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  1. Late to the party. Pretty much sums things up for me, frankly. But in the spirit of better late than never - hi. Good to see some familiar names and plenty of non-familiar ones! Goals: - Get on a regular 3x week lifting schedule. - By end of challenge, be doing something non-lifting once a week (yoga, climbing, running, whatever.) - Eat mindfully every time I put something in my mouth. Context: Moved away from my happy friendly Crossfit gym and established routine. Took a while to get comfortable with SF, get used to transportation options (sold my beloved Mini!) and having a startup job with ridiculous hours led to me dropping in at a few boxes, never really finding something I liked, and ultimately doing sod all for exercise beyond walking the dog. Luckily, I quit the job in November and started a new, more chill one, and coincidentally a new weightlifting gym (with loads of lady lifters) opened up downtown. Half my new company are hardcore climbers, and the general active-ness is infectious. Plus I miss lifting and that mental shift that happens when you have fitness as part of your identity. This morning was my first session at the weightlifting gym; my near-term challenge is finding somewhere good to lift outside of my 1 weekly session (I can also go for open gym on Saturdays). I also want to get more involved with climbing (top rope or bouldering), though I really suck at it right now. As a result of sitting on my arse eating ice cream and being stressed, I've put weight back on which sucks, though I knew it was happening and honestly didn't have the energy to do anything about it. I think the first step is mindfulness rather than scarfing down crap on autopilot. It is on.
  2. Hello fellow cave person! Congrats on the PRs and good luck with the revision. Fun balancing all that stuff! I
  3. The WOD was split jerks, so nope! It's cool. I can do back squats tomorrow with it, just not much else bar-wise and certainly not pullups/TTB. Basically cut along the first knuckle on the inside, so no bending or pressure on the finger at all. I don't want to half-arse a workout and slow the recovery.
  4. Sorry to hear about your mum, echoing the thoughts above: good on you for sticking to your strength work through it.
  5. fixed. Congrats on the triple. I can't believe you front squat more in kg than I do in pounds. I better get on that. A week and a half of freedom? All right for some!
  6. So, grabbing a flexi leash by the leash is a BAD IDEA kids. Don't do it. Honestly I have no idea why I did. I've sliced open my right index finger and today's WOD is full of things that use grip, so I'm passing today in favour of more mobility work (cheating though, with a Thai massage). Bah bah bah.
  7. Wait what I totally didn't know that you were a Googler. Been away and not paying attention. >.> I MISS THE FOOD SO BADLY.
  8. Bwhahaha. OK so I opened up this thread yesterday to post and never actually got around to it. Heh. Crossfit yesterday: Work up to 70% 1RM cleanEMOM, alternating5-10 strict pullupsOne 70% clean then max front squatsWOD stations, 3 mins each:Sled push/rope pull 50'Max GHD situpsMax plank (count the time spent resting)Farmer carryWe only had time for 3 stations so I skipped the farmer carry, thinking the others would be harder for me. And they were. The sled was OK but the other two killed me. Worked up to 85# for the clean, which was pretty brutal when it came to front squats. I definitely need to get squatting and will focus on that on my own time. Today: got up and out early for a 7am mobility session, focusing on shoulders - lovely. Well, painful, but lovely. Got up without snoozing yesterday; snoozed once today, though once my phone went off that was it. I think I should just turn my phone alarm off. Had difficulty waking up but we just got a ghetto blackout curtain (photographer's black muslin on a shower curtain rod) and now my gradual light alarm works - hoorah! Tomorrow Crossfit and Saturday I'll venture into the gym - my new box has a free membership to the gym next door, which has a bunch of Oly platforms! Nice!
  9. Yay for hooking you on Crossfit Sorry to hear about the dairy/lung thing. That doesn't sound good
  10. Oh hai stranger. Have a kitten: One new kitten for every new PB. Keep 'em coming!
  11. Awesome progress! (Just dropping by to say hi since I just saw your advice on cubicle food in another thread and I think I'll take it )
  12. oh hi there catspaw thread! Some interesting thoughts on food already. I thought I'd solved my relationship with food for the most part, but recent stresses showed me I really haven't. It's fun working with two vegans though, in a small company where we have to figure out what to get for lunch every day.
  13. It's been a while, NFers! But I'm back. Sneaky sneak. Only two days late. >.> Among the many disruptions in my life since I was last here, I've moved to a new city (from the SF Bay Area peninsula to SF proper). So my focus right now is getting a new routine under control, more than anything else. I literally just joined a new Crossfit gym, so there it begins... 1 - Go to Crossfit 3x week 2 - Lift on my own 2x week 3 - Work on mobility in some form every day, including 2x formal mobility classes a week. Life quest: Conquer the snooze button! No hitting snooze for the next 6 weeks. Set my alarm for when I actually want to get up. I've been away from the gym for a month or so, so first I gotta get showing up. Then I'll get the hairier stuff under control!
  14. Yay for oly! Transitioning from a class to your own program is always a challenge, good luck!
  15. oh dear, did you really use the word swole? good luck with the quitting! it's fun out here in free fall from the cliff!
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