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  1. So during this challenge I discovered that 1) I super love hummus and making "fries" out of squash and other veggies for snacks 2) I am definitely not a paleo person, I love bread and cheese too much but I did get better making salads 3) I am much more motivated to go to the gym now, I really like doing bodyweight exercises I dont feel intimidated by doing them ! 4) I had no time to learn that much French due to my thesis crap but I AM SO MOTIVATED NOW THAT I HAVE TIME!!! So overall I'm giving myself a B- I could have planned a bit better on the paleo and French ones,
  2. While I gave into snacking during my stress eating, For the most part it was me binging on carrots and hummus which was a large improvement from normal
  3. Long over due update! While last week I wasn't able to go to the gym due to my thesis defense I did get to go on a nice hike with a beautiful view at the top last Saturday. And on Friday I finally defended my thesis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It went well! and More importantly this means I have time to actually work on my French!
  4. I do! I've seen the French film Amelie before and really liked it!
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate the support! and @AmMenk Thanks for the recipes!
  6. Update! Ive been doing the bodyweight workout 3x a week and running the track on Saturdays and Im definitely improving my form, I feel it more While I have been snacking a lot I moved to eating healthier things like dipping stuff in hummus and sunflower seeds so thats an improvement Unfortunately Ive been under a lot of stress recently due to my thesis defense coming up next week so my french has been slacking along with the Paleo 2x a week so I'm going to go for 1x a week instead, i dont have enough time to do things like food prep
  7. Other than duolingo I've been translating french pop songs with the help of Larousse's English/French Dictionary, I personally like Alizee and KYO a lot so might want to check them out!
  8. So here's my check in! I bought a bunch of healthy snacks like hummus, sunflower seeds and granola bars to replace my dorito habit! Ive been a bit busy with editing my thesis so I've only been able to do just one Duolingo lesson a day, but its a nice refresher so far Bodyweight exercises are doing well I tried doing knee pushups the other day and it was sort of a success, it was significantly harder and I don't know if I did them right but I did do them! If anyone has any paleo recipes to recommend that would be nice! I had a nice paleo shepards pie the other day
  9. Thanks! I've a few French bands I like that I've started translating songs for and its soooo much more helpful than Duolingo! I'd like to work on not losing my breathe all the time and eventually get back into Martial Arts, I used to do Kung Fu
  10. Thanks! I took 3 years in high school but my teacher wasn't that great and I didn't learn much. I've been using Duolingo on and off for a while now! I really want to learn it, its such a pretty language
  11. Your English seems great so far! On top of Duolingo I personally find translating songs from the language you're learning helps with vocabulary and grammar, a bit. I find it fun at least so just a suggestion! Good luck with your goals!
  12. Hi everyone! Super pumped to start my first challenge! I'm 23 and while I don't really have a problem with my weight, I'm not that fit and I really want to work at being in shape and having fun doing it. I really want to be happy with my fitness level and pretty much feel like a badass My big current goal: to be able to do 10 regular pushups right now I've been doing wall push ups Diet: 1.Eat Paleo at least 1 day a week 2.Substitute snacks with healthy alternatives (damn doritos are my weakness) Fitness: 3.Do the bodyweight level 1 workout at least 2x a
  13. Hi everyone! I'm Kaitlyn, I'm an asexual grad student, and I'm new to NF, and I'm loving how supportive the community is so far! Really just wanted to say hi!
  14. I'm really enjoying what you have so far! I dont have any musical talent but I'm a big fan of metal remixes of video game music, or video game inspired metal,
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