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  1. Well replacing bad habits with good habits is always a pain in the butt, so I wouldn't hold it against them. But after further thinking, I think I will give this a shot, but it still won't be for awhile, because with winter coming I have to start saving up for de-winterizing my house. XP So in the mean time, I'll stick with a bodyweight program I've found.
  2. ^ What she said ^ Dark chocolate is definitely the way to go (in moderation of course). I've heard that it's the white and milk chocolate that really ramps up the carbs, so avoid those as much as possible.
  3. I've been wondering if that Tai Cheng was for real or another scam. Glad to see it's legit, I've thought about giving it a shot.
  4. The origin of Haakon Fire-walker Current Status: Working Six days a week to prep for winter and holidays, but still squeezing in time for Beginner level exercise and meditation. Decided to prioritize weight loss before muscle build due to them being on different sides of the carbs spectrum. Current weight: 250lbs Master Goal: Become who I was meant to be and rid myself of these afflictions. Main Goals Deadlift 405 lbs (Cause hey, if Steve can strive for it, I can too) Bike up to 20 mph and hold it for a half hour Meditate 30 minutes a day. Get weight down to at least 200 lbs
  5. Seeing the weight scale go from 251 to 250. And listening to slow jazz bar music.
  6. WOO! Weight down to 250 today. Getting close to losing 10% body fat and being promoted from obese rank to overweight rank.
  7. Hah, decisions, decisions. I wish Steve would give new members a free weekend trial so they can decide for themselves if it's really worth the price or not, I mean it sounds fair right? Though I do have one other question, I don't always keep up with the newsletters, so outside of the payment plan, does the academy give special price deals from time to time?
  8. Hi my name is warhorseman, for a while I've been thinking about joining the academy as soon as I've given it enough thought, and have enough money to afford it. When I first started looking at the price, it was $99, personally I didn't think it was that bad of a price, I was more wondering if I could commit to it or not; now that I'm more sure about joining, I saw that the price jumped up to $149, sending doubts into my plan, so now I'm contemplating if the program is really worth the price. A little help please?
  9. Problem is that most I've seen either uses machines or a bench (neither one I have and again I'm strapped on cash nor do I have the space) and the ones that doesn't use machine or bench press are only meant for 'quickie' workouts and nothing real long term. So what would you suggest? Oh that's on a different day, I'm slowly building my way up to exercising 6 days a week, but each day I focus on a different part as the one I've already done is healing. Example: Day one: Upper Body, Day two: Middle Body, Day three: Lower Body, Day four: Upper Body, Day Five: Middle Body Day Six:
  10. Actually it's something I put together, it's purpose is to exercise both parts of the arms, back, and chest. I don't go to the gym (can't afford it) so everything at this point is either self taught or I found on the internet. Ah so that's the proper name then, but how does squats exercise the triceps? As for your last question, this is, again, what I've completed so far. After I reach the 30 mark I would tack on more weight to increase the intensity, either an extra 5 or 10 lbs; then when I reach 30 again, I put on some more, and keep cycling. But at the moment 30 lbs is as far as I ca
  11. That would be pretty funny, lol. No, lol; a tricep curl is when you stand up and bend your upper body forward in a 90 degree angle. Then with the weight in hand, you move your lower arm back to where your glutes are, while your upper arm stays to the side of your torso, not moving at all. Then you just go in a curling motion depending on how many reps you wish to do.
  12. It's muscular soreness, so it's nothing to worry about there. And here is my routine that I've completed thus far. Push Ups: 55 Dead lifts: 30 w/30lbs Bicep Curls: 30 w/30lbs Tricep Curls: 25 w/20lbs Jabs: 60 w/20lbs (30 each arm) Grips: 45 Note that except for Push Ups, Jabs, and Grips, the rest are for each arm. But now that you've brought it up, maybe it is a conditioning issue. Low on Will Power Points, trying to build the habit first before I go too crazy with it.
  13. Hi, I've been weightlifting for the past couple of months, slowly pushing myself to heavier weights and longer reps. I've been doing it twice a week for the sake of moderation and because I don't want to experience burnout. But for the last couple of weeks I've only been able to do it once a week, because it takes that long for my arms to stop aching. Is this normal, or am I doing something wrong?
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