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  1. So it has been a while since I have posted anything here or really visited this site in about a year or so. I am not entirely sure where I left off but I know I had just gotten a new job and was getting into a new schedule. Life happens and I didn’t keep up my visits to the site, but I did my best to keep myself on the path to becoming healthier. There was some back peddling involved I will admit. I believe I have kept steady at least, but have not really made much progress. After a year or so I thought I would have been much farther along than I am now. A few things have happened recently and I feel like today something clicked in mind and I thought, “What better time than now to start again!” So here I am, ready for round two, and ready to start making the progress I should have been doing this past year!
  2. Current weight 170. Terrible at updating this.
  3. Next time keeps getting farther and farther in between. Haha! right now I am super focused on getting a retirement investing idea going. I have been spending my mornings, breaks, and lunch doing as much reading as I can. I have been making phone calls to professional IRA facilities and just trying to learn as much as I can. Soon as as I make up my mind on who to go with I can relax a lot more and set the wheels in motion. this will allow me to start exercising regularly again. I plan on bringing my stuff to work and hanging my rings off a rack in the back of the shop. (Yes they will hold!) haha! Instead of trying to hurry and rush in the mornings. I have been trying to eat better still because I have lost track of keeping a log of my foods. But I have not gone too overboard. But I clan feel.... not see but feel, the weight being put back onto my midsection. Even though I worked out on the weekend two days in a row. I know it is not much, but it is better than nothing. anyway not much else to report so I will say goodbye. Here is to trying to change my financial life for the better!
  4. So I ended up working out yesterday afternoon after work since my wife went to her ladies only Pokeno group. Had the house to myself for a bit and ended up working out for about 30 minutes. I did an unassisted pistol squat!!!! Now I did not get as low as I usually do, but it happened! Small goal achieved!!! Now I need to work on getting lower and being able to do more than one. I think I will return to the Int. fasting. I feel like I eat too much for breakfast and like I am not "feeling" like I am burning some fat. Even though I still lost about 5 lbs. trying to get get back on track, I just had a cup of yogurt this morning for breakfast and tomorrow I will probably do the same and Monday I will begin again on the IF. It's a lot easier when I am at work than to start on the weekend. Other than that, just doing research for a retirement plan (boring sounding I know) but I need to take charge of that since work does not offer any type of retirement. Take care and until next time....
  5. Weight: 175! I lost 5 lbs! So that's a good thing! I have not been really below the 180 mark for a long long time! This Labor Day weekend I worked out three mornings in a row. Both my wife and I have been keeping track of everything we have eaten, and are still continuing to do so. Keeping up the good work! Work has started this month with us being told to come in at 6 am again. So that means more hours and a bigger paycheck. More on the food side, work brought in doughnuts Friday before the holiday and I was able to resist eating one! Then Sunday was my wife's brother's birthday. I ate one small cookie and a small piece of cake and that was it! My wife had neither! So we have both been doing really good with the food portion of our changes. Now to get the exercise portion going on track. Things are going well well right now and I just hope the hurricane does not head our way. Take care all and and be safe!
  6. So this lazy mood has lasted quite a while. It has been just about a month since my last post. Work has been slow and steady, my workout mornings have dropped off significantly due to mosquitoes, daily rain, and most of all.... laziness!!!! I have allowed myself to fall into a terrible routine. Wake up, play titanfall, go to work, come home, shower, conversation with my wife, watch tv, go to bed, repeat. So so today is different. Why? Because I think my wife has finally caught the "I need to get healthy" bug. She downloaded the MyFitnessPal app and has been going strong for about a week now. Her insistence has started me on logging all my foods along with her and I am so glad that this is something we can do together! She has even been exercising! So this morning I got up, and since it has been raining and all soggy outside with the leftover storm of hurricane harvey, I did some stuff in the living room. Not as much as I would have usually done, but a little is better than nothing. I stopped doing the fasting to see if eating breakfast will make a difference. So far I actually feel more hungry throughout the day, eating 3 smaller meals rather than 2 big ones. So I told my wife that I will try this for a month and see how it goes. I may end up going back. We will see. Now with with my wife along side me to help with inspiration, we can help each other! Sevasan 2.0! Haha! Lets try to keep this positivity going and make it last!
  7. Yea I think has been a while.... really nothing intresting has been going on. I guess that is why I have nothing to write about. I have not been working out as much as I would like. The hardest part is getting myself to actually start... once I start it is easy. But it is also easy to just not do it. The sofa is calling my name, tv, eating, being lazy. All of that is so easy to do. I know that is not how I want to be and not how I want to live my life, but it is just so easy to be lazy. There are other things I want to be doing and I end up not exercising. I still eat well but these last two mornings I have felt really worn out and I ate breakfast.... I know right!!!! And I actually felt worse after eating. Maybe it is because I ate too much... this past month and a half I got used to eating a big meal because I only had 2, and these past 2 days it has been 3 a day. Maybe I am going through a cycle where I get in the mood for fitness then it subsides, this it comes back again, then away.... I am still figuring myself out and trying to grow as a person but lately I have been in a lazy mood. I need to figure out why.
  8. So it has been one rainy week since I last posted. Have not not been able to get up and go work outside in the back yard. It has been very wet and the mosquito infestation is bad! Can't even be outside 5 minutes without getting several landing on me all at once. I am getting stronger and I didn't realize it till one of my coworkers tried to do a squat on one leg. They could barely get down and this is a young and fit guy who played soccer regularly. So I can tell I am certainly stronger than I used to be because I can remember when I was like that. I have come a long way but still have a long way to go. this has been a very Blah week and not much to write about. Maybe after this weekend I can have something better to post.
  9. Weight: 180 lbs So this is the 2nd morning in a row that I have went outside and worked out. Wednesday it was wet and soggy because it had rained the night before. I went to the tree out back and did my usual set. I was feeling pretty good about it since I felt better than I did on Tuesday. I also got up this morning (Thursday) and went at it again. It was actually really nice. The sun was about to come up and I could make out a little bit of daylight starting to break. The weather was warm and not soggy or humid since the rain had a chance to dry up the day before. No mosquitoes (which I thought was weird), but I will take it! I did austrailian pullups and regular squats to warm up. I then completed the following: dips: 3 sets 12-10-8 BW Bicep curls: 3 sets. 12-12-10 BW leg lift/L-sit: 3 sets. 8@3sec each Calf raises: using bands 3 sets 12 Push-ups: 3 set 12 pullups: 2 sets of 5 BW (had to drop a foot on ground towards the end) pistol squats: 2 sets. 5 each (assisted) then time ran ran out and I needed to get ready for work. still didn't eat breakfast and I feel like I am going through phases where some mornings I feel more hungry than I am on other mornings. But I still plan to stick to it because as I am tracking my calories I am coming under what I would usually eat (which is a lot!) and still feeling fine. I always thiught myself a morni g person who would wake up hungry and I HAD to eat breakfast!!! I HAD to! But now after trying this, I am realizing that I don't need all of it. Like yesterday, I ate about 1600 calories, I set a goal of 1700. And I felt fine! Even today I feel fine. When normally I would have about 2,200 or so!!! I think I am coming close to a month that I have started this and I think I will keep it going. I feel thinner! Even though I don't really weigh much less, I can feel it! I will I'll see how sore I feel on the morning on if I will make a 3rd day of working out. Right now it is time to finish work, shower, and relax with my wife this evening.
  10. Got up early Monday and hit the rings hard before work. Did some assisted pistol squats too! The bands helped with it. I definitely do not have the balance part of that yet! But I will continue to work on it. i am feeling very sore today so I didn't get to go out and exercise this morning but I am plannin to hit it again tomorrow. work is busy today. A lot of squatting that I am certainly feeling the effects of. I have been stretching a bit since I got here but I think after my shower I will have a good little session. I am feeling a bit tight. i know this is a random post but I am trying to get it in while on a quick break at work. Next time will be better!
  11. Been doing good so far. Saturday morning (this morning) I did eat breakfast. I was feeling pretty weak and knew I would be busy so I did eat something. I worked out in the back yard, then cut the lawn. After that my step son and I played out in the yard with some water balloons! We had a good time! Once that was done we played in the hose, goofed around and got soaked! My wife had gone to one of her friends houses to help with her clothing business so we had the house to ourselves for a bit while we got wet. After that hat we got inside and he dried off and played on his computer while I showered. So far it has been a good day! We did eat some pizza for lunch and I will admit I had my fair share. I don't plan on eating much for dinner to compensate. Tomorrow ow I will exercise again on the morning but won't eat breakfast again.
  12. Weight: 180.5 so in about 2 weeks I lost 4 lbs. I am going to try to weigh myself once a week now and see how much progress I make. Still going strong with the IF, even though i did eat breakfast on sunday with my wife. I have been working out in the mornings and noticing that when I do my L-sits, it causes my back to hurt. Not anything painful, but maybe my abs are not strong enough yet and it is creating a pinch on my spine from not being able to support it fully. I severely dislike doing ab exercises. but I do realize that it is something I need to work on. In other news, the shelves I made yesterday are sturdy!!!!. It came out pretty well even though things did not go exactly as planned. I can stand on it and it is solid! That was a workout in itself! I am still sore from having to lift and move and cut and screw everything together. I am really liking the woodworking though, I can see myself getting more and more into it. I am actually planning on building something today. Anyway, today is my day off of work and I need to get started!
  13. It has been a number of days but still keeping the IF going. I think I am getting used to eating two meals. But I do notice that after dinner I do want to keep snacking. Just something to keep an eye on and try to work at. It it has been raining for the past 3 days so I didn't get to do anything Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. But Sunday I did work out in the back yard and I got up today and spent about 25 minutes getting some sets in. Sunday I built some freestanding shelves for the garage. It took me a few hours to complete but it is sturdy, bigger than what was there, and can hold more stuff. Tonight we plan on going to a fireworks show that is being out on close to our house. We went 3 years in a row and it was awesome! So this year should be even better! Hope everyone one has a good 4th!
  14. So working out in the morning is a lot better!! Only deal is the damn mosquitoes! I need to get some spray or something to keep them away, I swear my legs got ate up. On in a better note, now that the family has continued on their trip, things are returning to normal. Food wise I am continuing on the IF. Eating better lunches and dinners. I can do about 12 body weight dips on the rings! Even more when I put the bands to use. Now to work on my pull ups and keeping my shoulders down and retracted. I have noticed on my form that my shoulders are not being kept down. I am working on that. I will will try to get a video uploaded soon so I can check my form and such. Also to kind of keep a memory log of when I was first starting out.
  15. This weekend with my wife's family visiting I will admit. I ate a LOT! Pizza, beer, BBQ , desserts. Cake! Oh yes. I fell off the wagon, rolled into the ditch, and got hit by every wagon behind me and was dragged along through the mud. So yea... two days of a food binge is not a good thing. But!!!!! Work is getting back to normal so I plan to hit it hard with exercise this week and next. My my wife is going to New Orleans with her family tomorrow to spend one last day with them before they head back home. I am not able to take a day off work yet but I had fun with them while I could. I will miss them and hope the rest of their trip goes well. About bout to head to bed hope all goes well!
  16. Did good at dinner, my wife and I shared some food so I ate about half of what I normally would have. I still felt hungry but only ate a handful of peanuts once I got home. So I am proud of myself! There was even a left over muffin (which I would normally eat) but I threw it away. Not something I usually do but I felt proud. I have decided to hit up the rack at work during breaks to get in a few more sets of exercise during the day. Only been two days of that but I can do it!!! going to the park for lunch. I brought my rings with me so I can get a full workout goin on. I am feeling accomplished today so far. I plan to keep it up.
  17. Still going good with the IF. Only one day so far has been thrown off. Today was good because at lunch I was able to go do a quick set of pull ups, chin ups, push ups and squats in the back of the shop. I got to do 8 pull-ups in a row! At least the first set. So I can see some improvement. I weighed myself self last night. 184. Still the same weight as I have been for years now so I don't see a weight difference, but I can tell I am slimming up a little and getting a little more muscle, so I think it's just being offset. Which is ok with me. My wife's family is in from overseas and we will be spending a lot of time with them. Probably eating out a lot so I need to be conscious of my dinner choices and not go overboard. Till next time!
  18. Got back on track with the IF. I do notice I feel a lot hungrier in the morning lately. It is tough now to make it till lunch at 12. But I am still keeping at it. I don't look any different but I do feel a little different, like I am sliming up a small amount. Basically eliminating a whole meal and my calorie intake for the day seems to be less, even though I do eat a lot at dinner considering lunch is maybe 600 calories. Work is still busy, just not as rushed. I have not been on the rings yet since Saturday and I am going to try to get it done tonight even though I have other things to do. Got to make it a priority Anyway back to work. Break time over!
  19. SO .... my last post was Thursday.... at break. I ended up staying at work until 9:30 that night.... I had Eaten lunch at 12:30 because I went workout at lunch with another guy from work. Then we found out that we had to stay super late... I normally ate dinner at 7-8pm... I didn't get to eat till almost 10:30 that night. I felt SO drained from work and so weak that I ate breakfast!!! Shame I know! But I felt so tried and drained. I rested Friday, ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner, at 7:30 pm. Then I started with my fast again Saturday morning. I have been doing good since. I worked out Saturday evening with my rings, cut the grass, helped clean house and had a productive day earlier. today is now Sunday and continuing on my fast again. I plan to work out again tonight or depending on what time we got home I may have to go in the morning. We will see. Take it easy today!
  20. Day 6: still going at it. So for lunch I add up to about 600 calories. Then I don't eat until 6-7pm and then dinner is something the whole family can eat. And I try to not eat everything in the house. Last night I had the remaining spaghetti that my wife made, three hotdogs (just the dogs) two brownies, and a spoon full of peanut butter..... yea, I know. Crap food! I wish I had tried to add that all up and see what my calories came to. still doing the fasting and still feel hungry in the morning and after dinner. I am holding strong in the mornings. It is the after dinner that is throwing me off. I am am sore from the lunch workout yesterday. Trying to take it a little lighter today at work and will go for some leg work today at lunch. Not feeling 100% but I am going to try to get something done today.
  21. Day 5 and I did it again..... ate too many brownies. Haha! I will be glad when they are gone! But really though I need to be steadfast and hold out. I do feel very hungry at night... even after we eat dinner. So it feels like I want more food. That usually does not happen at lunch... just later in the night, right around the time I need to stop eating. Maybe I know I won't eat for a while so I want to "store up" as much as I can. Even though I have not eaten breakfast in 5 days now. I don't really feel much different now. Maybe a little weak but I think it has to be the extra hours we are working. But I am drinking a lot of water throughout the day to help keep me hydrated and my stomach full. I am going to search for tips on how to stop this late night craving later today. i didn't get to go workout this morning, so I brought my equipment with me and I will work out at lunch. There is a park close by that I think I can go to. I will give it a shot today!!!
  22. Day 4 of my fasting. Still doing good. But I do notice that I tend to "give in" later at night.... example. My wife made brownies.... soon as I got home I knew I could eat, so before I knew it I already had 2! I know my problem is that when I see food I usually have a hard time controlling myself and I usually eat it... or if we have dinner and there is extra... I usually eat that too because I don't want it to "go to waste". This is something of if an internal struggle I need to help myself work on. Had to be at work at 6 am today. I planned on waking up early so I could go to the track and get a work out in but I slept in late. I notice I am more tired from work so maybe trying to get a little more sleep will help. I may have to work out this afternoon. I just hope it does not rain again.
  23. Day 3 on my int. Fasting. The days I work are actually better it seems.... keeps me busy and my mind off of food. No breakfast again today but for lunch I had my usual salad, little bit of lunch meat, one egg, banana and some satsumas. So all healthy stuff. I feel full right now which is good. Not sure how many calories but I figure at least 400-500 total? Maybe 600? I don't know. I need to start logging my food better. For dinner I am not sure what we will be eating but I will try to watch my portion control. No exercise this morning but work has kept me steadily moving. I fee very sore from this weekend and am still recovering. Tomorrow I plan to work out again. Might have to be after work because we have to be here early at 6am again the rest of the week. Three days and doing good.... I should weigh myself when I get home today. .... mark a starting point.
  24. So, yesterday I went to the track in the morning. Didn't jog around because I was a little late getting there and got right to my pull up bar work. I brought along my rings and bands. I was the ONLY person there at 6am on a Saturday. I had to go in to work at 7 so it gave me a little time to get set up. I didn't use the rings because I did not know how much I would be able to do. But I did use the bands for the pull ups and chin ups. And I had never used them before but I can certainly tell a difference when I use them! They haloed out a lot! I started out with unassisted chin ups, I got 6 of them, then used the smallest band, did 4 more, next size band, did 3 more, and the largest band I did 5 more!!! So it really helps to add reps and get more done. Then I went to work for 6 hours, came home and cleaned the whole house! I had a productive day. Then hen Sunday I woke up and was feeling really sore so I didn't go to the track, but I did make use of the rings on the tree in the back yard for a little bit. I basically tried to see the fastest way to set them up and take them down. Think I got it figured out and can get them up and down in maybe 2-3 minutes total. Not too bad! Also I have started my Fasting yesterday. Skipping breakfast was tough! But I was able to do it. Actually this morning was worse because I didn't have work to distract me from how hungry I felt. But I did it and I just feel like this is something that I can do. Two days in and ready to take it one day at a time. I am drinking a lot of water to help make me feel "full" all throughout the day. It seems to help a little bit. I feel sore and accomplished. Let's try to keep this going!
  25. Yesterday I spent 14 hours at work! We had to come in early and ended up staying very late. So yea I am tired and didn't get to do a workout. Today we we came in early again, but I hope we don't need to stay late again. My grass seriously needs to get cut.... with all this rain it has been too wet and it has been growing like crazy! Also I got some fitness bands to go along with my gymnastic rings! So I am excited to start using those too! I need to find some specific routines to use with them in combination. I tried them out on the tree in the backyard. I can do pull-ups and dips on them, just no Muscle up yet. but I WILL get there! When I get out of work today, grass will get cut then a short workout will happen. And depending on if we work this weekend will determine if I can get a good work out in the morning too. I have decided to start my fasting tomorrow. No breakfast, eat at lunch, small snack at 3or5, then eat dinner around 7:30. Then no more food after 8. I will work out in the morning and see how it works out with not having food immediately after. I might be cranky or "Hangry" for the first few days... so it might be a good thing my family is not here to see me like that. Haha!!!! lunch break almost over. I will do my best to log everything here like I have been wanting since the beginning of the year. Better late than never I guess!
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