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  1. Casbin: Shaking off the dust and rust

    I am tempted to make something up...
  2. Casbin: Shaking off the dust and rust

    I'll be doing this in a rush but I wouldn't get to catch up otherwise and that's not an option. Saturday: Weigh-in 64.4 Decent breakfast 1 Proteinshake No foodlog took a nap met a friend for a horror sneak at our theatre made sure to walk over there BuJo-tasks bodycare routine do all the tasks but laundry (that plan ot busted) Sunday: Weight 63.9 Still no foodlog No breakfast, no proteinshakes Bodycare routine listen to music (should have been before midnight) Take a moment and just breath we had a D&D5 addventure, so meet friends No time for anything else I started to prep for a track your spendings task but NO don't keep adding things! Not great but I can live with what happened, however food is better already.
  3. Casbin: Shaking off the dust and rust

    Hi @fleaball, It's good to see you around! Sorry about pulling back last month but you had just the right mix of people around you which knew you a lot better. I did feel weirdly accomplished about that statement, it made me realise that I managed to compose a decent list of short to midterm selfcare (think days/weeks/months not the regular timeframe) ^.^ Please feel free to take as much out o it as you need Ps: did you read the whole forum last night? I actually checked if I'd hit your profile rather then my notifications xD
  4. Casbin: Shaking off the dust and rust

    It's been a pleasure @Dagger, it's fun to spread the word on things I like. And I'm not gathering strange looks for it aroundhere ^.^ Update time! Got myself immediately back on track yesterday: Weigh-in 63.0 (shesh, I really need to look up howit's written, rather then experiment...) Foodlog - done Good breakfast, both proteinshakes Calories ?4430? wow, I double checked it's about right, no wonder my weight spiked today Waterintake 2l done Things I want: listen to music (lingering in the car for a few songs is becoming kind of a habit in the evening) Things that will help: breath BuJo list minor tasks What needs to start happening: *sigh* still nothing To be fair, this week has been strengthening my opinion that people are weird (including myself) and I'm not surprised that the evenings were more about getting some downtime then anything else. No running this week but I might sneak in a run tomorrow morning; there are only four weeks left until my 10k afterall and I'd like to finish Zombies C25k before that (it's strictly time based and I've been coming in around 7-8 km per workout). For tweaking my goals: I'll take out the last category and commmit to working on my application papers on Wed & Fri for at least 1h The rest & quantity will stay the same.
  5. Toshimi finds Totoro

    Hey, that's a lot of things happening in a condensed amount of time. Sorry to hear about your knee issues and especially the way you've been treated about it. Unfortunately that video has more then a little truth in it (and made my week!). MRI or not, I wouldn't be surprised if they never checked for signs of inflamation and the muscle/ligament status or joint alignment. Definitely get a second opinion, imagined knee pain is quite unlikely considering that it's basically the most fragile joint we have (evolution is a constant, ongoing process after all). Talk things through with your PT, they got their own perspective and aren't as fond of cutting people open. And you are making your own Mead?! Talk about an interesting hobby (or do you want to grow it into a business?). I hope you'll have fun on your trip and find some downtime for meditation
  6. JessOfAllTrades Goes Back To School

    Finally stoping by. But it sounds like you are carving your own path into this challenge with every day. Car repairs suck in general but taking care of it now will prevent things from wearing down the more expensive parts, so good for you. I hope you will find a way to respect/ignore that family members opinion, there only seem to be a few people who are actually willing to reasses their point of view through conversation. But actually talking about the matter might have been a good thing? The person in question might not even have realised that it was concerning you directly. Either way, weekends are the perfect time to cook with some more time at hand. I'll be looking forward to read about your progress
  7. That was my first thought, so I had to make it work ^^ I'll go and try to catch up with the both of you. Edit: woot, it worked for once
  8. Casbin: Shaking off the dust and rust

    Hey, thank you I do feel good about what has been working so far. Uhm, great this works: The page has a lot of good stuff and is supporting the artists I heard, it's quite something. So yesterday was quite good: Weigh-in 63.5kg Foodlog happened Calories okish Proper breakfast and 1 protein shake Managed to sneak in a break Listened to music for a while Got the last two appointments done Bodycare routine BuJoesk task list List off unplanned things Nothing on the needs to start list again Today was quite off Aside from a proper breakfast and two minutes of sitting in the car before coming in there was nothing. I've let myself get further and further off track and didn't manage to find the right leverage to get back to focus. But tomorrow is a new day and I will be back on it. See you there and then
  9. You are getting closer with every day, I'm glad for you! Send from mobile
  10. Casbin: Shaking off the dust and rust

    Ups, I've been too lazy to give you an update yesterday. First off, thanks for the encouragement, I do see that I can brag about something every day [emoji48] But the last group is hard and I've been missing a lot out of it. That needs to change and I will find a way to make it easier. UnOrdinary is an online comic, Manhwa I believe, about a schoolboy without any powers were superpowers are the norm and the stronger one is in the right. I've been enjoying it quite a lot especially as the background and world itself are only gradually revealed and explained and the characters are so funny! For yesterday: Weighed in at 63.5 Foodlog happened Calories 3550 approximately One protein shake and a proper breakfast Stop and just listen to music Bodycare routine BuJo ToDos List of minor tasks Stop and just breath What needs to start Nothing... But got a clearer picture of what I'm looking for and some leverage on how to handle the whole "it's my family" thing Send from mobile
  11. Pollyanna Builds a Base

    Just quickly stopping by. But you could use your elbow, or the inside of a jacket or something similar? Worst case you can get hand disinfect in pocket sized bottles... Send from mobile
  12. Hi I'm Casbin, I can't say that I'm new or old; it's more like I keep respawning around here regularly. Or should I say, I am doing well for the first two weeks and start to lose my focus from there, it's kind of the same thing to me. However, every time that I'm around I keep learning and take small things with me, I'm not about to stop This Challenge will be a bit awkward as I will differ from the usual SMART Goals approach. I think I'm borrowing from maegs again but I'm not sure, I didn't read in on her threads for a few monthes... Besides my basic nutrition goals that I want to further polish into a standing habit there are basically three things that will be necessary in the next few monthes. Things that I want to do, make me happy and strive. Things of which I believe that they will be aiding me in the future And things which I will need to do for myself. But off to the fun facts: Nutritional goals(dailiy count as always): Weigh in every day (I am setting myself up to gain weight and this is for redundancy) Track your calories - my goal are 3600 kcal a day + a snack to balance workouts Drink 2l of water a day Stick with a decent breakfast and 2 Proteindrinks - this helped tremendously over the last week Check in here daily - yes I know, not nutrition but I want to do this every day (it's ok to skip on gamenights) For the rest of my list I will commit to doing 5 things out of the things mentioned below but at least one of each categorie (the lists are still a work in progress) Things I want: read in an physical, not workrelated book (so no ebooks or webtoons) take a break and just listen to music go to the bouldering hall Take a walk in the greenerie Meet up with friends Get out for a run Things that will help: Bodycare-routine to boost your confidence Take a minute and just focus on breathing Snatch some pieces from BuJo to track your to do's Keep a list of accomlished minor tasks meditate Things I need to get started (partials count): Write your application papers Get started with applying for new jobs Declutter Organize your documents Find a way to put up rings Look for a new appartment I will keep updating the list as things come back to mind. See you soon Casbin