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  1. Ojara coughs abruptly and motions towards the door, "You did notice the sign, right? Vanilla, Chocolate, and Pina Colada protein shakes. I have ta admit, I considered naming this place 'Protein R' Us'. Has a nice ring, donnit? Unless..." Bosco suddenly gets excited pounding his rather large fists on the floor with a seemingly large grin on its face. "You did'n relapse, didja?"
  2. So, week 1 was completed successfully, routine was 5 minute warm-up, 8 iterations of 60 seconds of running and 90 seconds of walking, and 5 minute cooldown. I started Week 2 last night which up'ed the game to 5 minute warm-up, 6 iterations of 90 seconds of running and 120 seconds of walking, and 5 minute cooldown. REACTION: HOLY CRAP! I never would've imagined that an extra 30 seconds would have made such a difference. Now...I found at the end of day 3 of week 1 that I wasn't even feeling fatigued anymore, I wasn't even breaking a sweat, so tolerances were obviously bei
  3. Forum RP urge has returned, check it out when you have a moment: "Ojara a'Lenendra's Tavern o' Fantastical People!"

  4. I almost got arrested today. Why? For having those guns!!! (FOR ALL MY WARRIOR'S OUT THERE!)
  5. ***QUICK NOTE: This is an RP tavern, please play in character. All things are permitted, including magic. However, please no god-modding and magic use should be reasonable, ie. you can't stop time, which applies to god-modding anyway. Have fun, and I really hope this takes off. Any questions, feel free to ask.*** As you approach the new tavern, you spot a sign with the following information: #============================================================================# Welcome To Ojara a'Lenendra's Tavern o' Fantastical People!
  6. You posted on my other post regarding leg/shin pain, stating the above. If you want to see the shoes, the link is above. Ohh, by the way, your pictures and story was truly motivational, thank you man for leading the way!
  7. Bard Brainstorming: Bards are famous for being quite versatile and also for being the life of the party. Things I find unique about Bards: 1.) Music (Instrument) - I feel they are primarily known for being travelling musicians and therefore a pre-requisite should be either knowing or/ currently learning an instrument (singing could also be applicable in my opinion.) Though an instrument (ie. Drums) could definitely be implemented into an exercise routine. 2.) Music (Writing) - Many bards became famous for the unique stories/music they wrote, which set them apart. After all, nobody real
  8. Hey all, just wanted to give a shout-out that I will be joining you all for the next challenge, keep up the adventure and stay strong!
  9. Went for a run this evening from 5:15 - 5:45 pm, and except for a couple hills I felt great, muscles are sore now but totally worth it, excited to press on, and shin splint pain was significantly less this time. Obviously wondering (I am sure they did) if the shoes made a difference.
  10. *Hint, hint* Link above with PICS!!!
  11. Q: Why didn't anyone laugh at the gardener's jokes? A: Because they were too corny!
  12. Ojara raises his hand excitedly, "Ohh, ohh, me me me! PICK ME!" I have been working on my book for about 3 months now...Chapter 1 and 2 are completed and I am working on chapter 3, I am currently using a critiquing website called SCRIBOPHILE to help with reading/editing, but when I noticed this group I got a little excited. I would love to join you all.
  13. Someone brought in munchkins to work...I am eating an apple, huzzah to little victories!

  14. Alright, got new running shoes and am ready, phase 1 starts tonight!
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