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  1. The Warrior Dash is just sooooo much fun! Everyone should do one. Sure, you'll feel like someone kicked the crap out of you the next day, and you might end up with some scars, but you'll feel incredible! Mud, Sweat and Beer! <-- my blog about it.
  2. December 2010. I was at a Christmas party hosted by my niece, and I was very drunk. And at my heaviest weight ever. I didn't feel bad about that. I thought I looked pretty good for a 38 year old woman who didn't really exercise, and since every other attempt at weight loss had been an epic fail, I thought this was my body's "happy weight." But I wasn't happy that I knew I wasn't fit. At that party, one of my nieces' friends was showing photos on her iPhone of the upcoming Warrior Dash. Whoa. Running through the woods, climbing over all kinds of crazy-ass obstacles, crawling in mud and leaping
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