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  1. After a long absence of doing nothing and paying the price for it mentally as well as physically I have made my return. I am using what I learned from the past while looking forward to the future. My goals starting out are going to be simple, running, bodyweight work out and core work out, while having fun. Running, this weekend 9/18 I hit my 28th year in a row running my towns 5k, keeping the streak alive. As for this 6 week challenge I'm going to be looking for another race in late October which will get me out and running more, shooting for running 25 minutes 4 days a week and a longer run of 40-50 minutes, and slowly build up to 30 mins and an hour long run, not really worrying about my distance just time for now, I'll worry about distance when I start getting ready for a spring half marathon. Body weight 3 days a week, pull ups, push ups, inverted body rows, bw squats and lunges. Start out small maybe sets of 5 each 3 times and either add sets or add on to the sets to build up to 10 each mid winter Core, two days a week, have a super simple hard core work out that takes all of 5 minutes to do, but is super effective on building core strength Diet, continue to make oatmeal for breakfast and find simply healthy easy meals for dinner. Try to start bringing more salad for lunch. Work out with my daughter, my daughter has shown an interest in throwing the shotput and discuss for Track, so I'm going to start doing the bw workout with her a few times a week, to not only bond with her but also help her get herself ready for the track season, I believe the school she goes to also does indoor track which I believe has indoor shotput, We will both check on that Library, go to the library with the kids once a week, which will get me to read more, which will make more time for myself, which is something I was told needs to be done Hike on the weekends with the kids and dog, Life can't simply be about doing non-stop chores or running around crazy, need to make time for myself but also enjoy the kids while they are still young and want to do things with me.
  2. Ran my 25th in a row hometown 5k over the weekend, and after not running or working out as much as I should I finished in 24:42 which is just under a 8 min pace, which for the low mileage I've put in over a year and a half I'm actually happy with. Now I'm actively looking to do a 5k race once a month just to keep up the training but also marking down a half marathon in April and October. Day 1 of 100 push ups 2 sets of 15 with rest in between; have two of the three sets done will get the last set in before dinner tonight Also booo getting ready to close down the pool this weekend, where the hell did summer go?
  3. So after taking some time off I feel like I'm back in a groove, I have a good test 5k coming up this weekend that will tell me where I'm at What I'm going to do Build my running base by running consistently and making sure I get my long runs in on the weekend Body weight and core work out, split 2 days of strength and two days of core Diet, bring on the salad and overnight oats with creating a family friendly easy dinner plan Did a max push up test yesterday and managed to get 30, doing a flat fast 5k this weekend and after all my training runs have been hilly it should be interesting
  4. Would you like some Salt and Vinegar Cucumber chips and Tzatziki sauce?
  5. After taking some time off and slowly getting back into a routine, I'm going to do max tests and continue to build my base 1. Mile test, see how slow/fast I can run a mile around the track 2. Push up test, push ups until exhaustion 3 Pull ups, until exhaustion 4. Burpees
  6. Trust me there is magic in iced coffee I have a new title I'm going to be shooting for; “Wizards of Mountain Goatery”
  7. Does no one drink iced coffee?? Just brew it a little extra strong and throw it over ice.
  8. I am the type of person that says "That sounds awful, Lets do it!!!" so I saw on my fitness tracker that Asics was having a virtual blue jean mile run for charity that supports National Alliance on Mental Illness of New York City, so I have until Sunday to run a mile in blue jeans, I'm going to use this as a painful fitness test and work on it to see how much I can improve in one year. https://www.asics.com/us/en-us/blog/johnny-gregorek-smsb-blue-jean-mile.html
  9. We have a monthly white board calendar, 8x 11 magnetic white board for the fridge and a small chalk board that hangs right outside the bathroom
  10. The more we become connected the taller the trench coat we are going to need; way way in the future we are going to be swearing in Chinese like in Firefly So we did a thing...... this is Rose Petal aka Rosie, she is a Australian Cattle Dog mix, slowly trying to get her to become my running/hiking partner.
  11. Do you have a crockpot (slow cooker)? Super easy recipe that's a big hit in my house is cooking chicken breast in salsa all day in the crockpot pulling it and serving it almost like a chicken taco; I put any left overs on salad or just even a packet of white rice. 2 chicken breast medium jar of salsa cook all day on low in a crock pot
  12. Whereas I haven't been consistent with my weekday runs I have a two week streak of getting out and doing my "long" runs 5-6 milers, last Sundays run was on the part of the bike path I've been complaining about; let me just say that is going to be my new long run route until it's impassable with snow, then I'll just switch to my snowshoes haha
  13. Non-fitness related w00t, so I have a business side and a personal side, personal side and business side are two completely different people. Business me is more matter of the fact get shit done, personal me is full of anxiety of not wanting to bother anyone; so buying a new car called a couple of car dealers to set up test drives, found one that we like, well within the price range we wanted so we went with it. I just called the couple of car dealers and told them that I was canceling the appointments and that I bought a car; instead of the grilling I thought I was going to get it was cool congratulations thanks for the call to cancel.
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