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  1. So apparently I am almost two weeks late to the party. Lol. However, I plan on keeping this challenge going into the summer break, so that should make up for my tardiness. I've started a challenge or two in the passed. However, I maybe lasted three to four days tops, so I still feel like a complete newbie going into this. I know that one of the problems I had, other than my lack of consistency, was that I set too many daily tasks for myself. I was bound to give up before I even started. But no not this time.... This time I'm making things really simple f
  2. So this first week was a mess! But that's ok. Im striving for progress right now, not perfection. The only part I really did well on was the no soda part. I had one Tiki Punch and a sip of Cola. Yay mee !!! (Gotta celebrate the little things too.) Tried a few bites of different veggies here and there. Learned I prefer them raw rather than cooked. Did not eat a salad this week, but I thought about it a lot! lol. Did a few at home work outs, but was in no way consistent. I was on spring break so I did not study this week. This was a crazy busy week for me. Lots of church events in pr
  3. I will definitely let you know if I find one, hopefully it won't take too long. A friend of mine was raving about quinoa this past Saturday. I'm going to look into giving it a try.
  4. I have been trying various veggies and I've noticed that the ones I can tolerate are easier to eat raw. But I can definitely see where that can get boring in the future. I will look into roasting them thank you for the tip!
  5. It's mostly home workouts. Its not super strenuous the first month or so. Its twelve weeks total. I'm just really lazy. A rest day turns into a rest week. lol
  6. 1st 4 Week Challenge Hello fellow Rebels, Royal Rebel here. I know that if I make this too complicated I will find a way to back out in the middle of it. So I've decided to keep it simple this time around. I'm hoping that with one completed challenge under my belt, I will have built up enough momentum to slowly start conquering my bigger goals. So here goes: Diet: Eat a vegetable with one meal a day (I hate vegetables!...But I WILL learn to like them) NO SODA (this won't be to hard. I already don't drink much of it, but I would like to complete weed it ou
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