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    I really like that. Thank you for sharing that with me! I will definitely use it Thank you @Countess D'If @Guzzi, @Diadhuit, and @Rookie for your kind words. And sorry for falling off the face of the ... Forum @Guzzi I agree that it is hard to bring up the messy stuff sometime because people are so wonderfully positive but I think we all need a balance. ive taking sometime to myself, was extremely vulnerable with my hubby, and just let it pass. I’ve never been happier in my life! But on the days I’m down, it feels like the worst days I’ve ever felt! its weird. But in the last 2 weeks I’ve felt great. Being in nature has helped and recognizing what are my good contributes are. I focus so much on the negative. lately after I have a conversation with someone and have helped them I remind myself that is who I am too. I am someone that loves helping people talk about their struggles. Helping them feel comfortable letting it all out and turning it into a discussion. It’s my favorite thing in the world. Anyways ! Im making lasagna tonight and my noodles should be done by now!!
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    Butternut decomposes

    Yo everyone! Ok. I am the dog who caught the car. If you want to know the deep part of what the hell I am talking about, read the spoiler! I finally have everything I dreamed of as a little girl. Someone to save me from chaos, a home that I bought, and happy healthy kids. I have all 3 of those things! 2 months ago I didn't know what to do with this realization, but now I do. I am moving forward with my life to be different then who I have been. This is a new beginning. So with these goals. I'm facing these goals with simple things like Steve Kamp always encourages. How we go!!! 1. Wake up at 6am- Every morning 2. Hit the Gym, Sauna, and/or ju jitsu 3 times a week 3. High fat, high protein breakfast. (Breakfast also means "Break Fast" ) 4. Read 8 minutes every Night. Now these 4 goals I'm going to try to do just for the first 2 weeks. I may change them half way through. Anyways ladys and gents, I am excited! Please follow, encourage, inspire, and comment!