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  1. What better way to jump back into using nerdfitness.com than to do a daily challenge 😄
  2. OTF this morning before work Hello Fresh leftovers for lunch -- shrimp with jasmine rice I did a good job with getting my water in today -- didn't meet my daily goal but came closer than yesterday.
  3. I had to take several days off from exercising because I somehow pulled my groin muscle. I worked out on Tuesday and even during that workout the muscle felt weird. The following day I was in pain so I just rested until Sunday. Yesterday's workout wasn't at 100% but I wasn't hurting nearly as much as before. I've been doing a good job at bringing my lunch! I've been getting Hello Fresh meals for the last couple weeks and I love not having to go grocery shopping. I get two meals a week and each meal is two servings, but sometimes I can stretch it into three servings. The meal selection is good and if I don't want to get something for that week, it is really easy to skip. I'm just proud that I haven't eaten out multiple days a week while at work. I'm off today but have a workout scheduled for this evening. The rest of the day will consist of laundry, straightening up, and reading of course :-)
  4. Happy Sunday I completed my 11th half marathon today. It was a much better course than the one I did in February — that one was extremely boring. I’m taking tomorrow off from exercising but will be back at it on Tuesday. I’m scheduled to walk with a couple co-workers in the morning before work and I have an Orangetheory workout scheduled Tuesday evening. I haven’t been stretching or foam rolling [emoji31]. I need to do a better job and remember to do it. I have been getting my reading in, there’s nothing more relaxing to me than reading. Plus, I’m a huge book nerd. Anyway, enjoy the rest of your day.
  5. Yeah, I took it easy this week. Race went well, weather was nice and the views were great.
  6. Day off today! Went to OTF this morning. I have a half marathon on Sunday so I won’t be doing anything too crazy this week. I went to Costco yesterday and bought this huge Caesar salad to split up into smaller salads. I also have my Hello Fresh order arriving today. A friend gave me a free week to try so I’m taking advantage. I chose Chicken Orzo and BBQ Pulled Park Flatbreads. Each meal is good for two people but I am going to try and stretch it to three servings. Enjoy your Monday!
  7. I always have several going at once, lol I'm about halfway through I'll Be Gone in the Dark by Michelle McNamara -- it's about her obsession with finding the Golden State Killer, so good! I'm also reading Call Me By Your Name (I have to finish this one quickly since it is due back at the library on Tuesday) and I'm reading/listening to The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson
  8. It’s a gym that has its own set of classes geared towards specific workouts. It’s classes only so you’re not able to go and do your own thing.
  9. Workouts this week: Monday 4/23 Orangetheory Tuesday 4/24 Rest Wednesday 4/25 Orangetheory Thursday 4/26 30 min. walk on treadmill Friday 4/27 Orangetheory and walk/run on treadmill
  10. I haven't been able to do a full hour but I've had a good 45 minutes each day. I'm off work today so I will definitely get in more than an hour.
  11. Kicks my ass everytime. The hour goes by fast and it's always a different workout. I usually get intel on the Orangetheory reddit before I go to class just so I can know what to expect, lol.
  12. Sticking with similar things from my last challenge and adding some new ones. I meant to have this all typed up over the weekend but life got in the way. Nutrition *Bring lunch to work at least 3x/wk -- I've been falling into the habit not preparing my lunch bag the night before and then I end up running out of time the next morning. *Veggies with lunch and/or dinner -- I did ok with this during the last challenge but I need to do better. I wasn't consistent *One non-water drink/day -- This will be difficult for me because I always seem to think I have to have some kind of juice or soda with my meals. Exercise *Continue with Orangetheory (OTF) at least 3x/wk *Run/Cross-Train 3x/wk *STRETCH daily *Foam Roll 2x/wk -- I am terrible at doing this and really want to get into the habit of doing it regularly Self-Care *Give myself at least 1 uninterrupted hour every night to read and relax -- I'm quite looking forward to this challenge since I love to read and rarely get to spend a full uninterrupted hour doing it.
  13. Monday -- Rest day Tuesday -- Orangetheory Wednesday -- 30 min run/walk Thursday -- 30 min run/walk I had an Orangetheory class scheduled for tomorrow but I cancelled it because I want to catch up on sleep since it is my day off. I will do another run/walk instead. Saturday will be another rest day and Sunday is Orangetheory. Still not getting enough vegetables in -- that will be on my challenge list again for the next session.
  14. Today was my first day back at Orangetheory since 3/27 and it kind of kicked my butt. It was a great workout though. Tonight I have to do my last RunBet run for the week, next week I won't use up all my rest days so early in the week. Eating this weekend wasn't terrible, but it wasn't the best either. This is an ongoing issue for me and I wish it wasn't so hard for me to say no to certain foods. Honestly, it's probably best I cut some foods out of my diet completely because even having them available to eat in "moderation" doesn't work for me. First up is soda -- I drink way too much of it. My mini goal this week is to drink as much water as I can. I already know I'm not getting in enough water so this mini goal will help motivate me this week.
  15. Took a rest day on Monday. I haven't been taking too many rest days so it was nice to just relax and watch the Dodgers. Ended up going to bed because they were still playing at 11pm -- lost in 15 innings Today is another 50 minute run and I packed veggies in my lunch
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