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  1. Couch to 5k looks promising. As I've been told that it's always better to build up. But anyways, thanks for your input guys.
  2. I want to start getting in the habit of running daily. Any tips on how I should start out, so I can prevent injuries and improve my endurance and whatnot?
  3. What kind of foods do you guys normally include in your diets? I want to see what everyone is doing. And also, meal wise, what does your average day look like?
  4. I'll take a look at the plans but I wasn't really wanting to go Paleo. But thanks for the advice, Oystergirl. To be honest, I wasn't really thinking of swapping everything overnight like that. I'm aware that there are other people in the house besides me, plus trying completely change instantly can be pretty hard on your body. Oh, and thanks for the recipe suggestion too. I think I might take my hand at that. Also, from reading replies and other threads on the forum, it looks like you guys focus a lot on the meat and more vegetables rather than the fruit and the grains, etc. I'm kind of conf
  5. The concept with the TV Dinners, and turning them into healthier homemade versions sounds like something I'd want to try. I usually eat the ones with the spaghetti. And sometimes the marinated noodles... I think that's what they are. And sometimes the popcorn chicken type dinners. Would you have any recipes that would work for those? And yes, there is a microwave available. Thanks for your input, sashi. 1. Not much control, usually. They usually buy things before I have the chance to get to them. 2. My parents usually let us do whatever we want when it comes to meals. 3. I like a lot of frui
  6. Alright. So, I'm pretty new to the forums. And I was looking for some help on changing my diet around completely. Usually I live off of things like TV dinners, instant meals, ramen noodles, anything quick and easy. Fast food.... And the occasional big meal like enchiladas, for example. But overall, none of the stuff I eat is really good for my body and they make me sick. I was wondering what I would have to do to change my diet. What foods should I start eating? And what should I avoid? Suggestions for easy meals I could make myself. You know, those kinds of things. Keep in mind that I am a
  7. I'd have to say, you guys are extremely friendly and helpful. I'm going to take all of your advice into consideration and try to see if my parents can make changes in the shopping. Then I'll start trying to make my own food. I took a look around the forum and also Blaizen's blog and I think there's some pretty good stuff on here. Thanks all for the advice and the welcomes. I really appreciate it.
  8. They buy those kind of groceries because they're cheaper and quicker to make when my siblings' baseball and softball seasons roll around. And they obviously know that it's not good because, every once in a while, they try to convert to eating in a healthy lifestyle but always go back to what they usually buy. I'll make sure to tell them about what's going on. Thank you for the advice and also for welcoming me to the forum. They have made some meals before but they use the instant and the shake and bake stuff. So, I don't know... I've tried my hand at cooking before. I'm still pretty much a b
  9. What's up, NF rebels?!? I've been looking around the NerdFitness site for a while now, and I'd have to say it's pretty impressive. I've also been looking to change my habits... and my lifestyle as a whole. I just never really started anything until I finally put my foot down a few hours ago. The only problem is, I am a teenager who relies on the food that my parents stock the cabinets and refrigerator with. And our lifestyle isn't really good in terms of eating and health....... ......Like when I finally said to myself, enough is enough, and I registered for the NerdFitness community. They
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