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  1. Casbin - getting back in the rythm

    Hey, so. I droped the ball, like entirely. And there is no better time to restart then right now. I won't anyway. I'll take a rest at least for tonight, possibly tomorrow as well if it feels like I need it. Just wanted to let you know that I'm still here and will pick up the unraveling in a bit. See you soon Casbin
  2. Hi, this is my 3rd Challenge back on track. My plan is to gradually build things up in order to gain some weight in a comfortable fashion and build a versatile frame. Last Challenge focused mainly on different kinds of selfcare. Thereare some changes in my life that need to happen but just pushing through like I alwaysdid won't work. Long thing short, I will keep this Challenge as short and simple as I can. Hopefully this will help to grow some leftover willpower and mental space to start on the other stuff. Nutrition: Daily Weigh-in a decent Breakfast 1 Proteinshake per day Keep a foodlog (partials are ok) Drink 2l of water Fitness: Fitnessclass on Tuesday Thursday Find a bodyweight routine to do when I can't make it to the class on Thursday optional: go for a run Life: Do 3 things from your selfcare list BuJo tasks keep a list of minor/short notice stuff Follow others Threads (up to 67) I will come back and tell a bit more about what I'm up to when I get home tonight. Have a nice Challenge Casbin