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  1. Thanks, DaveSix, I see you are new here, too, so welcome to you, too! Single-player-mode? I like that, it really describes how I feel in the gym.
  2. Hi all, my name is saretta (ok, it's really Sara, but I always use saretta on-line, go figure) and I am an almost 50 year old skinny chick. Have always been the 90 pound weakling type, though in my 30s that turned into the cellulite-laden, skinny-fat chick. Have always been the sedentary, anti-sports, anti-any-unnecessary-movement, call-me-totally-lazy type. Until I hit my 40s and suddenly fell in love with lifting weights and running. I really don't know how that happened, but thank goodness it did! Now, my goal is to start lifting heavier weights and get more muscle definition. I have so ma
  3. Gosh, I'd love a poptart! But do they make them gluten-free? Think not...pity! Good luck with all your goals!
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