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    So I've been away from here for nearly a year now after getting told off for spending too much time on the forums! Pah! In that time I have sadly let myself go a bit, but haven't slid back too much, so hopefully I can get back where I was soon enough. So for my goals. 1) Restrict Meat/Alcohol/Cake to 1 each per week In light of not being able to afford humane meat I've moved to a mostly vegetarian diet, although I do still enjoy some meat. I think once a week is good for that. Sadly I've been using alcohol to get through some recent events, I'm starting to get not need it so much any mor
  2. I've never been to Heroquest but have heard they're good family events. Fools and Heroes do run weekends events too, usually half a dozen small ones (40-80 people) and a big one August bank holiday (200-300 people). A lot of people go to multiple systems, it isn't a problem, but your character from one only exists in that world, you'll have a different character (and usually different kit) at another system. Empire is particularly popular at the moment, as it's an entirely new game.
  3. For my sins I have been larping for over 12 years now... and that's actually quite a scary thought! Getting into any of the big fest systems can be expensive, when you consider the ticket price, costume, weapons, food, etc... even already having kit I'd struggle to do one for under £100. Might I recommend you have a look at fools and heroes though, (www.foolsandheroes.org), we're a national society mainly doing day events. There used to be an Oxford branch but sadly they had to close, so you would have to travel a bit further. But you do get 2 free adventures and people are always happy to
  4. Unless it's backlit your kindle won't count. That's the big advantage of the passive e-paper displays. Just make sure the lamps you use have a warm colour profile (sadly, that generally means non-energy saving, but they are improving) or better still, use a candle!
  5. Added mine from Friday - hoping there's a couple more people with stuff still to add so we can break that 3 million mark
  6. Week 3. Started more than a little frustratingly when I found that I no longer had access to a squat rack or barbell. Monday I did BW exercises, Tuesday I went to Jiu Jitsu as planned, Wednesday I ran out of time because of an Ikea trip, Friday I went to a different gym and paid far too much - but was very glad that I went! Over the weekend I didn't get a run in either, although did go out first thing this morning instead. It doesn't really make up for it, but I did enjoy it, might start doing more early morning runs. Still no word about my PhD application, I'm going with no news is good news
  7. I tried this the other night. Don't think I cooked it quite hot enough or long enough, the banana wasn't mushy enough for my liking really. But it was very tasty, especially with maple syrup
  8. More cards than board game but Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot. Games last anything from half an hour up, depending on number of players, expansions, etc... Nice and simple, plus lots of fun! And there's about a dozen expansions too.
  9. I'm not saying they're impossible, just prepare to be confused by roundabouts and make sure you pay attention! The same for taking your own car, it's certainly not impossible as proved by thousands of people every day. But expect to find it harder and more confusing than if you have a 'local' car. If you're not a confident driver then have a good think about it - if you are then be prepared for the confusion of it, going against what you've always known.
  10. Overtaking is always towards the centre of the road. Driver should be in the middle of the road. The right car for the country will help A LOT. Roundabouts will be very confusing. Really, going the wrong way around a roundabout is all kinds of crazy. Thankfully most countries don't have as many as we do!
  11. I read that and though "mmm, I do like blueberries and quite agree - but not sure how it's relevant to this thread" Then I realised and it all made sense. Blueberries - you'll have to let us know if you see him again and if he ever actually manages to do a rep I'm guessing not
  12. *sigh* Couple of e-mails back and forth and I'm assured that come September one of the new facilities will have a squat rack. Until then they can't help me Guess I'm joining another gym for 2 months - not impressed at all!
  13. I was quite surprised - thought they'd be better than they were, at least the bits that have always been Uni gym! I do certainly wish they were closer, but it's worth crossing the city for at the price they charge! Killing with fire is an option, but if I do then they definitely won't buy me a squat rack, so I'll give them that option first.
  14. That's my plan In fact they should be back from their lunch break now so I believe I have a phone call to make.
  15. ARGH! After joining a Uni gym about 5 weeks ago I hit a snag. Being a Uni gym they have facilities at the halls and on campus. I've been using the one at the halls, but they're building a fancy new gym there so it's closed for the next two months. No problem, I thought, just go to one of the two on campus (one small and old, the other a big, shiney private one the uni just bought). Last night I trekked down there, and found that NEITHER of them have a squat rack!!! Plus to make matters worse it was the Olympic torch relay last night, so what should have been 10-15 minutes each way took me 30 m
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