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  1. I like to store it in the fridge in baby food jars. That way I don't ever have to worry about how old it is. I just don't like the idea of the grease on the bottom of the jar being in there for years! With small jars I can scoop out a spoonful until it is empty then the jar is ready for washing and its next batch of grease!
  2. Hello everyone I was hoping to get some opinions on vegetable juices. The biggest name brand I can think of is V8. Do these juices fit in with a paleo lifestyle?
  3. Wow! Sounds pretty intense. I work near the University so I would like to attend one of your jams. I have never tried parkour. Looks pretty intense!
  4. I would love to meet up with someone in the SLC area for workouts. I usually go to the Trolley Corners 24 hour fitness.
  5. I have been making this recipe for a while now and I love it. It is actually pretty versatile. Sometimes I add a bit of honey to the recipe if I want something sweet. Otherwise it replaces lots of different "breads". One recommendation I would make with this recipe is to cut back on the salt. As he has it written it still tastes way to salty to me. http://cavemanketo.com/2012/02/15/faux-bread-quest-holy-grail-almond-buns/
  6. Pick up a pack of ziploc microwave steamer bags. I use them all the time to cook fish and chicken at work. Once a week you can set up your lunches for the whole week. Measure out some veggies, seasonings, and a chicken breast or fish filet. Store them all in the freezer then all you have to do is nuke it in the microwave for a quick healthy lunch.
  7. Also when I cut up bacon for recipes like this I find that a pizza cutter works awesome. It really speeds up the process.
  8. I love Cholula! I keep a bottle at home, work, and in my car. I dump it on everything from eggs to Shepard's Pie.
  9. I am always looking for decent videos on the YouTubes for form and technique. If you know of one feel free to post it here. I like this one for Deadlift form.
  10. Great quote, Jack Dempsey was a true bad ass!

  11. I am really looking forward to being physically capable of passing my Air Force Fitness test anytime with a score of 90 or better. For the past 14 years I have always dreaded the annual fit test! I want to KNOW that I will be able to pass it anytime. Also I would love to get my formal uniform tailored. Right now I look like I am wearing an ill fitting rented tux!
  12. Thanks Maggie! I will definitely add eggs to the list. I was just reading another thread where someone suggested microwaving an egg in the cavity of half an avocado for a quick breakfast sounds pretty tasty.
  13. Part of my job requires me to spend one weekend a month flying out of state and staying in a hotel. I like to pack light so that I don't have to check a bag. The hotel I am staying in isn't really close to any restaurants or grocery stores so eating well has always been a problem. I am mostly paleo in my food choices. i was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for food I could take on the plane and possibly use for the weekend? I have thought about taking some avocados and maybe precooked bacon? I have never tried the precooked bacon so i am not sure if it would be worth it. Anyway I am ope
  14. Just wanted to toss something else out there. I spent years trying to overcome what I thought were shin splints. The pattern was like this, I would start a run and 5-10 minutes in I would start to feel intense pressure and pain in my lower legs. If I walked for a bit it would go away usually and I could start running again. Eventually it got so bad that even trying to walk fast would cause the pain to return. I finally stumbled upon an article on the internet talking about chronic compartment syndrome. I went to an orthopedic doctor and had myself checked. Turns out I had a full blown case! Al
  15. I have started the Straight Leg Deadlift in the Rebel Fitness Guide using dumbbells. Does anyone have any feedback on this technique vs. using a bar to deadlift? I feel a little awkward doing this exercise with larger dumbbells. Maybe the awkwardness will go away with more practice. What i am wondering is whether or not I should just go to the bar and skip the dumbbells. Thoughts?
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