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  1. Hahaha that's probably my husband! We both play here in Dallas! Thank you for the wonderful encouragement!!!
  2. It's been going well! I haven't found one yet - I tried a peach one and a savory one with cheese, but they weren't awesome. Tomorrow I'm trying peanut butter though! What are some of your favorite recipes??
  3. Thank you so much for the reply! My husband actually pointed out the introductions thread, so I'll probably stop by there as well. I'm actually a physical therapist, so I'm not really new to exercise and activity, I've just really been struggling with motivation lately!! As for bad weather, luckily I'm down in Texas, so while the weather is variable, it's usually pretty doable. Plus, my apartment has an indoor gym with a treadmill! Although dog and I don't really mind running in the rain. Thank you again for the advice and the encouragement! I really appreciate it!
  4. Hey y'all! I'm new to the forum (and to forums in general), but I'm super excited! I've heard awesome things about this community and can't wait to get into it. Diet Goals -Eat fresh fruit instead of sweets at least 2x/week -Find an oatmeal recipe I like and integrate into breakfasts -Keep red meat to 1x/week Fitness Goals -Run 2 miles 2 days/week (with the pup!) -Go hard at Gaelic football practice 2x/week -Lift weights 2x/week (legs one day, arms another day) Life Goals -Do my effing laundry for real -Clean my car Looking forward to going ham with y'all!
  5. Hey friends! I'm a physical therapist down in Texas, so I'm not new to fitness but I am new to NerdFitness. I've heard awesome things and I'm super pumped about it! Can't wait to train with y'all! Diet Goals Eat fresh fruit as a snack instead of Doritos. Fitness Goals Run 2 miles twice a week Stretch 3 times a week Life Goals Do my effing laundry for real
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