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  1. That's awful! Running when you're sick is difficult, but I've read a lot that says it's still really good for you to work out when you're sick even if it feels a lot harder. Good luck and glad you're feeling better!
  2. Comparing weeks 1 & 2: 1. Triwizard Training: 102% is down to 52% (due to bruised foot) 2. Household Charms: 54% up to 58% 3. Walk to Mordor: 60% up to 96% (not sure if I calculated that percentage the same way - best 5 days average is this week) 4. Caffeine Intake: 500000% maintained
  3. Week 2 Update 1. Triwizard Training - 4/11-4/17 -- Goal: 8 miles Actual: 4.16 Despite the awesome running group on wens, someone dropped a weight on my foot on Thursday. I still took the interval training class that it happened in the beginning of, but took the next few days easy. It was a smaller weight, but my foot was still bruised. So I actually got more house work done, so there's that! 2. Household Charms - perform the Scourgify charm at least five times a week, promote S.P.E.W. by doing a load of laundry six days a week and perform house hold charms list once
  4. The run was great! Not sure if I'm going again this week, but I will definitely go again.
  5. That sounds like an excellent adventure!!! Plus you weren't late for the meeting. I'd call that a win win.
  6. That's so great! It's nice when everything works out easily!! Congrats
  7. Sleep is sooo important! As are rest days, even with short or slow/easy runs it is good to listen to your body if it told you to rest!
  8. Exactly, just having a stranger judge me for one day was extremely difficult for me to wrap my head around. I understand why they would have a policy like that, but I really don't like the way they went about telling me. If we had a dog and there was food everywhere, no one would be surprised... either way I am making steps forward to keep my house cleaner for me and my health and not strangers!! I was kind of glad they ended up not going - everyone was even nicer hearing I came to the run even when they didn't! Although I think a few will be joining me next week now that I have "
  9. You got it! Packing up my car this afternoon with my share of the decor including goal hoops, textbooks and potion bottles!
  10. I'm not great with stregth either, but I've starting taking two group class a week at my gym that are mostly strength... it's been so helpful having people expect you at class and hold you accountable if you can't make it or miss a class... due to work or anything else. If you don't belong to a gym with good classes like that maybe when you move you can find some new workout buddies through NF or meetup or something similar to hold you accountable for your strength workouts! just a thought. way to keep pushing!
  11. The last few days have been an utter disaster! Work is a mess, my boyfriend is working late through the end of eternity and my landlord came to fix the tub and informed me that my house was too messy.... what happened was, the cat had tipped the trash can in the living room with the boyfriend's taco bell dinner from 1am the night before and played with it through out the house. So I know that I do not live in a pig sty, but since there were also 10 dirty dishes soaking in the sick it was unacceptable and they will be back to inspect. I have been struggling with emotions taking over lately and
  12. As a Maryland native I don't spend a whole lot of time in DC, but it is a beautiful city. If you have time and like animals you should it up the National Zoo. It's free admission and the metro gets you close, there's a lot of hills in and around the zoo just as a heads up. It is amazing though! Otherwise enjoy the museums of course and the rest of your trip! https://nationalzoo.si.edu/
  13. Week 1 totals: 1. Triwizard Training - running 10 miles a week. Any distance at one time counts toward weekly mileage. Running within another gym class that is not measured, unfortunately doesn't count! 102%: Goal: 7 miles Actual: 3.1 and 4 mile runs = 7.1 mile week 2. Household Charms - perform the Scourgify charm at least five times a week, promote S.P.E.W. by doing a load of laundry six days a week and perform house hold charms list once a week. Goal: 12+ points a week. (extra points can only be earned if all 3 minimums are met) Actual: Scourgif
  14. I did!!!! 4 miles on Saturday! Nice and slow, but I set out right at 11am as the rain and slush stopped - very proud of myself!!
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