a few more phones in the building. I rocked out all my work I fell behind on yesterday. Now we just need to rinse and repeat so I can work on our next work challenge and inventory. My discussion for class this week, is rounding out pretty well. I think I'll have it pretty much finished up tomorrow! Yay. Then I focus on fleshing out the o
  20. That's good! Honestly, I appreciate the words of encouragement. Intellectually I know I don't have to worry much about this but I've irrationally been concerned because it feels like just one thing after another for me lately. I'm glad I found a treatment that is helping as well. Just a couple weeks ago I couldn't dream of focusing on getting my classwork done in a timely manner or doing an extra activity like hanging out on these forums or painting. It was all I could do to do the bare minimum I needed to get through the day. I'm definitely grateful to be feeling the improvements
  21. I'm here to follow your adventure!
  22. Day three down! Not a bad day. Checked my dailies off the list. I intended to do yoga again today but I ran out of steam. Maybe we can shoot for it tomorrow or for walking or painting. We shall see what tomorrow holds!
  23. I'll have to check your challenge out! My boyfriend and I have been struggling with weight loss for some time now. We decided to try something with a little bit more structure so we decided to try Weight Watchers. You get blue dots on the days that you stay within your point parameters. Thank you! I needed a more visual way of keeping track of my challenge this go round. I think I'll continue to do the excel sheet from here on out. And yes! This class is kicking my butt. I need to be sure that I'm focusing on it every day. Plus I've been really slacking due to some depression issues
  24. The days are dragging on. My depression was hitting a breaking point so I had some blood work done and an ultrasound of my ovaries. We discovered my Vitamin D, Vitamin B, and Folate levels were very low. I started on an antidepressant, a medication to lower my heart rate, and a hand full of vitamins. The ultrasound revealed a fibroid. Yay. This sped up my need to find a new gynecologist. I saw the new gynecologist and that fast tracked me to seeing the reproductive endocrinologist that I was going to need to see anyway to have babies. So now I am waiting on call from them to set up an appointm
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