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  1. hey, were you doing the challenge this time around? I was looking to see where your thread was.

  2. So stop doing that already, OK? (I know, I know - easier said than done) (You're welcome...)
  3. very very very cool...! (I'm having same sort of fun these days as well after a 50+ weight loss; kind of nice to get the fizzy feelings back again, no?)
  4. OOF. Will remember that (says the woman who is too often called 'besty'....)
  5. I really like the *didn't fucking die* assessment. You are here, and you're moving along at your own pace, doing what's best for your own mental/emotional/physical health right now. That's got to be the priority - right?
  6. ...sending mental hugs from here as well. You completely and totally rocked this!
  7. Congratulations on slaying the caffeine monster! (Yep, I'm also sipping on my own iced coffee while I read this & starting to feel just a little bit guilty....)
  8. Do you know how FREAKING AWESOME you are? Well, you are - you know...!
  9. I'd heartily endorse that last bit, for sure! And I do think you're pretty bad-ass yourself for sticking to working out, even while on the road...
  10. Hi, Dane - we'll be happy to help you get going when the time is right!
  11. Congratulations - looks like this was a great experience for you!
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