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  1. I took your advice and did that this week. Swapping grocery store services has given me enough extra in my weekly budget to try something new. We will see how they go. If it works, it's a lunch that costs less than 5$/day. Yes. Yes yes yes. It's so nice to be able to roll in, say we gotta do this thing, and then just...do the thing. Right. I some home, I watch some TV and try to get reset. Online dating is the worstest, and I think it is a waste of time now. I started looking for choirs. I am technically part of one, but with all the gigs I have coming up it's hard to be consistent anywhere. I think now is as good a time as any to wrap up the challenge. Fun Non Mandatory Things to Do this Month -Bake - Did this. Tried 2 new recipes; turkish delight and a pumpkin bread. The turkish delight was great, and I'll do a swiss merengue again for sure. I just won't bake it too@ -Redo my bathroom – done. Love it. went high contrast to counterbalance the gray wash it actually. Game changer. -Work on some Vierne - also did this. -work on novels - did not do as much of this. Template for Updates BWV 614 Progress: notes are learned, I'm in the polishing and performance stage. Yoga Habit: I am doing it, which is better than before, and it feels more achievable. I can still do the poses with my old yoga/pilates teacher. Meyers Square habit: I have been taking videos each week of my form. It is actually better, and I can tell I'm less halting. I am also starting to see where being able to work with a full length weapon for point control would be helpful. And I learned double cuts this week! Pilates: Restarted this habit. Swim: Restarted this habit and made a friend S&S: Restarted this habit. Nutrition notes: Frozen proteins and add vegetables for the win. I need a bigger freezer! I am down 3 pounds from the beginning of the challenge. I would like to lose three more. Sanity/discipline notes: I am re-visiting my performance practice and mentally conducting myself in before starting. I feel like there's a difference in my music. I did not do much journaling Sleep notes: I splurged already for blackout curtains. I live in a city where it is bright and noisy, and when I need to do a lot of night shifts, blackout curtains will make a difference. Started melatonin and Vitamin D - I am starting to feel better. Extras from this challenge - started doing some cardio - went back to one-legged-stands-on-the-bosu-ball-because-balance-is-important. - a mentor passed away and I got to look through his music library. It was a peaceful way to deal with my grief. And I doubled my music library for free, with music I think he would have wanted me to have. Silly stuff, fun stuff, notes from him. - I did adult things like banking, budgeting vacation planning, and passport renewal stuff. - I had an honest talk with my parents about egg freezing/dating apps/etc, and they took it well. I'm making responsible planning choices for where I am with my life, and knowing that while the world is full of miracles, they don't happen on a schedule. - I spent a whole afternoon with a new friend. It was so great. Week 1 Grade: 50% Week 2 Grade: 75-80% Week 3 Grade: 75% - bonuses for doing a Hard Procedure at work Week 4 Grade: 65% Summary - I would give myself a 65% grade for this challenge, probably 70% if I want to count confidence gains. Since I met 50%, I let myself get one thing, which was new thermal blackout curtains. I didn't need to spend more than $20 for some new music (STAT barber adagio for strings) - someone unexpectedly passed away. Looking forward for big picture stuff S&S: I want to work on building back to 25lb swings and 20 lb TGUs. I'm at 10 and 10. Swimming: I still want to meet a goal of once per week. Pilates: I still want to meet a goal of once per week. Yoga: I want to do 2 poses+balancing, daily. Longsword/Foil: I am at the point where having a gym and a place to practice with a full length weapon would be helpful. I'm not picky whether I do foil or longsword. It will be hard for me to commit to something this month, but in the next three I want a practice space. I'll add captains wheel to my solo drills. Finding solo drills and patterns I can just do and not have to make up myself and feel dumb about has been so helpful. Most progress I've made since I learned the master strikes. Prelim Plan for Next Challenge
  2. oh no. I am really glad you were able to get access to paxlovid. Did they warn you about potential rebound, when you stop taking the medication? Anecdotally, definitely has kept people out of the hospital, especially those with an underlying lung disease I would worry about. I am sorry to hear about the loss of your dance teacher. That's awful. I'm sorry. That is a very productive covid infection. Geeze. I am glad it sounds like you don't have a severe mental fog at the moment. And that people are chipping in while you should be on the couch, doing nothing, and getting the rest. Enabler brain wants to tell you that 10 hours is awesome and you should do as much of the sleeping, hydration, and good nutrition as you want. But I know it's important to get back to the regular working. I hope you are done, done, done with the covid and you're feeling better today.
  3. I just screamed in disbelief. ALL the ortho bros know what TGUs are!!! For shame! ❤️ right back at you Dear GB, With all due respect, where the hell does a normal human find an hour in their day to stretch Regards, Literally all of us. That is so much time spent stretching! So much! I do not know enough to know if it is beneficial but geeze! Sorry, not over it, will keep further comments to self. I LOVE this. Do you name all your kettlebells? Do we get to learn the names of your kettlebells? This is a looser format? It seems quite structured. Based on what you've told me, it seems like you can probably use both of these techniques to build a really rich book and world. Should be fun and exciting! I'm always in the homebrew camp, but I am also widely known as crazy. It seems like all three options offer you good benefits - the brute forcing though seems like the least appealing, because you're dealing with an injury and "forcing" anything is a good way to get another one. Can I ask what you mean by thoracic work? Legit curious. Maybe you can homebrew a combination of the resources you're using to achieve the functional end that you want. Maybe I am also missing a point you made somewhere, so correct me if I am wrong. I'm glad you're able to do more on the mats and ortho gave you an ok to do more!
  4. Thank you! I am learning how to be comfortable and set boundaries with people I may not always want to be around. And it’s really nice to know who my friends are. Thank you so much for the support! I am learning to be OK with doing what I can when I can, and being patient for the times when I can lean into music and exercise. I do! It really helps to have a keyboard and an organ at home. Aww. Shucks. Thanks Kishi ^_^. indeed, eff the condescending people! I stayed focused on my work, which helped. It came out alright. The flavors are authentic, but the texture is off. I think i needed to cook the sugar to a higher temperature. But it may still be fun to make tea out of - there’s an Amnesia themed drink that involves melting turkish delight in milk. BWV 614 Progress: pretty good! Notes are learned, a few things to woodshed, and then ready for polish Yoga Habit: 4 /7 Meyers Square habit: 4/7 Pilates: 1 /1 Swim: 1 /1 substituted walking S&S: 1/1 Nutrition notes: I leaned a little on the bar shaped foods this week. The special k bars are ok, but the nutrigrain I know is too heavy on the sugar. My calorie count check in is 900 calories not including my dinner. I think thats fair; I’m probably eating 500-600 calories for dinner and dessert. The plan of small protein filled bases that i can dump frozen veggies in has worked out well and made it easy to eat healthy even when I’m tired. Sanity/discipline notes: I did feedback with my team today, and it went well. I am continuing to feel more confident, and I understand my own haptics well. I am doing much better with procedures; not always the prettiest, but they are clean and effective. The difficulty in doing my meyers square comes from getting home late or after 9 pm, and needing to turn around and be back at work at 7 am. If you want to get eight hours of sleep, its just enough time to shower, clean up, call home, and go to bed. I’m still getting over the not enough time aspect. Sleep: abysmal. I wake up three or four times a night, but I can usually fall back asleep quickly. I’m lingering less in bed, because I feel like I can make a difference and do quality work at my job. … … … So anyways I want to make friends first and figure out dating second. Maybe I’ll join a HEMA club. Or a choir. Open to suggestions!
  5. I wonder if it is a general cultural shift. You are right, if people are looking for workouts that involve movement or cardio workouts, my friends are more into the cult followings like peleton, orange theory, or CrossFit. Part of the appeal seems to be it's pseudoscience and I gotta be honest, a lot of them feel like they offer quick easy guaranteed gains. Most martial arts are dedicated practices that require commitment, which doesn't hit the instant gratification button as hard. Peleton practically sells itself as an endorphins program. That said, why someone would choose to flip tires over learning to wreck somebody is beyond me. You could probably HIIT-ify a whole lot of combat drills and call it KendoTheory or something, make a mint. I hope you're able to hire more staff at work. The idea of a steady job with a 40 hour work week as a science PhD has got to be appealing to anyone with sense. Academia has all the gilt, but way more risk.
  6. Wow does work sound like it's truly on fire on fire some of the time. I'm glad you've found a lot of techniques to help with your rehab and getting you back to fighting. But whoa I am so sorry you've been feeling bitter. Injuries suck and can make us question our why way more than is appropriate. There's the Kishi we all know and love. Work ethic beats talent every time. It sounds like you've approached your sense of failure with a healthy attitude and an honest nonjudgemental look at where you are and where you'd like to be. From what I know of you, you have always struck me as someone who's training is a part of their "why", and that a drive for constant improvement is a part of you. I'm glad you decided to keep going; I confess I'd worry if you didn't. For what it's worth, you're still our a** kicking guild leader. Hoping your appointment goes well; but you seem prepared to optimize your workout and your work ethic in either case. The orthopods are usually invested in getting their athletes to return to play - most of them are athletes themselves and know how important that is. I hope they give you some good news.
  7. So, as expected, it was hard to update this last week - but not as hard to do the challenge! Fun Non Mandatory Things to Do this Month -Bake - doing this today! I'm trying to make turkish delight, and going to try swiss buttercream for the first time. -Redo my bathroom – done! I like it much better. I am stuck with a gray bathroom, so I went with high contrast and pops of pink. Works well. -Work on some Vierne - also did a little bit of this. -work on novels BWV 614 Progress: I didn't touch it as much this past week, but I am still working on bach g minor Yoga Habit: 5 /7 Meyers Square habit: 5 /7 Pilates: 1/1 +bonus 15 minutes bike cardio. Swim: 1/1 S&S: 1/1 Nutrition notes: I have been better about packing small snacks and trying to get through the fruits first. The mealprepping I did before makes things a little easier for me to tackle too - even if I come home hungry and tired, it takes 10 minutes to both make dinner and set my meals up for the next day. Sleep notes: I think this is better? I'm waking up intermittently in the middle of the night, but I still feel more rested the next day. I'm back on melatonin and vitamin D. Discipline: I made it through the practice newsletter, and I am doing most of the things they recommend musicians do to perform well. I do need to work on my performance practice - I think conducting myself into a piece is the best way to start. Sanity and work stuff: I am finding my friends at work, and finding out who is a good colleague. This is normal. I am also in a better place at work - I have conquered a lot of the things that frighten me, and I know now I can do all the important things associated with the job. I am trying to not let it get to me at work when people are patronizing or condescending. I just remind myself of all the other cool things that I've done, and it helps me not lose my head. I think this is a a 60% success week from a working out perspective, but a 70-80% success week with the progress at work. So far so good. Looking ahead, I may not be able to make it to the pool for week 4, so I'm going to substitute long walks.
  8. I am probably watching a little TV, journaling, and having some chocolate. Two of those things are probably a bad idea. I could switch over to audiobooks, or regular books before bedtime. I do like regular books. The journaling is helpful, and I can probably keep that one. Weekly Wrap Up, and Goals for next week. BWV 614 Progress: I didn't work as much on this one this week, but it's pretty much to tempo (since it's so slow!). Yoga Habit: 5 /7 Meyers Square habit: 5 /7 I've added 15 minutes of cardio 3x this week and it's been good. I could continue that trend, but not adding pressure on myself. Pilates: 1 /1 Swim: 1/1 S&S: 1/1 Weekly Hacks Nutrition: mealprepped, and picked salads instead of large pasta dishes at our provided lunches this week. Discipline: subscribed to a newsletter on how to build better performance practices from one of my favorite music blogs. Sanity: Spent the whole afternoon and evening yesterday with another girl from my program. Was so nice to find someone I had so much in common with from a personal perspective! Sleep notes: The last two nights I have been garbage, so I grabbed the melatonin again. Also some vitamin D to start taking, to help with my mood (maybe, who knows). Overall, this is probably a 75-80% success this week. Looking ahead - next week things get busy again. Finding a day to do S&S will be the hardest, but if I can get out even one day at a reasonable time, I can do it. Wednesday will be a big swim and nutrition day. I am going to note that goals will change slightly for the last week. I won't have access to a pool or to my KBs, so I may choose to focus on yoga and pilates only that week.
  9. I try to remind myself of this all the time. I know all the microadjustments my body has to do when I'm practicing a balancing pose, so I should be able to translate that to daily life, right? should, being the key words here. Thank you. Your words of encouragement are always appreciated and helpful. Yeah! Yeah. I've started taking to sending adorable animal videos to friends I haven't heard from in a while. Wildly successful thus far. Thank you for this. That makes a lot of sense. Something that is concordant with figuring out how to lighten the workload was a surgeon today saying that before she would go do something she was a little unsure of, would ask herself "Am I a fate worse than death?". If the answer is no, do the thing. If the answer is yes, wait for help. So, being unsure and not being as experienced as somebody else doesn't make me a fate worse than death, and it might make me the only person for the job since my bosses have other things they need to do. You're right. They need to have less things on their plate, so I have to do the procedures. Thanks! Swimming is therapy. You and your previous therapist are on the money. People would be better communicators if they slept more. And I would be better at my jobs if I slept more too. So, I took tonight "off", meaning, I did less studying and practicing and more unwinding since today was long. BWV 614 Progress: Started, working on it, didn't do any today because I wanted to give myself a bit of a break. Yoga Habit: 4/7 Been doing this before swords. Good idea. Meyers Square habit: 3 /7 I added 15 minutes of bike cardio today, just to get back into it. Pilates: 0/1 - on the schedule for tomorrow or friday. Swim: 0/1 - on the schedule for saturday S&S: 1/1 I added overarm rows to help with some work demands. Nutrition notes: I am back to listening to my body, and eating when I feel hungry. I am trying to hydrate more, not to stave off hunger, but because I need it. Switching grocery delivery services allowed me to buy more fresh fruits and veggies and stay under budget (!!!) Sanity: doing better, but haven't been journaling. I want to get on that tonight. Sleep notes: I stopped taking my melatonin for the last week or so. I think I get somewhat better sleep, but it's still taking me a long time to fall asleep. I'm also realizing my inability to get out of bed in the morning is not because I'm lazy, or I hate everything, or I'm depressed. It's because I'm tired and I spent so much time out of my bed, it's nice to be in it as long as possible! I just hate getting out of it, and that is ok. Setting myself up in the morning so I can sleep in as much as possible is officially the way to go. So far Sleep: improved, need to get better at going to bed on time and waking up as late as possible. Terror is the only way to get me out of bed at this point. Yoga: success! Sanity: gotta work on this more.
  10. Treva

    Monk's Monastery

    I realized I may have never shared this. I feel this number from Galavant is an important cultural touchstone for our monastery
  11. Makes sense. I am learning that for all the times I've forgotten to text someone back, someone hasn't replied to me either. I had a meeting with one of my bosses - routine - where we talked about working on my confidence. I don't think I'm in bad shape, and she says I'm still doing well and meeting or exceeding my milestones. I think I was feeling intimidated by my colleagues, but then after talking to one of them later realized I didn't have to feel that way. We talked about a journal to work on, and she gave me a hug at the end, and I think it will be fine. Summary and Things to try for next week. BWV 614 Progress: Started. I love having forscore on my ipad. It makes practice so much easier. Again, a bach piece being "easy" is new to me. Yoga Habit: I GOTTA DO THIS. I unrolled my mat next to my bed so I have no excuse. If all I do is childs pose every night, this is success. Meyers Square habit: Working out well. My poster came in so I don't have to set up youtube every time I want to work on my form. I've found I can get through 5 sets in the amount of time it takes to heat up dinner - perfect. I'm going to work on perfecting basic footwork and long full strikes this week. Pilates: I GOTTA DO THIS. Swim: this is the best thing I did for myself this week. I had to share a lane which meant talking to someone (yay meeting people), and my muscles hurt less getting out of the pool than getting in. Win! May try 2x this week. S&S: once a week is good. I did it with the 5 lb kb just to get things moving again, and I should be able to up my swings to 10lbs this week. Nutrition notes: Going well. Now that I am in my apartment and away from all the treats at home, I can stick to my usual deserts of low sugar dark chocolate, or tea. My skin is actually looking better. Sanity notes: Use my CBT journal 3x a week I had such a nice talk with my friend this week; it was lovely to reconnect with him. We talked about how I have been doing, and how he and I have both been in and out of therapy over the years - I usually get discharged quickly and told I'm fine. After discussing this with him, he finally said "I think you're actually fine and really don't need therapy. We (musician scientists) just exist in a constant state of identity crisis." We talked and agree that balance is a lie and sometimes I will need to do more music, sometimes I will need to do more science, this is The Way, and I have achieved enough mastery in both that as long as one side does not lapse for too long, I can still be reasonably good at both. I want to leave work on time over the next month to be awake enough to use my journal. Sleep - I'm adding this because I think it's a much bigger impact on my mood and functioning than I appreciated. I probably need 8-9 hours a night, and only get 6-7. I want to target not just 8 hours in bed, but 8 hours of real, high quality shuteye. TL;DR - swim again, maybe more than once - prioritize pilates, yoga, journaling habit, sleep - swords gonna sword. S&S escalation this week.
  12. Awwwww. Yay elf. That sounds delightful! I hope the game is a fun addition to your week.
  13. Lots to catch up on. I'm sorry your shoulder isn't doing well! Your ortho sounds sensible in that he's prescribing exercises with a "return to play" plan. True. There unfortunately is no perfect program; no one can write up a program and say it'll work for everyone's body mechanics. We all have different alignments (altho chaotic good is the best I will not be taking questions XD) Based on what I'm reading, you almost certainly will be able to go back. Rehab twice a day is interesting, I've not seen that recommended before; it may be that you can work up to twice a day. Yes, 100% agree scheduled drills over a blitz will be better for your shoulder. oh man dance is such a brilliant way to get some footwork in. Glad you're getting that cardio too! Not that you aren't already, but I wonder if this is a good opportunity to figure out what in your body mechanics didn't like the exercise you were doing - but I know you're already very in tune with your movements!
  14. BWV 614 Progress: Started today. It was easier than I thought to begin, and it will be a fun one to learn. Definitely will be ready for February. Yoga Habit: 2/7 Meyers Square habit: 4/7 Pilates: 0/1 Swim: 1/1 S&S: 1/1 Sanity: I have stopped taking my melatonin, and working on dealing with my anxiety more. I have been writing down the things that make me anxious, or the things I need to do the next day, to help settle my brain. I missed out on Pilates when a friend came over to chat, which was nice. I haven’t had a friend I can be honest with in a while. He and I reconnecting came at s good time for both of us. I am not as bad a friend as I thought I was. I would call this a solid start, especially since it is after not doing anything at all.
  15. *Hands you a towel and an extra shot of espresso* I am sorry your holiday was stressful! I hope you get a chance to recover!
  16. I'm pre-espresso, but you seem to have the right of it. My understanding of challenges and nerdfitness psychology, as a whole, is to listen to your body and work with it. It sounds like you're trying healthier habits that involve listening to your body signals, which sounds very much within the spirit of challenges and the fitness goals of this site as I understand them. To me, getting up early one day a week to do a fitness thing doesn't seem like it's out of keeping with your goals either. I feel like even the best writers have moments where I can tell they're infodumping. Even in Good Omens and a lot of Terry Pratchett. So...you're in prestigious company? I hope the ortho visit goes ok!
  17. It is a little swanky. Not excessively fancy, but safe and spacious enough for my needs. I am content. You are correct! It is soooo soooo sooooooooo nice to have things stay clean. I clean them. And then no one puts anything on counters except me!! I am luxuriating in it. i don’t mind; pulmonary and critical care. It’s intense, and I have a lot to learn and improve on, but I enjoy it. Thank you for asking!! —————- BWV 614 Progress: not started. Traveled back yesterday. Yoga Habit: 0/7 Meyers Square habit: 1/7 Pilates: /1 Swim: /1 S&S: /1 Nutrition notes: Made marshmallows today, but also made a healthy lunch and breakfast instead of grabbing some fast food. Sanity/discipline notes: I am harder on myself than I need to be. Especially when it comes to interpersonal interactions. There’s a big “I am not enough” monster in the brain to conquer this challenge.
  18. Tuning in to cheer you on! As always, the rest of us can learn from your wisdom and insight in your goals. I hope the fun and prioritization go well!
  19. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. I really appreciate hearing your story. I am sorry for the roads that may have been difficult, hard, or lonely. This is a lovely idea. Getting into a habit of talking about good things is a great January challenge idea. Definitely not nothing. We are glad you are here. Thanks for coming. Following along!
  20. The returnee club grows! May I offer you a “how the heck did we get this old” in your time of trial? Love the TMNT regrouping reference! Congratulations on being a major teacher in the area! May your first challenge back be as successful as literally every time Splinter kicked the bad guy booty.
  21. I am also here to support you in your early sleeptime goals! Something I am working on too. Nice to see lots of unity for sleep on the forums!
  22. Evening all. Here to join the coffee party. Lots of espresso, please, in your largest vessel. (Side note: I know caffeine infusions are not treatment for mood disorders, but the gif was super cute and mostly applicable.)
  23. Yes. I finally finished residency and started my fellowship, which has been lovely. I Am!!!! Thank you for asking! I am living in my own one bedroom that I can keep as clean as I like! I am so less stressed and depressed. It is so nice to have control of my surroundings. I can vacuum and mop and take out the trash and do dishes to my hearts content. I have granite cleaner!! Thank you! it is, although there were several months of absolute chaos. Including failed attempts at online dating I have all but given up on. And, well, the apocalypse. That too. yes! I almost did nanowrimo. I have a bunch of WIPs but I’m not sure any are worthy of reading yet. A lot of work still to be done on them.
  24. It was A Thing! God. The plague. Oof. I know I have many apologies to you and the rest of the guild, even though work was slightly apocalyptic for several years. This all sounds awesome and well deserved! I love the cat tree moving and the fact that the house has *stayed clean*. What a triumph. hope you have a lovely week zero!
  25. Fel-low monk! Fel-low monk! Also hey fellow returnee to challenges! I love how organized and detailed your challenge is. I hope the rest of your planning week goes well!
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