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  1. Thanks. It's a good mantra for sure.
  2. I love Love it! Simple yet empowering. I want to start incorpating Tai Chi in my morning, that Taiflow has a lot of videos! Thank you for sharing. I have struggled with weight my whole life... when I starting mindful eating and meditating, I'm finally at a weight I am proud of and happy for. Good luck in finding that too because everyone should be happy in their own skin.
  3. #1 Show up - I've been showing up! I realized that training with my Husband though, I worry about hurting him and it slows down my train of thought and training. I love being partners with him cause it's fun, but it's just different then training with someone else. Also he is vulnerable as well, if I accidentally hurt him, he will give me that "Ouch" look, as if he was training with someone else, he would suck it up... If any of you have watched the lego movie, I feel like Emmit when he becomes a master builder, with Ju jistu, after doing it for 1 1/2 years, the lingo, moves,
  4. Keep on rocking it lady!! Question, how many dogs do you have? and are they all dachshunds?
  5. Just wanted to pop in and say HI! And Happy Belated Birthday! And love your new list system! (I'm sure it's not too new but it is new to my eyes )
  6. You have your own vineyard?! Ooo, if no pictures are their, details are required 😎 Long ago the stress and anxiety of a long list and my perfection at procrastination I realized I needed a system. I started a "Ulitimate Todo list" and put it on my tab on my laptop. I made time every monday morning to start "Week #" and write down all the things I wanted to get done and anytime something new came up I just added it to my bullet point list. When I'd get it done, I'd strike through them. The following week I would move over any undone tasks and repeat.
  7. What a beautiful lil bungalow! I bet yoga outside there will be great (once you get the space )
  8. Looks like you starting off smoothly. What are those rectangle crackers in your pictures?! They look tasty
  9. Thanks ya'all for the warm welcome! Intentions are working well. Last night I had a glass and a half of wine, poured the second and didn't even drink it.. . I consumed what i needed
  10. My stomata collects oxygen though Hi there! I am a Rebel coming to visit and maybe make Druids my home. I do not like making to many commitments but I like to think of them as intentions. Commitments play to my long shame game I've played, so I've taking the approach of keeping it simple. Intention 1 - Show up (to Ju Jitsu) My ego (also called insecurity) tries to keep me away. I don't need to fight with these feelings, I just need to listen, but still SHOW UP. If it is my husband that wants to do some training on the weekend or to class
  11. Dang. So still haven't been doing them every morning, but I have started a chart on my wall to track my days without sugar, wheat, corn, dairy, and to track days with ju jitsu, nature, Wim Hoff breathing. That has been going on for almost 2 weeks. Going good!
  12. Ok. Listened to a great podcast with Shelly Lefkoe about “limiting beliefs” and it’s been a really cool mindset! my intentions are working, I’m doing well besides I’m not doing them regularly. but 2 stories I have to tell. i was at a Ju Jitsu seminar and I was getting tired and annoyed. I remember my “intention” sentence and repeated several times as I was being choked, and I calmed down and finished strong. 2. Since I haven’t been saying them regularly, I haven’t been out in nature. Im finding saying them in the morning I naturally
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