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  1. I would like to know greet everyone here! I am a newbie that wants to be a Scout!
  2. Good evening guys, I'm BioGuyJos and this is a very quick draft of how my story here starts... I always wanted to feel faster and lighter with my body, I used to weight around 120 kilograms way back in 2011. I managed to exercise myself starting from summer vacation time in 2011 up to summer vacation time in 2012. I lost around 50 kilograms, weighting 70 kilograms before summer in 2012. In that time I was a high schooler, I felt better with myself and people started to treat me in a different way. It was pretty awesome. I got graduated and I started college. I did not
  3. I would like to be a scout , I am new at running, how could I start and be part of it?
  4. I would like to be a scout, but I am really new at running... how could it start?
  5. Thanks for your welcome! I also hope to see you in the chat again. Actually my Internet connection broke down! I hope to know more from you!!
  6. Thanks, Sundae for your welcome greetings ... My interest vary from improving my physical endurance by running and weight lifting, learning more about the rebellion and helping people to join this movement. I hope I can learn lots from people like you!
  7. Thank you really much, I am happy to join in the rebellion. The kind of goals I do have vary from improving my physical endurance by running, practicing my English skills, my confidence with people while talking and working on team and more haha. Thanks for your response.
  8. Thanks for your welcome greeting, I also hope to find help here, I know there is lot of people who can really help me with their experience. Some things I am interested in are running, learning languages and incrementing my stamina... I hope to keep in contact with such advanced members like you.
  9. First things first!

  10. Good evening guys, I am finally in this community, I have read the book from Steve and I really liked the idea of trying out this. I am going to be 21 this year so I want to start right away at improving my life and getting this done. I want to accomplish personal goals and to grow up with you. I hope I can interact with you all in a productive and positive manner. Thanks for reading, Greetings from Mexico.
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