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  1. Oh wow some very original options I need to try.. I never liked oats, but some of these actually sound appealing! thanks for sharing.
  2. Best tip has already been given: have water in sight, always! But another one that helped me was with the meals. Before before my life changes, I used to eat my meal and maybe, just maybe, after i would consider a drink. Now I make sure there is always a big glass of water on my meal table and I find I drink water, during my meals instead of as a seperate step afterwards. I also tend to bring a water bottle (Like a 2 liter water bottle from the fridge) to the table, which allows for a quick and easy refill, lowering that bar aswell.. Also consider that with every challenge or change, it won't be perfect over night. I remember having to really get used to more drinking too! But now its a habit. when I grab my water bottle at work and feel its empty, its an impulse, a reflex to step up and get a rifill, rather than a conscience decision.
  3. When I first began I started with neila Rey's superhero bodyweight workouts. mostly because they were superhero orietned and that just got to me as something cool and fun! (kinda like NF). I think the first two i printed out where Batman (http://darebee.com/workouts/batman-workout.html) and The Flash (which I can't find anymore). Basically because they were my favorite heroes... When I mustered up enough confidence for the gym, I started with a focus on my core. I see lots of people focussing in arms, cause its the most visual group (also just a small muscle group) and men doing chest-day-every-day... By focussing on my core and big muscle groups I made sure my most important and hardest to train muscles were getting stronger so I could move on to other muscle groups and more complex movements. So basically I focused on: Back / Legs / Chest and most certainly implemented the magic three: Squat (+legpress), benchpress and Deaflift. I never considered Yoga at first, though I did implement a good stretching routine at the end of my workouts. Thinking back and reading up here these past weeks, I feel yoga is more and more appealing as an addition...
  4. Have any of you ever thought about or implemented balance exercises as a Monk, during your strength training / fitness days? After talking to a trainer at the (fitness) gym, I've been thinking about it. It sounds like a good idea to do so as a Monk (grappling/BJJ), but I was wondering if any of you had any experience with this and maybe some good tips on specific kind of balance exercises. Balance is not something that is really explicitly trained at the dojo I used to go to, however I just moved to a new place and am still browsing new dojo options while I work on my strength/stamina.
  5. For those interested.... The Dutch FDA Equivilent, or Voedingscentrum, has released a new visual, that is supposed to easily show how much of which type of foods we should eat. The scheme demonstrates a balance, so the bigger the slice, the more you should consume of that type. Where the old 'schijf van vijf' was focused primarily on healthy nutrition, this new scheme changed to reflect the multicultural society we live in today, no longer focussing on just Dutch cuisine and diet (though I'm not sure how). Secondly this scheme is also taking into account global sustainability. Suggesting that if we follow this balance, we will nog just eat healthy, but also for a sustainable future. The colours explained: Blue = Water / drinks Green = veggies and fruit Yellow: fats / lubricants Pink: dairy products, meat, egg and legume, fish Orange: bread, grain and potatoes The new scheme was made together with official royal research institutes, nutritionists, sustainability experts and the national health council. First thing I notice is that the ammount of veggies and fruits has been greatly increased compared to the pervious version. In general the new advice holds the following: Unprocessed foods are prefered, more fruits, veggies and whole wheat products. It is also okay to lessen meat and replace meat with nuts, legume, egg and tofu, that were added to the mix. Instead of focussing on unsaturated fats, they have changed to mentioning: fish and dairy as good sources for healthy fats. Last the advice says water, tea and coffee are considered the best drink, increasing the ammount of water from 1,5 to 2 liters a day. The new scheme came with a nice calculator widget that helps calculate your need. According to it, as a 30 year old man, I should be eating: (Dairy (thus also cheese) and bread are very important products to the Dutch economy, and since this is a government funded organisation, they also might be influenced by that fact) 250 gram vegetables 2 pieces of fruit 6 - 8 whole wheat slices of bread 4 - 5 spoons of whole wheat grain product or small potatoes. 1 portion of fish, meat or legume 25 gram unsalted nuts 2 - 3 portions of dairy 40 gram of cheese 65 gram of fats 2 liters of water In general I think this new scheme is a good leap forward! it might not be entirely on par with my ideals, and doesnt make a difference between active and lesser active livestyles. But considering this scheme is used in all levels of Dutch eduaction and general food awareness campaigns, I'm glad to see the scheme taking a turn for the better and hopefully helping towards a healtier society and next generation. (by the way, I'm no nutritionist!!)
  6. When I first started MMA, this was my biggest issue, even more so than stamina or technique, which were bad also. I quickly realzied that my technique and stamina improved, but my sparring suckt. I later realized, thanks to the help of team members, it was greatly due to my breating and calm, or rather lack of calm. After focussing on getting breathing in order and calmt, things have only been going uphill!
  7. Technique is very very important... we all know this scheme i guess: 1. Technique > 2. Stamina > 3 Strength, however technique training is usually slower and involves more thinking (duh), it only really comes into practice when sparring, when you need to use it "for real". I think overall our training is made up of (ex warmup/cooldown): - 45% sparring - 30% technique training - 25% stamina/strength/endurance training Once every so often we also spar for an entire training, so 1,5 hours of 2 minute sparring matches, no breaks... those are epic! Especially for endurance, at the end you dont have much left, or strength, so its all relying on technique.
  8. I don't know if we spar heavier than other cultures, but we are a very small country. Meaning that from top North to, bottom South, is easily driven up and down in a single day. This means that top fighters can easily train with each other without having to book hotels or whatever. So I guess it might also be accessability to proper opononents and challengers? Dojo's really know each other, trainers know each other, and its not hard to find a connection to trainers and people that fight professionally. And since MMA isn't a licensed or official sports, the scene is small(ish). Do I make sense here???
  9. We are? that's awesome! Well talk all the time + quiet guy = Balance, isn't it
  10. HedgeMage her comment on what your goals are is spot on, it all depends on your training style! There are a few really cheap things you can get that are very useful, such as a pullup bar (wich you already seem to have), yoga mat, jumping rope, elastic rope, and gym ball. Slightly more expensive is a 'step', but it can also be very useful. Look around carefully for good deals. There is always some good value basic set of dumbbells and barbbells around somewhere! Or even on eBay like sites, second hand. You don't have to get it all in one go! If you can't afford a dumbbell right now, get a milk-cannister and fill it with water! be creative! If you cant afford a bench, use some logs of wood (with a towel over it).... Lastly: furniture! I started with chairs for dips... hope this helps!
  11. If the silicone bands help, I can speak from personal experience I like the Fitbit Charge HR! I've been using it for a while now, and with the occational functionality updates over this past year or so its been keeping a great addition to my life. A great update, almost feeling like a present each time I get them. Its also easy to clean, with the silcone band! Thats a pro for me too. (I also gotten the scare by Fitbit, but have to say I don't entire trust its measurement on fat)
  12. Hi peeps! I'm Jeffrey, 29 year old, Asian-European guy from Arnhem (The Netherlands). I'm a Blizzard fanboy, love sci-fi, everything Star Trek, Gundam and Mass Effect. I love to roleplay, either in digital games or in board games. I'm also a great cook and consider the kitchen the most social place in my house. My journey begins in 2013. When I'm fed up of my lack of energy and overweight. I started walking, cycling, swimming and eating better. Cutting down from 95 kilo's (209lbs) to 69 Kilo's (149lbs), with a height of 1,77 meters. I felt a lot fitter and most of all, happier! In 2014 I picked up MMA as a sports and have combined both MMA and Fitness (Strength training) till this day. I've also implemented a few easy-life-hacks to help me in my daily life: - A step counter to ensure a minimum of 10.000 daily steps - Working on the 3th floor, I always fetch drinks downstairs on the main floor, and I always fetch my own drinks. - I never skip a lunchtime walk, no matter the weather (colleagues think I'm crazy) - I've always got a water bottle where I can see and reach it - When waiting I never sit still, at home for example I try push-ups and when I can choose to stand instead of sit, I do so. My adventure did not come without it's struggles. I have a very low self esteem and a great deal of performance anxiety. Till this day, every single time I had left for the gym, I had done so feeling anxious and sick. Having to literally push myself out of that door! And even though 99% of the days I return home feeling amazing, it doesn't change how I feel. My greatest enemy is my mind. I can't help compare myself to others. Being relative-new to fitness and a small guy to Dutch standards, I always find myself fighting against big, muscular, strong men (and women). (On the bright side, always fighting bigger man has turned me into an escape-artist when it comes to grappling) My performance anxiety is an enemy because it slows me down. For example, I want to try that one extra plate when Dead lifting, but instead of pushing myself I convince myself I can't or shouldn't and thus don't even try! The past year I've not once visited a public gym for fitness. I bought some basic equipment for home. I did manage to push myself more, and I did make progress. Yet still it feels empty and lonely. I would give a lot for finding a gym buddy that shares the 'way of the warrior' training style. That is why yesterday I enrolled to a public gym again... Once again I felt that sickness inside of me when leaving, but all I got to do now is push through! When I found NF, It not just hit the spot in terms of common-nerd-ground, it just felt good straight away. I’ve checked sites like bodybuilding.com often, but I never felt comfortable to post, yet here I’ve posted on my 3th day in. I'm a wanderer, a listener. I strongly believe in: when you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new. This is why I will most likely be a lurker, but know I already love and appreciate the things I am reading here and when I feel I can give back to this community, I promise to do so. My goal is balance of the mind and body! My adventure focuses on becoming a better Monk, not just through skill and physical development, but also through the mind, to overcome my anxiousness, to find a calm of mind, to find inner strength and self-confidence as much as physical strength.
  13. Thanks for that video! Was interesting to see! My Gym had to close down and I'm currently checking around gyms in the area to see which gym's culture fits me best, however I'm considering to switch from MMA to BJJ. Looking into BJJ I'm sure feeling more excited about it!
  14. Even though I'm not the one asking, thanks to all of you for your advice. This is a question I've to been struggling with, and will help me make a better choice for myself! so thanks!
  15. I voted Zingano! I agree on Ronda first fighting a non-title match, before another title. Show us that she's ready for another Title fight! Would love to see Holm and Ronda again and see how that plays out first.
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