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  1. It is still chaotic, but I survived the company run (5 km) at 30 °C without training. It was not too bad. It took me 33 min with 2 walk breaks. For the circumstances, it was really decent. And then I did my first weightlifting competition yesterday. It was fun, it was exciting and went well. We included an outdated discipline into the program, so it was snatch, clean&jerk, clean&press. I did 6 out of 9 and reached all my usual training max. Now a summer of strength and technique is ahead
  2. What a ride! Thesis is finished, somehow I got my first real job and now I need to reorganise myself between new job, leftover thesis chaos and my normal life. And I signed up for my first weightlifting competition. Goals for the next week: * running 1x/week * lifting 2x/week *eating more balanced, more protein
  3. Cutting time is over! At the very end I lost less than expected. The weight stayed more or less in the range. Let's say if it continues there when I start eating maintanence. Training is more focussed on light and technique oriented sessions. This fits me really well. Maybe I learn it once to accelerate the bar fast enough with my hips...
  4. Nothing interesting on the training front. Nothing is moving in terms of PR, but I am focusing at the moment on the technique and especially on a good, solid, strong, deep squat position. And I'll will add a squat routine to my workouts since I need to become less weak Last weekend was a competition in our gym and it was great watching it (and us winning both team competitions). I really need to become stronger and better to start competing. The cut is going well. I already dropped 2 kg and I need to lose another 1-1.5 kg within the next 10 days, but it should be possible. The
  5. I see german lessons are not included into this challenge. I assume it is a mistake?
  6. Back to training after a crazy 1.5 weeks between work and more work that needed to be finished. Today's training was rather poor, but Wednesday will be good again I decided to go for a short cut....I aim for 2 weeks on 1300 kcal/days including probably one cheat day and 2-3 times a week around half an hour run. It should allow me to drop 2-3 kg.
  7. Rainbows! Happy, little, sparkling rainbows <3
  8. So....my marathon project seems to come to preliminary end. This mean for 1 or 2 weeks free evenings after work and training. And this could result in more runs and back having a social life. Besides being stressed, I am doing well with training and food. The calorie intake has been increased to a maintenance level. The scale is stable within the normal fluctuations. I only noticed that my protein intake may have been too low, now I am aiming to eat at least my body weight in g protein. Liftingswise, it is going okayish - no huge improvement and no step backwards as wel
  9. That a couple of them stop talking when I get in their vicinity. (Of course they could be discussing something personal, in which case I find it kinda impolite.) And the fact that they still like to remind me the joke I made over a month ago. Don't be stupid. they seemed to be okay. If you enjoy going there, just go The circuit is fun anyway.
  10. First run in 2017 - check! It was not as bad as expected. The torn back was noticeable during the run, but besides this it was quite decent for a first round. It involved a lot walking, but this okay.
  11. Last week training was interrupted by this beautiful strained back. I skipped a training session in favor of a potential healing and then I traveled for a couple of days. In Berlin I spent time with @AugustaAdaByron and we went to her gym and joined the ladies night. The circle was a lot fun and it seemed not to exhausting, but on monday my body was surprisingly sore. The whole meet-up included a couple of coffees, some cakes and a great plate full of falafel and meat. Maybe some of the fellow ladies joining the ladies night got scared by non-vegan food on the plate. Training on mo
  12. Worst training ever. I was too stiff and tired and not concentrated enough and too slow and did mistakes I normally never do and my back was still hurting from an insulted muscle. On the positive end: Even when I am totally confused and in horrible shape, I can still snatch 30 kg and c&j 35 kg.
  13. We'll see how does the burpees in the end Maybe this might be useful for you while your practising for
  14. And another week passed....I somehow teared a muscle of my back, it hurts slightly but it does not seem seriously injured as well. At the end of the week, I'll have a 5 days break from lifting, this should be enough for recovering. It Anyway, our trainer made up a first training plan and set a goal for fall: 60 kg clean and jerk, 50 kg snatch. It might be a bit too optimistic. At the moment the goals are 15 kg above the current PR (and these are performed with a lousy form). At the moment it is a lot of technique training: hanging snatches, power snatches, standing jerks, cleans,
  15. awww....I got an own exception clause for cake <3
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