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  1. I've been drinking more water lately, mostly at work. I grab a cup of ice, fill it at the water fountain, and then when I have to go upstairs for something I chug whatever is left and get more water. Yesterday I had a smoothie for breakfast, got a hazelnut latte with less syrup in it, I had a little bit of beef kofta with green salad but I really didn't like it so I ended up buying veggie dumplings, cheddar cheese (to go with my apple), and an almond butter chocolate cup. I had a couple leftover thin wheat/almond pancakes to satisfy a bready craving, but then had a serving of mushroom soup. I brought mushroom soup for lunch today as well, will also have an apple with some cheddar cheese. Had a smoothie for breakfast, which was super good because I accidentally dumped in half a cup of coconut milk (usually use 1/4 cup). I also had a homemade iced chai latte (sweetened with liquid stevia). Not sure what to do for dinner tonight, possibly burgers. I'm really good at planning meals for the first few days of the week, but by Wednesday/Thursday we've already cooked most of what we had. Also went for a walk yesterday with my mom, about 45 minutes long. My plan for after work today: Doing my strength workout with the spouse, walk to grocery store for cheese, come home and cook, then we will talk about a plan for eating.
  2. I am quite sore today. Friday was rehab so I worked out pretty hard. Yesterday I went hiking around Valley Forge for ~2 hours, which resulted in a crew of very sluggish people. I managed to jump over most of the stinging nettle onthe one trail, but the rest of the plants kept whipping my legs. However, I got so warm that I was still glad to be wearing shorts. Yes, I checked for ticks. Today I have already done most of my strength training. It's all stuff I can do in a bckroom at work in peices or at my desk. I've been eating pretty well, with a few grainy snacks and meals. We had burger patties with cheddar cheese and bacon the other night with a big chopped salad. Very delicious. I'm having a burger patty with cheddar with the salad for lunch today. Spouse is going to make beef kofta today. I'll make some garlicky sauteed spinach to go with it. I also have half a cantelope that needs to be eaten. I also made smoothie ice cubes on Saturday. 1.5 bananas, a whole bag of baby spinach, half a can of coconut milk, a splash or two of whole milk and a scoop of vanilla protein. I got two ice cube trays worth, plus a little extra that I blended with fruit for a smoothie on the spot. So this morning I used 3 cubes, some whole milk, a whole banana, handful of frozen strawberries, handful of frozen blueberries, and it was great. I've also been stretching a few times a day. I felt a bit of a twinge after rehab, so I stretched and iced up when I got home. My life goal is going awesome. I set my account up to automatically transfer money to savings every 1st of the month. The spouse also put a big chunk in. I've taken to writing down how much we get paid each check and subtracting what we'll need for every necessity, then I grabbed some envelopes to hold grocery money, etc...
  3. Did some of my exercises yesterday at my desk. Had to stop when we miraculously got busy. I've been walking a lot, so all good there. Not so good on the food front, but Spouse and I are making actual meals more often, except we run out of food part way through the week and end up eating pancakes for dinner, cantelope and two apples for lunch, and a cheese+fruit pack from Starbucks. But hey, doing th ebest I can with what we've got. So lesson learned: buy more food. We went through 10 chicken breasts between Saturday and Tuesday...WTF??
  4. At the advice of some other rebels I am going to pick very easy goals for myself that I can handle and I will just keep doing them past this challenge. Main goal: Lose weight/achieve smaller measurements. Ideally about 30# down. Goal 1: Walk/hike 3x a week. I enjoy walking and hiking around Valley Forge, especially in fall. I've been doing this already for a month or so. Goal 2: Eat smart. Closer to paleo/primal. Have treats, but try not to go overboard. Don't beat myself up for going too crazy once in awhile. Stick to meals that are easy to make and I know I like. Goal 3: Do my stretches every day, do my exercises 3x a week (ones from chiro/rehab). My exercises are dips, lunges, kneeling push ups, wall push ups, body weight squats. Doing them at rehab counts as 1x as well. The workout I do at rehab is more intense, they have me using equipment I don't own, so I compensate with some other random things at home. Life Goal: Beef up my savings account. Spouse and I are trying to save up for a down payment on a car and for THE FUTURE! To complete this goal I must get my bank to automatically transfer $200 to my savings account every 1st of the month. Also, all loose change (not quarters, they're for laundry) in our home goes into a big wine jug. At the end of this challenge I will deposit it into the savings account.
  5. I so needed to hear this today.Yesterday I was such a mess. I dragged myself and my spouse on 1.5 hour walk yesterday to try and motivate myself. It's funny (in a not funny way) because when I set my goals I think that they are totally attainable, but I think you're right. If I just keep up doing maintenance goals then I might be better off. Summer is especially tough on me, heat and humidity are not inspiring to me!
  6. This weekend has really sucked. Very little willpower. Got upset about it today. I'm at a point where I feel a little of "what the hell is the point, I am getting nowhere losing weight" and "I can do this". It is truly awful. Maybe I need a goal other than weight loss that will allow weight loss along the way. I don't know. I'm just getting tired of this crap. My size 14 jeans are a bit tight so I'm pissed about that, I don't want to buy new jeans for fall. I'm also about to get my period so I'm sure that isn't helping. And as you may know with my period comes bloating which means the dress that was fitting before may not by Saturday. I'm not pleased. I'm really not. I think I'm going to take the next challenge off and just do my best.
  7. Thanks Yea, my feet were killing me the other day and I thought, "Okay, need to just chill".
  8. Oh, I wanted to add that I tried on that dress this morning and it fit just fine. It could've been because I'd just woken up and hadn't eaten anything yet, but we'll see. I'll try again later.
  9. Thanks! Definitely try them out if you're able. I particularly like them because I can do them at home as well. Earlier in the year they had me on an exercise routine that was VERY thorough and I usually spent over an hour at the office getting it all done in addition to seeing the doctor and doing muscle stim.
  10. Just wanted to pop in and say you're doing good! I had a really crappy start and just got back to it, so I know you'll keep up the good work Hope your head is feeling better!
  11. Okay, I've been keeping it together. Sweets: Had a pizzelle yesterday morning. Each evening I've been having a small bowl of Grape Nuts with some raisins, milk, and two drops of liquid stevia for "dessert". No ice cream so far! I'm eating pretty well otherwise. The Spouse brings home italian bread sometimes so I had a big piece last night with butter, but we've been eating tons of cherry tomatoes, avocados, blueberries, etc... Walking: I took a very long walk yesterday. The Spouse missed his bus so he walked and I met him in the middle. All in all I walked/jogged 20~ minutes to meet him, then walked 20 to grocery store, walked around in there for what felt like forever, then walked 10 minutes to home. Stretching: I've been stretching, but missed yesterday I think. My team gave me new exercises to add to my stretches this past Friday. My chiro is kicking my butt! I obviously haven't worked out very much except walking lately. I did my basic stretches, some of the basic exercises (opposite arm leg extensions, cat stretch, bridge) and then the new stuff. They have one of those half exercise balls on the floor and with my front foot on it did 20 lunges, then other foot for 20. Then turned around and put back foot on it for 20, switch foot for another 20. Then 5 sets of 5 dips and 5 "shrugs" (pulling back the resistance band by just shrugging my shoulders back). I could barely bend my arms after that, my triceps were SORE. Oh, and don't forget my thighs- so sore. My legs have been fine for a couple days, but my left arm is still a little hurty, so I've been icing it. However, I can't wait to go back and do it again. Bonus goal: I am about 90% done the wedding present, I just need to finish it off, hopefully this week.
  12. I meant to post last week, but I accidentally closed the window and gave up. Basically, the first week or two of this challenge sucked. I got hurt, ate too many sweets, etc. However I've been stretching everyday except yesterday because I forgot and I've been walking 3-4 times a week. At first they were shorter allowing for my back to heal, but I've been doing some good 45 minute power walks this week. I was going to track my treats, but I gave up on a chart, because I can. First week was bad. Second was less bad, with only 3 or 4 treats really. This week is good so far. I had a single square of chocolate with nuts and raisins twice at the end of the work day because I wasn't packing enough food and I knew if I didn't have sOMETHING I would make even worse choices at home. The chocolate square was the lesser of two evils. Yesterday I had some ice cream because someone dragged a bunch of quarts from the creamery many hours away on dry ice. It was so good. I kept myself from having a second helping by taking a long stroll in the parking lot and having a cup of tea afterwards. I sort of have an unofficial but important goal for myself. I bought a dress online to wear to a wedding. I'm a tomboy and I effectively NEVER wear skirts/dresses, but I WANTED one for weddings. I historically get one that is okay, but I end up donating after two weddings in it. We go to a lot of weddings, 11 in the last 5 years including my own wedding. ANYWAY, this dress is pretty awesome, 1940's wiggle dress type thing and I could zip it up on my own, but it was a wee bit tight in the waist. I didn't sit in it, just in case. This sounds really stupid to me to try to fit into a dress by X time, but I like this effing dress and it does technically fit, it just need s a little wiggle room (geddit, it's a WIGGLE dress!....CAFFEINE). Ahem, in any case I've been eating better, keeping track of what I'm eating, and obviously doing the long walks. It's funny because the weather has been a little wonky the last few weeks: really cool autumnal days and then really humid awful days too. I tend to do better with exercise when it's cooler out, so this weather pattern is making me pretty confident.
  13. Long car trips are really awful for me, plus all the time at my desk. I left work early quite a few days last week.
  14. Okay, I updated my challenge to walking instead of jogging because of my back. I think my new long term goal in addition to losing weight is to fully heal. I have had way too many sweets in the last couple of days, but that just means there is room to improve!
  15. Thanks! Woke up with a hurting back this morning for whatever reason. I'm home taking care of it and trying not too eat too badly. I did my stretches yesterday and today (like 4 times so far). Had way too many treats yesterday when I came home early with cramps/back ache. I think I'm going to try to go for a stroll with The Spouse and then I'll ice some more.
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