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  1. So... tomorrow is the last day. Push push push! And I won't be ringmaster for the next round. I'm doing a bit of a digital detox for a bit. So if anyone is interested in running Round 6, just let me know.
  2. Got the dragon push ups, but this weekend I ran a tough mudder (my third). So I missed leg raises and side splits... My fitbit says I climbed the equivalent of 430 flights of stairs yesterday, but I did the knee highs with EC. Phew!
  3. Seagulls done with EC. Make sure you check the video for proper form, as the image doesn't really show what you're supposed to do.
  4. And started off today with 100 side kicks done with EC. A tip: if you're right handed, start out on your left leg: it should be your worse balance leg. That way, if you lose balance, you'll have only done 0-50 instead of 50-100 before starting over.
  5. I'm back! Did the back plank thing, and today's front plank. And welcome tourennatrix!
  6. Push-ups done with EC. Heading on a vacation tomorrow, so I may be out of communication for a couple of days... We'll see.
  7. I hAte squats and lunges. I do them, but I hate them. But I did the lunges, with EC.
  8. Arm extensions done with EC. I get why the extended dares are important, but they are my least favourite...
  9. Hollow body holds are one if the toughest plank variations there is. It's one of those exercises that helps establish whether or not your core is really solid or not.
  10. Jump Squats done with EC. You don't have to jump high, in fact, the only requirement is you squat low. Good luck!
  11. I missed the punches. Allergy season started yesterday. Two nights ago I grabbed an antihistamine and went to bed. It was a non-drowsy. I didn't sleep all night. Yesterday was a fog, and really, 5 whole minutes of punches just wasn't going to happen...
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