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  1. Day two completed! We're off to a great start! Plus my boyfriend and I weighed in today and we both lost! I'm down 6lbs and he's down 7lbs. I'm so proud of him and me. I've been giddy all day about it, its so silly. lol
  2. Oh, that's neat! An interesting way to expand your horizons. I'm doing online college still for my RN. I can only handle one of these classes at a time. You made my heart stop when I read that you signed up for so many classes at once! I definitely give you credit for that and for knowing your limits. I think I'll look into it a little. It might be nice to give my mind something new to think about.
  3. Reading about your shopping adventures makes me glad to live in a small town. Almost none of our stores have lines outside. Just home depot since everyone is doing home improvement projects right now. What is Coursera and how does it work? I briefly looked at the website and it seems kind of online-collegely? Is there more to it that just that?
  4. *Neeko quietly and discreetly finds a place in the Rebel challenge section. She feels happy that she decided to come here at such an opportune time! Considering her current journey carefully, she outlines her current objectives and displays them for her fellow Rebel's.* Strength Set up place to do yoga in my office Do yoga 5 times during the challenge Dexterity Paint 5 times during the challenge Stamina Take the dogs out walking 5 times during the challenge Constitution Track all food eaten every day Get blue dots on at least 25 days du
  5. As these days progress, I kind of wish I had made this more of a priority. I suppose that there is no time like the present... Especially since in the present were are in the midst of a pandemic. Fortunately we finally have our home, I'd say, pretty well stocked with a reasonable amount of supplies. I've resigned myself to not being able to see my family or anyone outside of home and work. Fortunately I don't have to worry about the people in my home as they don't work. Myself and the rest of my immediate family are considered essential workers though. I work in a doctors office, my sister and
  6. Happy December! November was quite an adventure. Lots of ups and downs. Can't wait to see what this season has instore for us. A little recap of my recent goings on: At the end of October/early November my boyfriend and I had our little kitten that we saved die. She had been through a lot, some asshole shot her with a pellet gun. It broke her jaw, she was malnourished but we were trying to get her better. She seemed to be but then she went downhill. A few weeks later my boyfriend fell in love with two kittens at a shelter. We ended up bringing them home and after abou
  7. Well I did pretty poorly documenting my journey on this challenge. I overall did pretty poorly other than reading something not related to work or class every day. On to the next challenge!
  8. This weekend has been exhausting. I'm glad it's done. But now for another busy week ahead. Sent from my VS996 using Tapatalk
  9. That's amazing! I feel like my cats would not appreciate that! lol
  10. I used my 20 seconds of courage today!!!! And it worked in my favor! I needed to ask for my shift to change at my job. I work 5 days a week 8-4:30 with overtime 6-12 hours of over time a week. I need to shift my schedule a little bit so I can work at the nursing home more for my "clinical hours" for school. So I got the courage to ask my office manager to work 3 twelves and the 3 hour shift on Saturday so I can pick up a shift or two at the nursing home. She agreed to it! I was so anxious about it though, it was making me nauseous. My voice even shook while I was asking her. I talk to her all
  11. Just checking in. Hope you're feeling better!
  12. Another twelve hour shift done! Classwork worked on! Snow storm in the process. New kitties are warming up to us. Yummy stuffed pepper soup ready when I got home. Today was an overall pretty good day.
  13. I'm so pumped right now. I did not meet my bonus criteria for getting my classwork done for today but I did significantly better on my quiz this week than I did last. Plus, Rocky and I went for a great walk. I may have fallen during the walk... but Rocky got lots of running out of his system and got to play in the creek. I'm just so pumped that I did well on my classwork this week! @Rookie, it's a pretty great accomplishment taking them both for a walk. lol. My boyfriend would prefer to stay a cave troll if at all possible. I can usually get him to go with, with some Pokemon Go or
  14. @Rookie, thank you! I hope your challenge is starting well too! I'm actually pretty excited for myself. I was able to come home and take my dog and boyfriend for a walk AND take notes and get my discussion posted super early in the week! I think it has been a pretty productive evening and I'm happy. lol
  15. Hi @Rookie! I was a little apprehensive on starting Black Desert but it's pretty fun. I have a few negatives on it like it lacks male/female versions of the different classes, there's no trading system, and there's no dungeons or raiding really. But other than those three things its awesome. It's a beautiful game and a pretty fun playing style. My boyfriend and I have been playing it together having a lot of fun with it. There are a lot of different things to do as well in terms of crafting, cooking, hunting, fishing, farming, etc. I'm not really sure what kind of games you like in partic
  16. So I keep writing these drawn out re-introductions. But I'm not super feeling them this respawn. Hi it's me! Been going through a lot. Working a lot. School work. Life. I need more self-care, time with my doggo, time doing something fun with my boyfriend, and most importantly getting working on this online college thing. So my quests for this challenge are as follows: Do classwork 5 days a week. Bonus points if everything is turned in by Saturdays so Sunday can officially be "the day of rest" Take Rocky for a walk or a car ride 5 days a week. Read recreationally every day. Play
  17. @ladyofthebog I'm going to school for my RN. I'm currently an LPN. I work at a doctor's office and a nursing home right now.
  18. @ladyofthebog Thank you! This is the first time I've been able to do something so crazy (working 2 jobs and going to school). Thankfully, I'm doing online classes right now which give me some flexibility since I don't need to worry about being in class at a specific time.
  19. @Diadhuit, I definitely agree it is a lot to take on. But, honestly, I can accomplish these reasonably on days where I'm not working 12+ hours. With the college work I'm doing, I'm trying to maintain a good balance of work hours to supplement our savings account. I feel like I'm doing a pretty good job of respawning right now. I'm mostly consistent with my goals and I'm trying to have more of a presence on here since that seemed to help in the past.
  20. Hey, are you still lurking in the forums?How have things been going for the last couple months? Sounds like you have a lot on your plate. I've recently started to respawn, if you need a buddy.
  21. Thank you. No, I don't have a commute. I live 10 minutes away from work. However, I'm trying to get myself to the library more often. I'm finding it a difficult task when I'm trying to pick up shifts since the local library closes at 8pm. But! College starts next week so the college library will be open. So I'm looking forward to the flexibility of that.
  22. Hey everyone! It is time. It's time that I've revived and respawned. I'm in the midst of two jobs, online schooling, finding a house, and family drama. It's time to get myself on a healthier track again. It's been a while since I've been here but I'm looking forward hanging out with the amazing people that make up the Rebellion. I'm bringing myself in at Level 0. I look forward to working myself back into the Rebellion and transforming myself into the Healing Ranger that lives inside of me. My initial quests are dailies that will last for 20 days. Drink at least
  23. Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. My boyfriend is insistent that it is an inevitable thing so why not start training for it? Background The past year has been filled with drama, fear, and strife. Nowhere is safe from the stressors of the upcoming apocalypse. Deaths have occurred, vicious beatings have been endured, general tensions have been rising amongst all the family. There has been some good though. New mentors, new jobs, new learning opportunities, new home, new life created. It is now, that I've decided to start keeping this log to chronicle my adventure throu
  24. Ranger (Charisma, Writing, Stamina, Strength, Dexterity) Journal / Talk Here Daily [2/28] Walk Rocky (my dog) daily. [He's free to roam our yard as much as he wants but he hasn't been interested lately, he's been increasingly less active so he'll be joining me on this journey, along with my boyfriend) [1/28] Gym once a week [0/4] Yoga once a week [0/4] Healer (Wisdom, Nursing) High school transcripts sent to MH, Eb, Es [0/3] Figure out how to send TEAS transcripts to MH and Eb [0/2] Figure out how to send license proof to colleges [0/2] Chores (Hygiene) Make bed daily [2/28] Brush t
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