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  1. Hej Bean, It already been a weak, so I'll keep it as concise as possible. I never intended to get under your skin, besides nothing is wrong with what you said. Though you know me too, I still think that you are stronger then you realise. Sorry to hear that you had a Funk like that, hope you'll find your footing about the matter. But it is great to hear that you like the internship that much, it's the best sign that it's a step in a good direction. Show that code who's boss
  2. Wow, it's really been a week since my last post... I'm not gonna cower before this, in the second half of last week goals didn't manage to even cross my mind. Anyway Thanks you two for your replys. I suppose Bureaucracy is complicated regardless of were you go. @Diadhuit that poem, it's just unbelievable. You struck home and I ended up copying it down an Include it in my BuJo. Though it's gonna take some more time to digest. Goalwise, last week (Breakweak that is) things stay as stated above. For this week, I hav
  3. So, things turned out a bit different then I thought it would. I'm fine with it, just posting here kept getting postponed due to life not being set in stone. For starters, let's have a look at my goals: Breakfast 4/7 Steps 4/7 2 max Proj. 4/7 Declutter 4/7 Journal 3/7 enf. Nightt. 4/7 No need to mention that it's all tallied up right? For today, I'm basically done with it all but journaling and night routine would group considerably well together. As you can see, breakweek is as won
  4. I'd be perfectly happy with seeing a fluffy little puppy trying to pin you for playing; your new subtitle isn't for show is what I'd been trying to say. Besides, I'm kinda glad to hear that there at least aren't your regular classes going on atop it all. You've found your spot for the internship, you are keeping things moving. This period too will pass and eventually turn into a storm you've weathered before. With all the things coming together to form one fine mess you keep pushing your life in the direction you want it to be. That's awesome! Rn I'd kinda like to gi
  5. German bureaucracy is hilarious. On the upside, it will lead to reviewing what exactly I've been trying to achieve over the past two years. More later, I'm just getting started today.
  6. Hi Diadhuit! Thanks for the warm welcome. Do be honest I have no idea what I've been struggling for lately. That's exactly why I want to slow things down and get back to being more mindful with myself. And thanks I like the do less idea too
  7. Hey Bean, apparently loads of things have happened already! You know, you've gotten this far and the way I see it, there is no way that an actual Hulk would be able to keep you down. There is even more of a ruckus going on right know? Doing less of the usual things sounds quite reasonable to me. It may not feel right, you want more granted, but those 30 points a day ARE you A+ in this situation. Hope you'll find a few seconds here and there and hopefully soak up some sun along the way I'll try to keep lurking, no promises though
  8. Alright here we go again. Unsurprisingly I'm starting strong. Full marks for monday And today is looking quite good as well. Journaling and the nightroutine are still to come but I'm positive. Atm I get to watch a lot of promising things coming back to me. You know, stuff like feeling hungry, letting myself take a break or less projects to choose from. Besides, I did not work on any creative projects today. But this goal is about a limit, not doing something, I'm good with it. This times goals are solely to set my inten
  9. random side note. I had brackfast this morning, yet I'm hungry at 4 pm. This, this, this... Wow.
  10. Hi there, I've been around for a while, on and off but still. It feels quite fortunate that this is the start of breakweek. Perfect even, I've just begun to refocus on the changes which I want in my life. And if things play out the way I anticipate the last variable should be gone by the end of this week. With less uncertainties around there is no reason to drop out of this challenge aside of my own determination - hence no excuses and I WILL do this. This is a challenge emphasising regeneration. I've been missing this place and I want to
  11. Thanks, all went well. But updating will have to wait a bit longer. Bc sleep, you know? Tomorrow should be reasonably doable. Though, on hindsight all updates checked.
  12. It's been one weird day. Kinda in between on and with everything around. But Challenge goals all checked. Walk done Veggies & fruits done packing done Selfcare done I do wonder if I've made things too easy for myself but the real Challenge starts here. The dreaded 3rd week is coming up as I've started on 0 Week. And a completely new environment and schedule comes monday. I am excited, about what's to come but also slightly worried for m
  13. I don't, you won't make me buckle that easily... Jup, those times suck big. But breath, keep going, you will get out of those times, too. No clue what else to say, you are doing a good job keeping yourself together. And you are rocking the organisational part as well. I'll be here as much as I can.
  14. You are doing more then okay. Remember that you shoved up the bar one the difficulty? I don't remember exactly but did you make a plan for how you are going to evaluate the points total? Bc it kinda feels like meeting your quota is the minimum per day but you expect to do more then that in order to feel okay with the result? I've been staying mum because I've had a hard time imagining how all the things above might play out for you. But one thought about your email ignoring coworker kinda superior, do you occasionally meet him in person? I know that you are
  15. I have no clue what I want to say right now... There will probably be some changes in the timing of my posts or my scheduling throughout the day. Because, I completely forgot the thing I wanted to point out. Kinda something Butternut put into motion with her post above and another thing related to the empowering ourselfs. It's on the tip of my tongue but barely denying me to come back... Anyway... I did all my stuff on the last two days. Yesterday with a 4 miles roundtrip through town and a good fit of exhaustion that nearly
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