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  1. Late to the party. Pretty much sums things up for me, frankly. But in the spirit of better late than never - hi. Good to see some familiar names and plenty of non-familiar ones! Goals: - Get on a regular 3x week lifting schedule. - By end of challenge, be doing something non-lifting once a week (yoga, climbing, running, whatever.) - Eat mindfully every time I put something in my mouth. Context: Moved away from my happy friendly Crossfit gym and established routine. Took a while to get comfortable with SF, get used to transportation options (sold my beloved Mini!) and having a startup job w
  2. Hello fellow cave person! Congrats on the PRs and good luck with the revision. Fun balancing all that stuff! I
  3. The WOD was split jerks, so nope! It's cool. I can do back squats tomorrow with it, just not much else bar-wise and certainly not pullups/TTB. Basically cut along the first knuckle on the inside, so no bending or pressure on the finger at all. I don't want to half-arse a workout and slow the recovery.
  4. Sorry to hear about your mum, echoing the thoughts above: good on you for sticking to your strength work through it.
  5. fixed. Congrats on the triple. I can't believe you front squat more in kg than I do in pounds. I better get on that. A week and a half of freedom? All right for some!
  6. So, grabbing a flexi leash by the leash is a BAD IDEA kids. Don't do it. Honestly I have no idea why I did. I've sliced open my right index finger and today's WOD is full of things that use grip, so I'm passing today in favour of more mobility work (cheating though, with a Thai massage). Bah bah bah.
  7. Wait what I totally didn't know that you were a Googler. Been away and not paying attention. >.> I MISS THE FOOD SO BADLY.
  8. Bwhahaha. OK so I opened up this thread yesterday to post and never actually got around to it. Heh. Crossfit yesterday: Work up to 70% 1RM cleanEMOM, alternating5-10 strict pullupsOne 70% clean then max front squatsWOD stations, 3 mins each:Sled push/rope pull 50'Max GHD situpsMax plank (count the time spent resting)Farmer carryWe only had time for 3 stations so I skipped the farmer carry, thinking the others would be harder for me. And they were. The sled was OK but the other two killed me. Worked up to 85# for the clean, which was pretty brutal when it came to front squats. I defini
  9. Yay for hooking you on Crossfit Sorry to hear about the dairy/lung thing. That doesn't sound good
  10. Oh hai stranger. Have a kitten: One new kitten for every new PB. Keep 'em coming!
  11. Awesome progress! (Just dropping by to say hi since I just saw your advice on cubicle food in another thread and I think I'll take it )
  12. oh hi there catspaw thread! Some interesting thoughts on food already. I thought I'd solved my relationship with food for the most part, but recent stresses showed me I really haven't. It's fun working with two vegans though, in a small company where we have to figure out what to get for lunch every day.
  13. It's been a while, NFers! But I'm back. Sneaky sneak. Only two days late. >.> Among the many disruptions in my life since I was last here, I've moved to a new city (from the SF Bay Area peninsula to SF proper). So my focus right now is getting a new routine under control, more than anything else. I literally just joined a new Crossfit gym, so there it begins... 1 - Go to Crossfit 3x week 2 - Lift on my own 2x week 3 - Work on mobility in some form every day, including 2x formal mobility classes a week. Life quest: Conquer the snooze button! No hitting snooze for the next 6 weeks. S
  14. Yay for oly! Transitioning from a class to your own program is always a challenge, good luck!
  15. oh dear, did you really use the word swole? good luck with the quitting! it's fun out here in free fall from the cliff!
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