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  1. Weekly Wrap Up: Internal Change: I have not been meditating on things that make me angry, because I am not angry. Interesting. External change: I think I have practiced for an hour at some point this week. I am practicing about 20-30 minutes a night consistently, which is good. Homework Goal: I got up to date on India, a little, and am reading about some of the things I can do to help. It is more active than thoughts and prayers or sending money. This is cool. Relaxation Goal: going to play video games tonight with pizza and maybe a smol alcohol. I have bee
  2. I bit off more than I could chew today. A lot of laundry, had planned to mop, all that kinda fell by the wayside. Was too late at work as well, everything just seemed to take too long. I'm still waiting for my laundry to dry so I can go to bed, but even if I pass out at 10 PM, that's still 9 hours of sleep I can log. easily. I'm writing this instead of doomscrolling. I still think stopping looking at facebook feeds has been healthy. I realized I wanted to post things in response to other people, because I couldn't stand their feeds. No feeds, no posting. I think
  3. I don't think I got to any of my goals this week. I am going to reset and try them again for this upcoming week. For some reason things were busier than expected.
  4. I'm really sorry to hear about your uncle . Thank you for sharing. I hope you find the time you need for yourself.
  5. Recap of the week Internal change: I have been doing better with jut presenting my plans and having attendings tell me whether or not they like it. I've stopped caring a little bit about whether or not I sound smart, or if it works out. I'm just trying to take care of patients. External change: It has been a very good idea to step away from facebook. I am going to continue that this week. I just don't want to see what's on there. I've logged out of every device except the browser where I've replaced newsfeed. This feels good. Did not get started on the LDA lecture Wo
  6. Midweek checking in. I got my book for my homework goals. Gonna start on LDAs. I decluttered when I got back after vising home. Internal change: this has been hard. I feel like a bad doctor, and let's be honest, it can be really hard to do my job when patients yell at me. Trying to de-escalate them or find a way out has been hard. External change: this was way easier than I expected. I only skim it occasionally and can stop myself pretty quickly- I stop scrolling any time I get annoyed by a post, so I don't get very far at all. Workout Adjustments: Today
  7. ook time for the standard weekend navel gazing and deciding what to do next week. Flexibility is going to be the name of the game. I am going to aim to structure my blocks of Workout, Relaxation, Practice, and Homework around worktime. Lessons I learned this week Workout: I still hate running. It only makes sense as a mode of transportation. Relaxation: I sleep better if I schedule this before bed. Practice: I need to have different levels of difficulty in my music so I can do easier stuff on more taxing days, and harder stuff on easier work days. Homework:
  8. Gettin back on the scale and still being at goal weight like wooooo. It's really nice to see some progress. Physical: I am still pretty tired in the afternoons which has made working out challenging. I'm always trying to keep my 30 minutes of cardio, even if I am too exhausted to do weights. I finally broke out my 30lb KB the other day for some swings, and it wasn't as horrible as I was expecting. I went for a run today Running still makes me want to die. I also tried my hand at bechemel to make a mac and cheese; not the healthiest thing, but it was fun and I offset it wi
  9. So I have decided this is the only way I am living my life right now I guess a check in to where I am Physically: I am back on the fitness ball. My weight is my usual stable. I don't know if I am going to be able to lose more; my scale seems really erratic (I am +/- 5 pounds or more every day, which seems weird), and I might get a different one. I am doing a lot more self care than I used to. I am still doing mini vacations at night which have helped with sleep. I haven't had a "sleepless night" since January. Or maybe december. Investing in my phys
  10. I feel this in my bones. Good heavens. This is incredible. I adore this response. Such amaze. Much awesome. Wow. Yay!!! This is so great. I am glad the observation and communication led to a positive change. I am the same way. The sun wipes me out. Every time I call a dermatologist for a patient, before they give me recommendations they stop me to say I need the highest SPF available, at all times, yes even in the winter for five minutes. So exciting that you are finally back to in person aikido!!! That's awesome, what a re
  11. Hey, I am sorry I am late to the party. Hugs for all of your prior sads. It's great that you've been able to catch up on sleep recently; I have watched the full snyder cut and I gotta be honest, I like it better than the original justice league cut because of the depth it gives the characters. Although will anything be as good as Young Justice? will it? Doubtful. Gonna have to watch Raya now, tho. Thank you for the review! I like your idea of meditation triggers; that sounds really smart. I am glad nothing has happened lately and you have t
  12. Hoo boy. It has been some time. As always, want to thank anyone who has taken the time to stop by and read. I appreciate you looking in on my journey. I'm hoping to get back to looking in on everyone else's soon. After my last challenge, I felt close to my baseline fitness level again. I have been realizing that non-hospital months are good for returning to baseline or making progress. Hospital months are for not losing ground. I have been working on cooking and baking more. Specifically cooking. I want to do more healthy meals for myself that don't just involve
  13. oof. I am very tired. I learned this week that trying to do "lots of body part specific exercises" may not work well for 28hr call months. I was post call yesterday and very tired. Body: so as above, have figured out that having leg days, and arm days, and core days are difficult things to have when on 28 hrs call. I think it would be wise to make adjustments for my last week to account for being very tired. Brain: Lots of little tasks are easy to do and spread out. I really like my anti-anxiety journal. I felt much better after using it. I am looking forwar
  14. That does make sense. I started off with doing extra music, especially at the hospital, and that seemed to go well. But! I also ended up baking, and gave away more than half of what I made to my co-residents, which they greatly appreciated. I'm lucky to have such nice friends to eat all the things I make. Thank you about the reminders for giving the self some slack. The self has needed to be given some slack on mistakes this week. Post vacation blues are very real. It has certainly been a challenge adjusting back. All I want is to sleep and do nothing, but
  15. since it's me and I'm back from vacation, obviously the update is late and I got very heckin sidetracked. Monday was a travel day, and Friday/Saturday got unexpectedly sidetracked by the human. Body: I am hanging in there and very glad to be back with my bike and my weights. I've escalated S&S to swings with the 25lber, which has been smooth. I am finding working out at home, I can usually get it all done in 50 minutes. That may or may not be sustainable once I hit q4 28s, but we'll see. Brain: I have been doing a LOT of paper reading since I am work
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