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  1. wooo! Extra points. Keep up the good work.
  2. Very true, but it would also be nice to have a frontier to conquer and desperadoes to dispatch!
  3. Well, I made it bad to the hab after a long week in the field. Normally being isolated in this little hotel room would sadden me, but this time I am glad to have some alone time. Luckily the weather was great while we were in the field, I just hope that holds for next week as well. The training also went well, but unfortunately I failed miserably on one of the workouts. We did a 10 mile ruck with 50 lbs or so, and the route had a lot more hills than normal. With my short legs hills are the bane of my existence, and slow me down quite a bit. Due to this, and weakness on my part, I
  4. Ha! That is too funny. As someone who has to run in formations a lot I understand how difficult it is to match your stride to another persons. Especially when they change pace! Glad to hear it is getting better. It is always disappointing when you wake up after a bad nights sleep! Hope things have gone better the last few days.
  5. I do the same thing. Horrible with anything other than all or nothing! To be cliche the tortoise always wins right?
  6. Here to add my support, you can get through anything. We are here for you.
  7. That is crazy about the vehicle collision! Glad you are good to go. I was literally going to say this exact thing. Now I apologize if I missed things that were said, but I am going to through some advice out there in case it hasn't been (hard to keep up with everything when I only have internet on weekends). Have you shared your feelings of helplessness with the mother? Just because you are not her biological dad doesn't mean you have less of a right to be a parental figure, so I would suggest going to the mother and setting clear guild lines on
  8. Yuck at the 11 hour workdays. I heard an ice storm might hit the Midwest tomorrow, maybe you will get some time at home?
  9. For the pin: Kingsley, Iowa 51028 Nicely Done! Yes, very easy habit to do. I have been doing this a lot when I come home from work late at night seeing as I don't have a real kitchen and only one of those small refrigerators here in the hotel. Nice job on resisting the temptation this time! You'll get through it! EDIT: Missed the second page... Nice job on finding a dress! It kind of bothers me that someone was flying a drone around at the garden though. I feel like it ruins the serenity that a garden sh
  10. Yes sir, lurking in the shadows. Mostly due to my schedule that keeps me without internet most of the week.
  11. Congrats! Following as always. Very cool! Have you been before? I doubt your trip will bring you to the cold waist lands of the Midwest, but if you do get near Iowa I would love to show you what our cornfields look like.
  12. Amazing as always my friend! Glad to see how it turned out after we talked about this during our meetup.
  13. I thought this movie was great! Looks like another great challenge.
  14. Good see you rocking it again T2. We will rebuild you, better, smarter, stronger than you were before.
  15. I love it! Good to see you again. Is your family still learning Karate as well? Didn't see mention of it.
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