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    Oh I did not know that about heavy cream. I just assumed because it was dairy, it was a no for paleo (and whole 30 - that's what i'm doing next month actually). Thanks for the help girls!
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    Ok so i'm semi new to Paleo - i'm actually transitioning from Atkins, and have to give up dairy. Anywho, I'm looking for fats I can use to switch out the heavy cream, cheese and butter. I already use a fair amount of olive oil & coconut oil - but what else can I use? is ghee safe? also is there a difference between coconut oil and coconut butter? The coconut oil I have is in a black tub (i think the brand is "Now"). I should also note that i'm not a big nuts person (never really was), but almond butter & almond milk are cool. Thanks for any help!!
  3. I drown my veggies in ghee & seasonings/spices or make a tomato sauce. No one should ever have to eat veggies plain!
  4. I'm going to start this August 1 - it's fitting because August 31 is my birthday!! I'm already low carbing, but due to bad allergies, I am going a step further and giving up dairy in order to see if that helps. I figured the Whole30 plan is the best because that pretty much eliminates anything that could be a trigger. Oh - and I can't wait to have sweet potatoes! I haven't had one in a very long time! LOVE them!
  5. Hey Lorina! I've seen you 'round MFP! (names the same there ). You really are an inspiration and I guess here's where I admit I follow your blog too. Great to see you here!
  6. Haha awesome. How are you feeling now?
  7. Thanks - I did a little reading and made a plan of my own (i found on the resouces page - how to design your own workout!!) It's attached if anyone wants to look at it. And yes, 20 lbs is a heavy day for me (i'm weak plus i'm afraid of going tooooo heavy too soon). Ok, i'm not afraid of the heaviness - i'm afraid of the soreness which pretty much stops my workout plans completely Workout chart.pdf
  8. Hello everyone! I'm new to these parts. I'm not exactly how I stumbled upon NF, but i'm pretty glad I did. Anyway, I'm KT and after reading up on here, I realized I have no f'n clue what i'm doing! You see, i've been a gym rat for years. A cardio bunny too (ooooooh i know....i know). After having the mentality (and apparent bad advice) that you must do 3 sets/15 at a moderate weight, i'm not exactly sure how to lift heavy! Not that i'm afraid to, just, well what set/rep should I really be doing? I want to change my ways because I got burnt out and I want to make working out fun (and efficient!) again. Also I should note that I signed up for a 'lent-off' fitness challenge through a local tv show. Winner of the challege is whoever loses the most body fat from Ash Wednesday (2/22) to Easter (4/8) wins a weekend trip to a local beach resort. Not only do I want to win this, but I also want to rock a bikini there It should also be noted that i'm doing Atkins too (please, no naysayers or negative comments - I know what works for me, thanks!) so I've got the diet thing down. Can anyone recommend what I should be doing in the gym for best results? The help is so appreciated!! KT
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