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  1. Hey now.. so where did *you* go? Come back, come back!

  2. My husband is 6' and weighs 180. He wants to be 195. He looks awesome as he is now, so at your height, 180# of mostly muscle is going to look beastly.
  3. Aww, HELL! And I was going to take the weekend off. *stomps off toward the pullup bar, muttering about overachieving Monks*
  4. They make some pretty nice hand wraps now...I have a pair that looks like weight lifting gloves but with gel over the knuckle area...I did my first heavy bag workout barehanded. That was not a good idea, and I have scars now. You've been given some good advice here...if you get bored with these suggestions, there's always the NERDEE.
  5. You are an adventurer...you're not afraid of a silly number on a scale, and it does NOT define who you are!! You are an amazing, awesome woman who has decided to take control of her life, health and future. You're going to stick with this plan and watch yourself become a happy, healthy foxy lady who is an inspiration to others. Now, get out there and get it done, girl!!
  6. Must be a full moon or something...my bff just called to tell me that she's having a super-crappy Friday too, and mine has been fine so far, but this week (particularly yesterday) has been either sucky, disappointing, or both.
  7. Well, there are fall and winter seasons, plus there is a competitive/travel league option which is year round, but something about those leagues gives me pause. Those kids play whatever sport (baseball, softball, soccer) 5-7 days a week, whether practicing or actually competing, year-round, to the exclusion of other sports and activities. They travel all over a tri-state area every weekend, which is financially hard on the families, and also time-consuming for busy parents who look forward to the weekends to relax and spend time with the family. I don't think it's healthy for a child to have t
  8. You live under a rock, don't you? MWOD Just search whatever body part with which you are having issues.
  9. I think this is a big part of it. My daughter (14) plays soccer and runs cross country. She tends to get very antsy during the off season (these are both fall/winter sports here), and was very, very happy to be back in training this summer for the high school team.
  10. Ahhh, endorphins...saving my husband and children's lives since 1998.
  11. It's probably more that I'm still at lower weights. I'm only about 20# away from bodyweight though, so I'm sure my time is coming.
  12. Well, that's what school was supposed to do...fill the time with something that was all about me. I've decided that the best thing for me to do is make a long list of things I need to accomplish in the next six months (home improvement projects, de-cluttering, yard projects, books I want to read, etc.) and just systematically work my way through it. I think the six week challenges we do here will be huge for me, because I can actually focus significant time each day on my goals. I do work from home 20 hours a week though, so that fills some of my time. I'm also a crafter, so there's the optio
  13. Have you MWOD-ed those areas? I have to do serious mobility work on my hips (it makes me feel like an old lady to say I have major hip trouble...I'm 32!) or otherwise I can barely walk in the mornings...especially if I'm doing squats or running on a regular basis.
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