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  1. Butternut

    Misspelled words

    Does anyone have that one (or two, or maybe even some more) words that every time you type it you misspell it or suddenly can't remember how to spell it? I can never seem to write exercise, I always start it "exc" (auto correct won't let me misspell it),
  2. Butternut

    Loved UnderRated Movies

    Do you have a movie or a list of movies you love that was NOT popular but you believe in your very skin that its freaking awesome and it should have been? This is the beginning of my List -Wedding Singer (should be on everyone's shelf, I'm not that big into love stories, but this one is very acceptable.) -Watchmen (I'm still talking my husband into letting me be Rorshach for Halloween, he says it won't work because "I'm a 5'8" chick") -Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind (Ok, I swear I'm not that much into love stories, but again this is very acceptable) -There Will Be Blood (This one was a popular movie, I just still think its awesome -Top Secret (I was not born born yet when this movie was out, so I'm not sure if it was popular, but I have only met 1 person who knows of this movie) I know I have many more, but I can't think How bout you? Any favorite b-rated or just plain movies that didn't get popular?