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  1. Reporting back! I babied it for a week, and the location of the discomfort moved from the inside of my wrist to the backside, still pinky side. Didn't do any push-up-like positions (bent wrist and load bearing). Got impatient and did some deadlifts and power cleans last night... and all went well! It had been bothering me a bit before I lifted, and the discomfort actually subsided post-lift. I was uncertain how it would take a front rack position for the cleans, but it didn't bother it during or after (I tested the position first with just the bar). I think the mousing issue h
  2. Somehow I have managed to anger my right wrist. It started in yoga the week before camp. During camp it didn't bother me, but I came home, went to yoga again and it blew up at me. Initially it was the heel of my hand hurting (pinky side), but then the pain moved to my wrist, pinky side still. It didn't want to be bent in a push up like position and bear weight. It also got very offended at the idea of false grip on the rings. Then it started hurting while using my mouse at work. I've got it in a brace now, I've been icing it, and just took some ibuprofen. But ton
  3. Phew, super late, but whatever. Adopting the daily habit of stretching has been tough, but I'm getting better and I'm still at it. Now I also have an accountabilibuddy, who is also working on mobility/stretching, and having to personally admit to someone that I missed a day helps a lot towards getting it done. What I learned from this challenge is that when I don't have a routine, like on weekdays, I tend to forget about it, like on weekends. This applies to a lot of behaviors, so I'm going to think about how to create a weekend routine, which will aid me in rememberi
  4. So! I have stretched consistently with only 4 failures in the past 3 weeks. 3 of those were in a row, and the result of conference + a cold + a conference roommate with a broken foot who needed my assistance with stuff, like not being alone going back to the hotel at night. That was August 30, 31 and September 1. Then I simply forgot last Friday, which was lame, no excuse for that one. Thus, I have stretched 19 of 23 days of the challenge so far, and I got measured again on Sunday.... 3 week mark crotch-to-floor measurements: 14.5 cm with right leg forward (0.5
  5. Tuesday, August 23rd, Day 3 of Challenge: stretched!
  6. I have a confession to make: Jean-Claude Van Damme was my first celebrity crush. (Okay, okay it may have been Harrison Ford as Han Solo, but... for the sake of this post, it was Van Damme). I think it was Universal Soldier that got my little 'tween heart all aflutter. It was long forgotten until recently I saw Bloodsport for the first time... And I remembered what all the fuss is about. If you haven't seen Bloodsport, it is basically a film dedicated to Jean-Claude Van Damme's ability to do the splits... ...and make ridiculous yelling faces... (T
  7. Alright, just gonna wrap up the past week... Week 4 in review: 1) Drinking: succeeded 4 of 5 applicable nights, okay 2) Bedtime: got to bed by 10:15 pm 3 of 5 applicable nights, okay 3) Fitness plan: perfect! 4) Steps: I averaged 12k+ steps daily, but totally flubbed Sunday with only ~5k steps (sleeping in & cooking don't involve a lot of walking...): okay 5) Stretching: stretched 5 of 7 days, okay So this week is again an okay/acceptable, which I suppose translates in a C? Maybe I'll be charitable and call it a C+. Yeah, we'll go with tha
  8. Report for Monday, August 8 1) 1/4 of a drink exactly 2h before bed - okay 2) In bed by 10:15 on the nose - success! 3) Monday was a rest day 4) 9,899 steps - close enough, success! 5) kind of short stretch - okay Report for Tuesday, August 9 1) No drinks - success! 2) In bed by 10:35 - bad 3) Tuesday was a yoga day! 4) 10, 588 steps - success! 5) stretched, because yoga - success!
  9. Alright, this past week fsrs got away from me, like oh no you didn't! I'm just going to do the week in review at this point. Week 3 in review: 1) Drinking: succeeded 4 of 5 applicable nights, okay 2) Bedtime: got to bed by 10:15 pm 3 of 5 applicable nights, okay 3) Fitness plan: Things got a little discombobulated, but ran 1x, lifted x1, yoga'd x1, and bike ride x1, shy a work out, but okay 4) Steps: I averaged 13k+ steps per day, but missed one day by almost 2k steps, still I'm going to give it a good 5) Stretching: stretched 5 of 7 days,
  10. Report for Friday, July 29 1) Last drink >2 hrs before bed 2) N/A on weekend 3) Friday was a rest day! 4) 11,562 steps - success! 5) feel asleep on the sofa and forgot - bad Report for Saturday, July 30 1) No drinks near bedtime (day drinking FTW) 2) N/A on weekend 3) Saturday was a yoga day! 4) 12,367 steps - success! 5) stretched, because yoga - success! Report for Sunday, July 31 1) No drinks near bedtime 2) In bed by 10:13 pm - success! (a first! omg why is this so hard?) 3) Sunday was a lifting d
  11. Report for Wednesday, July 27 1) No drinks - success! 2) In bed by 10:35 pm - bad 3) Wednesday was a yoga day! 4) 13,024 steps - success! 5) stretched because yoga - success! Report for Thursday, July 27 1) Beers! stopping at about 9:15pm - bad 2) In bed by 11:05 pm - bad 3) Thursday was a hashing day! 4) 19,785 - excellent 5) did not stretch - bad Obvs hashing clashes with several of my goals, but I figure if I can remember to get my stretch in anyway, and get to bed on time most other nights, it being the exception won
  12. Report for Tuesday, July 26 1) No drinks - success! 2) In bed by 10:25 pm - okay 3) Tuesday was a lifting day! 4) 12,155 steps - success! 5) stretched - success! Still the bed time is the trickiest thing...
  13. Report for Monday, July 25 1) No drinks - success! 2) In bed by 10:21 pm - okay 3) Monday was a rest day 4) 7,737 - bad 5) stretched - success! Bummer, first day I didn't hit my step goal, but overall not too bad. I cooked a rockin' dinner and several lunches, even after getting home late from work. (not a big Twilight fan, but honestly, I couldn't resist this gif)
  14. Report for Friday-Sunday, July 22-24 It was a very hashy weekend, which means bedtimes & drinking rules go out the window... 1) N/A 2) N/A 3) Fri/Sat were running days, Sunday was a rest day 4) All three days involved a lot of running and walking (and swimming/wading) so I didn't wear my band, but I am certain I met/exceeded 10k 5) only managed to stretch on Saturday, not Friday or Sunday But I got a special treat on Sunday when I ran into the tail end of DC NF meet up on accident! Great to see you guys! So first week in review: 1
  15. Report for Thursday, July 21 1) Drinks ending at 9:30 pm - bad+* 2) In bed by 11:55 pm - bad** 3) Thursday was a hashing (running) day - success! 4) 18,698 steps - awesome! 5) stretched - success! *it's a hashing day, so actually, this isn't too bad (for a hashing day...) **final bits of last minute packing had to be done for the hash trip this weekend. Ah, to be organized enough to be packed the weekend before...
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