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  1. No, I don't really like to manage threads, I'm thinking about trying again in a few weeks, after the tests and such. But I'm still using Habitica, and still being productive Until then I'm only updating at the Study hall, and checking on a few friends' threads. Time to turn sleepy me into sleeping me, goodnight
  2. Here just to check how you are But I have literally nothing to comment, maybe because I'm feeling so sleepy Have a great week Flea
  3. Good thinking, you just converted the rage into something productive And yes, they are! After spending the holiday+weekend angrily researching how to make a research project, finally understanding it and polishing my project(removed 7 pages to cut off some confusion and wrote 4 more focused ones), I finally made it. I've been stuck for some time, I found that this was caused by my lack of understanding what i was supposed to do, the teacher was very bad teaching this class that focuses on Researching project (both morning and night classes are complaining about his teaching).
  4. I can't really give a like but I wanna show my support, good luck with this problem friend :s
  5. I'm a little behind schedule (my own schedule :p), but its been some nice weeks, I'm really progressing with my life and I've subscribed into 2 courses on the theme of my monograph, its a little overwhelming because they both start today, and have 5 week duration, but my college tests start next week, also the delivery of some papers.... so... good luck to myself lol How about you @fleaball ?
  6. I'm back, still stalking you dear kitten
  7. More or less, because 2 of them were wrong. The supervisor explained better today, she wanted for us to make a mapping of tasks in Human resources focusing on each one's theme... well, at least I already know the concepts, just need to research more and adapt Later tell us how you did in the test, I'm cheering for you ^^ Well, I wrote a draft of my research project, focusing on how I think I'm organizing everything. (until july when I mention monograph is going to be this project... the real deal is only from July on) The teacher scolded me for not
  8. Good luck Listen to Anamanaguchi for ten minutes, it fries your brain and tricks you into thinking you have some motivation left Well, kinda productive week, I just made 3 papers to deliver this week, but not a word into my monograph doc yet.
  9. Continuing with my monograph and I have a month to prepare my Research Project Good luck and focus to all of us
  10. considering what you went through, and the people you worked with (yes, I read your log Battle Kitten ) you were amazing, stop putting yourself down, you did the best you could with the little resources you had, cheers to that o/ Thanks <3, I'll definitely talk with you when I have some time and disposition, I'm still a little antisocial. going there now, thanks
  11. What shows do you watch? I have the habit of seeing some episode of a series or youtube videos till I pass out too. lol
  12. This week was all about recovering the time lost from the last 2 weeks, finding groups for the works that have been assigned in my absence and trying to cope with my demotivation. One assignment I have to do for next Wednesday is about my family tree and the relationship with every member of it, I got pretty down when I started organizing in my head how to do, I remembered a lot of things about my grandma and grandpa's roles in my childhood... but the afternoon at the cinema with a friend of mine and the night I spent drinking at the park with some friends helped a lot. Well,
  13. Thanks guys, little by little I'm getting better wow, hope you get to finish everything, cheering for ya
  14. I've just lost about 2 weeks of study routine and monograph production. My grandmother was really sick and I was helping out, but unfortunately she passed away about a week ago. I couldn't do anything that week besides helping my family and taking care of my own feelings. I've returned to my normal routine today, I couldn't lose another day at the internship... I need to go back to my monography routine, I've lost 2 weeks already and need to focus and start writing this week.
  15. thanks flea, I'm doing that, even without any motivation I'm meeting with my friends every time I can, to try to recover faster from this feeling... The worse part is acting strong and helping out mom and stepfather deal with the loss... Its really tiring... but I need to help them.
  16. challenge cancelled I couldn't keep up because of my grandmother's death.... I'm in no mood for writing since then....
  17. opa, finalmente outro brasileiro aqui? kkk
  18. and this "edit problem" on the forum is really difficulting keeping things up to date...
  19. no problem, I'm more active in your topic than this one lol
  20. I'm REALLY demotivated since yesterday... and to worsen things up, today I've read some things I didn't wanna know about my ex... I've been procrastinating a lot of things these two days... I'll try to have some fun tomorrow, but its not easy since my breakup and my best friend who also distanced herself from me. Well, my gran might be released from the hospital this weekend, if I'm not too busy taking care of her (I dunno how she'll be, or how my family is going to reorganize itself to care for her yet) we can come up with something, it'll be good so I try to motivate a litt
  21. It was Okay. I'm still leaving fitness aside and focusing on my family. (I really don't like fitness, so it would require some energy I can't muster with this situation going on) Beside that I finished my tests and am studying for my monograph, litle by litle enhancing my diet and I've done almost everyday the LVLup my life part of the challenge. How about yours @Blaidd?
  22. You can bug me sometimes, don't worry lol I come around and read some posts everyday, sometimes i comment when I think I can contribute in some way, and I'm trying to at least do an update every week on the Study hall and my Log. But I'm not comfortable about posting my routine yet, I'm not doing anything about my fitness yet... Ps: going to add you on facebook too, don't worry about an strange random guy adding you anytime soon lol
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