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  1. Nope no BC here, so it is weird. I think I might have too much estrogen and progesterone and not enough testosterone.
  2. I obviously have something wrong with me, I lift heavy and have no libido, I'm in my 30's and have no libido (unlike in my 20's). I often wonder if the lack of libido is because I already have children so the drive to procreate has been fulfilled. I eat clean, I sleep well, I have lots of energy, spend lots of time outside but I'd prefer to clean the kitchen than have a shag!
  3. I have just noticed that my tummy sticks out and that my back is curved more than it should be, I am going to see my osteo to see if she can help fix my posture, if I tuck my butt under instead of standing with a ducks bum my tummy disappears.
  4. I hate coconut flour, I use it only if I know whatever I am making will overpower it flavour wise, I like coconut but not the flour. I prefer to bake with almond flour, I usually make banana bread for breakfast each day.
  5. Have some fruit, and more starchy veg. Paleo doesn't have to be low carb.
  6. I usually do a light run and if it's really bad arnica can help
  7. My kids wont eat veggies so what I do is cook a bunch of good quality mince meat (chicken for example) and I get a whole bunch of veg, like broccoli, carrot, capsicum, garlic, snow pea's whatever really and I chop it up really fine in my thermomix (or food processor) you don't want to over mix it, it needs to be tiny, tiny pieces, then add this to the meat and then add sauce, with chicken I normally add homemade nut butter and tamari. it's delicious and the kids haven't complained that they are eating veg.
  8. So I can with my right but not with my left, not a surprise as my right is my stronger side
  9. What size are you currently wearing? I bought hot option jeans at target, got them on sale for 20 bucks and bought a 12, they were a bootleg cut and although they are too big now I can still wear them with a belt. Depends where you live too, I'm a canberran and some of my best finds have come from op shops like vinnies and the salvos, just be prepared to wade through loads of crap.
  10. Like the star in the constellation of Orion not Helena Bonham Carter in HP I've headed over to the rebellion for a few different reasons, the first one is that I love talking with like minded people it helps me stay focused and motivated. I was over on MDA but I can't keep up with the traffic over there it's way too busy for me. At the end of last year I made a vow to myself that I will end my year better than I started it and so far I'm coming up roses I started 2011 struggling to keep my weight under control, I'm a bit of a shorty (158 cm's) and was getting quite heavy, I resembled some so
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