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    ATLA: Treva vs the Fire Nation/Ozai

    Actually... people have been testing that hypothesis. As long as necessary seems to be a common conclusion. Oh! Thank you for providing me with a summary of the data! Considering my love life is so bad I can't even find the romance novels I want at the bookstore, as long as necessary/possibly indefinitely is reassuring. This has been so important. I have figured out I don't know what to do yet, but I do know I don't want it to take forever or to be all consuming. I also know that I need more naps before I make decisions Okay so starting this week off mostly strong! Monday did not do too much; I have been practicing buckets and buckets, and have to limit myself to 3 hours a day because my wrist and elbow are starting to act up. However, if I take some time now to change my technique, I have enough repertoire that I feel like I could practice more than that. Healthy eating and hydrating have been steady, and I've picked up on and off meditating again. I found that doing some body scans takes about five minutes, so that's a good focused meditation I can start banking on again. Sleep has been steady, and now that I am feeling better I am easing myself back into exercise. I was afraid I would have lost my gains taking the week and a half off, but I think I can mostly pick up where I stopped. I can always do better on my sword progress, my swapping out of desserts, and my yoga. I keep wanting to make things a more regular practice, but there are usually time sensitive tasks that need to get done at night for the next day that end up taking priority. I am hoping this dies down soon; if not, I will make some adjustments. Steadily knocking off tasks to be done. I have one more that has to be done in person at school, and the rest I can accomplish at home away from school. Personal log: Did some cleansing cleaning out of closet and of paperwork on monday, which was why I didn't make it to the gym. I spent the whole day debulking my closet. It was therapeutic. The physical act of letting go of clothes from other times in my life was good for mentally letting go of baggage. I am in a much healthier place. Going to buy myself some books to be shipped home for the end of holy week. This has been a doozy to get through, and I'm looking forward to taking some real time off, where I can focus only on the things I want.
  2. LAST CHALLENGE OF MED SCHOOL!!! Time to bring it all together and work on balancing school with training, life, and music. Cue a bunch of Uncle Iroh Gifs about Finding Balance and Being a Good Human. I am on my last rotation of medical school, and have some of my last playing gigs with this challenge, so I guess this is all a fitting conclusion. Of note: I did match, and I matched to my #1 program, which I am REALLY EXCITED ABOUT GUYS. I still have no idea what I want to do with my life, but I’m getting to stay (which I wanted). I’ve got my base conditioning still under my belt, and I haven’t completely forgotten everything I’ve learned. Probably in the best shape I’m going to be if I want to defeat the fire nation. Or, worst case scenario, post a bunch of Iroh Gifs about Tea Firebending: Music Practice 30 min daily Daily Sword practice Daily Yoga Condition for battle: Strength training Daily KB Cardio Physical Health: Eat Healthy at any cost Sleep 6-8 hours Dessert Swap: less chocolate, find something else. Uncle Iroh is The Ideal Mentor: HYDRATE. Study for the final exam--daily if possible Keep working on the Intern Survival Guide Daily meditation Guerilla warfare against the Fire Nation: I’m using HabitBull to track my challenge (many thanks to @Toshimi who suggested it! I really like it). okay, I splurged and got a premium account, because, well, I have no impulse control and couldn’t imagine myself trying to function on only 5 things. I figure than it’s cheaper than a personal trainer or life coach. Halfway Point: Conditions to survive Day of Black Sun: Greater than 50% of End of Challenge: Conditions to Defeat the Fire Nation and Fire Lord Ozai: Greater than 75% of Off we go!! And I may come back to post more uncle Iroh gifs...because...yeah I gotta.