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  1. What have I just walked into on this thread, haha.
  2. Mongoose reporting for duty! 800 for me. Dang, Thrillho, you killin' it.
  3. Haha, I love jumping rope. I'll have to do a ton of it tonight at my cardio class to get some numbers under my belt!
  4. Update mine to 20 - haven't had time to update my blog or or anything on here this week (crazy, crazy week, I swear) but i've been keeping track. I promise I'll contribute more on the next challenge, been swamped this week with classes.
  5. I started by following Steve's suggestion in his article about how to do a proper pullup - working a lot on bent over dumbbell rows and inverse bodyweight rows and negatives and assisted pullups, etc. Then one day I could just pull myself up (after which I promptly freaked out and danced around like a crazy person). At first I could only do a chinup, then I could do two, then I could do a pullup as well, and it just built from there. I also bought one of those bars that hang between your doorposts and every time I go into my room I work on doing a few.
  6. EXACTLY. Dude, I couldn't even do a single one the week before the challenge started. Trust me, if you work on them enough, you'll be able to do them in time. And it is the most awesome feeling ever (until someone else comes by and cranks out like 20 right after you get all excited over your measly 3, haha).
  7. Eek! I've totally been slacking here, sorry guys. I swear, the week back from spring break is pretty much the week that all professors decide to pile loads upon loads of tests/quizzes/papers/etc. on us over here. It sucks. But yeah, I've kind of been kicking myself over the diet portion of my challenge goals, because I haven't been sticking to them at ALL. Actually, scratch that - I've stuck to the protein thing, but the other two have gone pretty much out the window the past week or so. So yeah. I need to get back on the horse with that, and I'm hoping posting here will make me more accounta
  8. I'm down with Awesome Team of Flying Mongooses. I've always wanted to be a flying mongoose, after all. But enough about me - here's some more about me! - 21 years old - I graduate college in May (the 11th, to be exact) with a Bachelor's in Biological Sciences and then am off to medical school in August (oh God I'm terrified) - Youngest of 5, and currently still live with the parents. I don't see that changing until after medical school, since my school is literally 10 minutes from their house, and renting my own place just means more loans to take out on top of the $160,000 that I'll already o
  9. Clicked that link about 5 minutes ago. Still can't stop laughing over those sheep, oh God. (Also, I-Team or Team Awesome or any team name is fine with me! I'm easy to please. )
  10. Flying Mongooses, Awesomeness, A-Team-Said-With-An-Australian-Accent-Which-Equals-Eye-Team - It's all good to me! Also, an "I-Team" video would be amazing. I am totally onboard with this.
  11. I love it when a plan (for a team name) comes together.
  12. Talk about motivation! We are now the minions of Overlady Spezzy, warriors in the army of Team Awesome/Fighting Mongooses/Ninja Space Pirates/Whatever.
  13. Also late. But would still like to be in, if possible? http://nerdfitness.com/community/entry.php?4737-In-Which-There-Are-Dragons-To-Be-Slayed
  14. Yeah, it was definitely a really expensive investment - I was actually planning on studying by myself, too, but between research and shadowing and volunteering and classes, I never really had the time. So I panicked when the date for test-taking got closer and ended up giving in. I figure I'll make the money back some day, haha. But yeah, if you've got six months to give it a go, then I'd give it a go with the studying-by-yourself thing. Kaplan books are pretty good to work with, too, I still have all of mine. And thank you! I wasn't even really expecting it at the time, since I applied a lit
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