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  1. What is strange is that I have one friend in particular who I met at 255lbs that now that I am about 300lbs tells me that I look healthier now. At that weight my face did have more sagging and at this weight it is more filled out.
  2. Being tall isn't all it's cracked up to be, it's hell on the knees and things often don't fit you right. Heck some cars are just completely uncomfortable. I wouldn't mind being about 6' or so. Some guys in my family run about 6'9". I come from a family full of "big guys". I actually got a lot of flack about my weight loss from family members when they thought I was getting too low. There was always criticism about being too fat and then criticism about being too skinny (when I was 255).. so that's probably where part of my strange indecisiveness on where I want to go comes from. That combined with the standard BMI chart showing that I should weigh about 200 or so, which I don't even think with my frame is possible.
  3. Ok, I just found the spot on this forum to start a battle log.
  4. Well, I've done both the BMI and body fat percentage test before at my gym. The test at the gym is where you stand bare foot on the scale and hold the things in your hands that send electricity through your body, if that makes sense. BMI is usually higher than body fat percentage. Neither have ever been below 30 for me. There is a place here in town that will measure your percentage in an airtight tank that is supposed to be pretty accurate and it's under $100, maybe I should check that out for a more exact reading.
  5. I'm still unsure on my goal and maybe that's part of the problem. I want size because at some point I want to feel more comfortable in my body, but in researching working out I feel like that may need to come a 2nd to strength. I have noticed the strength benefits already in areas like my posture and knees. With improved lifts size will happen, right? I think that's the claim of 5x5. As far as a challenge log or battle log, do you mean keeping a diary of my lifts? I do have my metrics in the 5x5 app. I know you guys mean well, and thanks. I'm one of those people who has always been easily intimidated by this subject so much that I have avoided it all my adult life. My first challenge to being fit is to not let myself get discouraged or feel like I'm too much of a noob to do this. Walking into a gym the first time I felt like a total fake, like everyone there was thinking "Yeah, he'll never make it". So I learned to quiet that voice to the point that it's an easily dismissible whisper.
  6. No offense taken at all, I'm 6'4" but most of my height is torso. My inseam is only a 32. When I was around 255 people told me that I looked like I was sick and underweight. I think the weight range that I look best is between 280 and 290. That's what I shoot for. I don't know what is fat, what is skin, etc... No matter how much my body changes or how much I work out my BMI always stays between 30 to 33%. The numbers can be frustrating so I need to quit thinking about them, probably, and just focus more on strength training and working in some cardio as well and let the chips fall where they may, I guess.
  7. Well, I kind of have a mixed goal. I would probably say Muscle gain first, because I used to be extremely over weight and I have a lot of excess skin to fill. Strength probably a second, I've noticed that the big benefits are to my posture and knees. On any given day those two can swap depending on how I feel. Weight loss third because I've come to realize that the more muscle I put on the less I need to worry about my actual weight. I know I was freaked out by pushing past the 300 mark again, but I probably just need to get over that. I've been hit with a stomach virus for the past 5 days so everything has been on hold while I recover and start eating again. I've got huge amounts of guilt about it, but until I'm able to take in food and fluids regularly and get my strength back I'm just out of the game. I've actually slid below 300lb (down to 294) since getting sick.
  8. I'm glad I started off doing 5x5 at home. I started doing it at the gym this week just to branch out of my comfort zone and it's been difficult because of the lack of lifting equipment. If I had started at the gym I may have gotten discouraged. My gym has 6 racks but all of them were taken and there were people waiting on Wednesday. It doesn't help that I go right after work either. :\ Primetime at gyms sucks. My home equipment is here: My squat rack: My bench: My plates: I started buying the stuff a couple of months before I started Stronglifts 5x5. I'm about 10 weeks in and my progression has been kind of slow. I have had to deload once because I missed a week and I did choose to drop the weight as it suggested. As far as Mehdi, the guy who promotes Stronglifts 5x5, goes... well, I don't like the fact that he comes off a bit sexist. "I can't believe I was beaten in arm wrestling by a girl.." That was an initial turn off for me. Some of his comments I don't like, but it's the program I am interested in and I do like the app.
  9. Thanks Meteoric, That article cleared some things up for me. During my 5x5 routine yesterday I was exhausted at the end of my lifts. Part of it may be, as I mentioned earlier, that I am low on energy for cutting down my caffeine consumption. The other parts are probably that I am getting into very challenging weights (at least for me). I couldn't complete 5x5 of my overhead press and I couldn't complete 5 deadlifts, just 3. My warm ups for all my lifts are now just as long as the lifts too. I think my OHP was 1 set of 5x45, 1 set 5x45, 5 sets of 5x95 and my dead lifts were 5 reps of 135, 5 reps 155, and 5 reps of 200. Added to that I started off at squats which were 1 set of 5x45, another set of 5x45, one set of 5x95, one set of 5x 135, and then my 5 sets of 5x165. So by the end of all that I was out!! My OHP I failed 2 sets by only getting 4 of the 5, and my last dead lift I was only able to complete 3 of 5. At that point I was a bit dizzy after each lift so I called it quits and will repeat that weight the next time I do deadlifts. I've notice that my endurance doesn't seem to keep up with the addition of the warmup sets and weight increase combined. So that's why I was thinking of getting my conditioning up (notice I didn't say cardio this time). It looks like the article you linked gives me more of a mindset to think of conditioning for endurance in lifting. I'm hoping that the overall effect helps with body fat too. It's a lot to think about.
  10. My doctor is making me reduce my caffeine intake, so I know how you feel about now. I went to the gym yesterday already low on energy and in a crap mood, by the end of my lifts I felt like hell.
  11. Maybe it's because I didn't understand what you meant by "Good calories vs bad calories matters sweet f*ck all in terms of your weight." I took sweet f*ck all as meaning that good vs bad was important. The sentence after clarifies it now that I look back. I took an active metabolic and a resting metabolic test at my gym. I haven't counted calories in quite a while or been tracking my food on an app, maybe I need to get back to that. According to my gym my goal is 2700 a day.
  12. And by this you mean not how many calories I am eating but what and when I eat, right? My simple dietary ideas is that I focus on protein intake and keep my fats to plant based fats over animal fats when I can. My carb intake is probably my biggest vice. My resting metabolic rate shows that, at rest, I burn 80% carbs and 20 % fat.. as soon as I start cardio that reverses and I use 70% fat and 30% carbs. If I understand this right, you are saying that what I derive my calories from makes all the difference, right? It's not the number of calories but what the content is. Also, in your meme it talks about "too much" cardio. In your opinion is the cardio from the lifting adequate? Or am I stuck in thinking about things in terms of cardio at this point and I shouldn't focus on that?
  13. So, I'm at week 10 of my 12 week 5x5 trial. I've been eating everything I can because my hunger is way up. I don't eat big meals I just eat about 5 to 6 times a day. I can honestly say that I'm about 50/50 with healthy eating Vs crap eating. I'm working on that ratio. My waist line and belly are growing though. This scares me. I used to be 420lbs and, at one point, dropped down to 255lbs. I've just pushed back over the 300 mark. I know that I am putting on muscle because I can see the work from my lifting in my legs, shoulders, and arms. So my situation now is that my body isn't getting rid of fat, or I'm not dropping fat. So far the only cardio I get in the week is from my 3 times a week of doing 5x5. For that hour to hour and a half my heart rate goes into a zone 2 or zone 3 cardio level for me. (somewhere between 120 to 140BPM) It spikes during the lifts and goes back down during the resting periods to about 95-115. Is this enough cardio? I am considering cardio on my non-lifting days that stays in the zone 1 to 2 range ( for me 95-125 BPM) for at least 30 minutes to supplement even though it is advised on the stronglifts site not to. Will this added cardio inhibit my ability to build decent muscle size and strength? My initial thought is that if I am taking in enough (good) calories it shouldn't matter if I do cardio. Also, I can do maybe lighter cardio on the days off (walking, yoga)?? Before doing stronglifts I was using the weight machines at the gym combined with cardio. It seemed like my stamina was better but my muscle building wasn't as noticeable going that route. Google is giving me mixed info on this topic. What say you my fellow nerds?
  14. Holy crap!!!! Maybe I am too new at this, but for me being currently 299lbs that means a 450lb OHP, a 600lb bench, a 900lb squat and a 1200lb deadlift. Just for perspective I am currently at 90lb OHP, 90lb bench, 145lb squat, and 185lb deadlift. This is only 8 weeks in though so I haven't put in the time yet. So if those are "ultimate goals" what would be a good average goal? Also, I've always been a heavy guy. I used to be 420lbs and lost weight down to an emaciated looking 255lbs at one point. So I can't imagine my body weight ever being below 280 while lifting.
  15. I think that, especially being 44, rest is probably the key. I have noticed the last few sessions that I do wait more than the 1:30 that the app suggests and that a few times I wait until 2 min or maybe even 3. I also, because of my back issue on Sunday, skipped lifting on Tuesday and lifted last night instead so that I had one extra day of recovery. Not planning on making a habit of that but I felt I needed that to be able to lift properly. Since my week starts on Sunday for my lifts that is fine because I still get Friday as my final 3rd day of the week and Saturday as a rest. Last night's session went well. Was able to 5x5 every weight that came up and I was extra cautious to listen during my lifts for any complaints my body had. I was talking with a coworker yesterday who had been lifting for years and he brought up a good point to. He said he hurt his back once and I asked him was it because of his form... he said it was the weight. I just have it in my mind that as long as you have good form your will not get injured but he said that when the weight is too heavy then your form WILL suffer.... it's food for though. I'm trying to make sure that my form is impeccable. My biggest concern is injury. I know that injury has the ability to ruin my momentum in my transformation so I am trying hard to avoid it. I am also impatient and I want to see results for the work I put in, even if it's small changes, so I push. I just need to balance those two needs wisely. For me form will always be more important than progress.
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